About Me

I am just a single girl living in the city.  When I say single,  maybe I  should say alone… I have no children, no roommates and not even a goldfish. I am a great friend, daughter and sister. I live, I love, and right now I am heart-broken. Did I mention emotionally unhealthy and my issues/baggage pretty much qualify me for an entire floor of the local psychiatric ward??  Really, I am not THAT bad, but I will talk about and address the issues and feelings we ALL have, but no one wants to admit….not even themselves.  However, I can only talk about them for ME and from MY experience. I am not a therapist, doctor nor am I licensed to dispense medication.

I have an awesome group of friends I call my Panel of Experts and they weigh in A LOT on the drama that happens with me…and do not mind sharing their drama so it is not all me, all whining, all the time. The best way to describe me is….when things don’t make any sense at all…that is when it makes perfect sense to me. 🙂 I PROMISE you, none of this will be (too) boring!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully, you read something  you can relate to, that makes you laugh, think and most of all, learn from.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Girl love your blog..I need to transfer a lot of my stuff where I have written down in a journal myself. Some things I do post to get off my chest and some people just don’t know if we don’t post thigns get it out & off then they don’t become a statics of life….keep doing it girl. Sent u a request FB & Twit

    • Thank you SO much!!! You know, I was going through Tagged to see who will stay and who will go…and I am glad I came across you.
      And YES….blog it out, girl!! I woudl definitely be a reader….needing all the help I can get. 🙂
      Stick around…a new year means new changes, new people and of course….new drama!

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