Find me on Tumblr now!

I know it’s been two years since my last post, but life is normal and good. Surgeries went well and I lost a ton of weight. Still have one more potential health issue to address; I had a pity party and ready to move forward to tackle it.
I am over my exes: Him is getting a divorce from the BTH (big tittied hooker) and reached out to me for nudie pics. Prince Charming is still married to the Mexican Girlfriend, and we have random conversations via Facebook messenger. I have no more hurt, he is losing his fear; this could actually be a decent friendship one of these decades.
Still working with Yang & Company; O’Malley left (at least he wasn’t hit by a bus). I am still looking for something new.
No more ads or “dates”/arrangements; backpage and craigslist shutting down have effectively put a halt to both my social and sex life, but taking that as a sign to put myself back out there in the real world.
Currently, if you wish to read my writing, I am on tumblr writing fanfic (some of it is smutty) for a Choices story called The Royal Romance. My fics are found in my masterlist. (links below)
I will still check in here (a bit more often than every 2 years!) but really enjoying being creative, writing stories.
Until next time, take care of yourselves! And check me out!

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