Memory Lane

It is Board Meeting season in my office…..late in Board Meeting season which means everything is in a state of barely controlled chaos. Strangely enough, I am not freaking out. Me… the chick who needs to know how everything will turn out, who needs organization and someone else to be responsible when it comes to all things work related is actually calm and okay.

Because I know it will turn out fine because there is no other option. Because I am finding out that flying by the seat of your granny panties is not the end of the world. Because I am getting a crash course in project management and after this, I am responsible for subsequent Board Meeting Seasons. (Cross your fingers, break out the rabbit feet and say prayers. PLEASE!) Learning from mistakes made this time around means I can prevent them next time and also means I can be more proactive about anticipated materials and events, or at least that is what I am telling myself….we all know that things are easier in theory than practice.

So, I have been taking trips down memory lane lately and not the sad, dark and twisty roads of the lane; instead, I am remembering the happy times that are not on Facebook, my phone or even in this blog because I was too busy living and being in the moment to even think about capturing them. Happy times, funny times, sentimental times….I have had some, believe it or not and I would like to share some with you, along with a few things that make me happy.

  • The time Hangout Buddy had to take a shit in snow covered woods because he would not heed my warning about eating raw tuna sushi from a sports bar. Not even going to mention he mixed the sushi with helpings of pizza, alcohol and greasy fried foods…you just can’t mix food groups like that and expect to make it all the way home
  • Holding a dinner party for friends and Cuz claimed there was no more chicken (I had roasted a whole chicken) but Honeybee grabbed a knife and proceeded to debone the carcass and find 3 more helpings of meat. Miraculous doesn’t even begin to describe that incident
  • Office Holiday Potluck where the guys opened a bottle of wine by youtubing how to place it against the wall and beating it with a shoe. This was followed by a Nerf gunfight led by Yang
  • The look of appreciation and commiseration when you KNOW it is going to be a stressful day at work and you have cookies and chocolates for your boss who insists she is FINE
  • The time I had a surprise for Him after an argument and I asked that he close his eyes and hold out his hands; he didn’t fully trust me (it was a hellacious argument) so he closed his right eye and held out his left hand as compromise
  • When Tiny Human was being held by someone and he reached out his arms for me to hold him
  • Holding Tiny Human and feeling him scooch his way up my body to lay his head on my shoulder
  • Running down my parents’ driveway while screaming like a banshee in a rainstorm to collect fallen groceries with my sister
  • The feeling I got from the good morning texts from Prince Charming; in fact, I got that feeling from every text he sent but the wake up texts were the best
  • The look in Prince Charming’s eyes when he saw me fresh from the shower: wet, naked and no eyeliner or lipstick and told me I was beautiful
  • Sitting on the stoop of my building with neighbors at midnight during the derecho power outage, just shooting the shit
  • Late night talks with Cuz
  • Hanging out with good friends
  • Falling asleep in Him’s arms with my head on his chest
  • That feeling when my online shopping spree arrives
  • Seeing that my clothes are too big and easily fitting into the smaller size
  • Giving money/food to the homeless
  • Being safe and dry inside my apartment when inclement weather hits
  • Hot tea and broth when I’m sick
  • Endless text conversations with Artsy Craftsy and New Mommy…even when I am not in the mood, it brightens my day
  • Free shipping!
  • Long drives at night with good music playing
  • The scenery when you take a different route home

There are lots of others but will share them another time. What I find amazing is that I am able to salvage my happy memories again with the two men who broke my heart into little pieces. At one point, I thought my happy times with them were both tainted and gone forever but that was before the healing and metamorphosis, which I will get into in my next blog post. For now, I have 4 days to successfully navigate Seattle Grace Mercy West out of Board Meeting Season so I need all the rest I can get my hands on. And prayers….send prayers!

As usual, thanks for stopping past and reading and as always…enjoy your day!






Catching Up

The New Year is almost 3 weeks old and finally I am able to sit down and write out a post. It isn’t that I don’t want to or that I don’t need to because the answer is a resounding YES to both of those but since I started working for Yang, it seems I do not have time for anything. I have held a lot of positions and worked a lot of assignments in my professional career but now (at almost 50 years old), I know first-hand what folks mean when they say they have a demanding job. I feel as if I am always at work and trying to figure out ways to stay proactive and one step ahead; of course, working for a professional procrastinator who thrives in a chaotic atmosphere, I fail 99% of the time.

I have done some things: I saw the new Star Wars movie with Lexie Grey. Let me state right here and now, I am not a Star Wars fan per se. I have a thing for the Darth Vader costume. Ever since I was a child and saw the original Star Wars, I wanted Darth Vader to be my boyfriend. (I am now questioning my emotional growth as I still only want a boyfriend…maybe I will graduate to husband once I get the boyfriend part right) Darth Vader represented power, dominance and the voice coming through the mask sounds soooo sexy. Of course, the person occupying the suit was old, decrepit and the outfit itself was a mobile life support unit. Didn’t care then, don’t care now. In the new Star Wars chapter, Darth Vader, Jr. had me going…he was a bit too skinny for my tastes but the suit, the mask, the voice….I could get with that. And then he removed the mask and I was soooo disinterested. My thoughts wandered…I wondered if Chewbacca had lost weight since last I saw him and if General/Princess Leia had really changed her hair. THEN, Darth Vader Jr. put the mask on again and I was once more alert and waiting for his next scene. It’s the costume. The next man I meet must wear it at all times.

There was the yummiest brunch, a walk around DuPont Circle (we ended up at a fantastic shop called Beadazzled) and a metro ride home with Feisty One which was just what I needed that particular weekend: good food, good conversation and comfortable companionship with someone I could truly be myself with. All friendships need some type of face time and it was so good to reconnect on that level with my good girlfriend.

I took a trip to NC to see my parents, Tiny Human, Baby Sis and Bro-In-Law. It was a great trip. The bus rides to and fro were a totally different story: the bus leaving DC was packed at 1:30pm; my seat was in front of the bathroom (everyone had to use it!!) and I got bit by something. If I die suddenly and/or mysteriously, you know why. Coming back, the clerk entered the wrong return date so my bargain ticket ($72 round trip) ended up costing me an additional $107! (Just thanking God I had the money to pay for it) Again, the bus was crowded and I was surrounded by folks coughing, farting and having phone conversations that consisted of: what, huh, you know, unh-huh. My 1:30am connection in Richmond arrived at 1:55 and while it was not as crowded, it was filled with folks snoring and farting. I wonder what the hell these people are eating.

One thing I have not been doing is meeting men or dating (of any type)…well, there was the businessman from Dallas who introduced me to the erotic spots of my back but that was a fluke….he had come to town before and we never connected…this time we did. Nothing to write home about. Usually it never is and for the first time in a long time, I no longer care. I am happy being celibate….thinking I am on a man fast. I have even kicked Secret Lover to the curb….it is no longer fun with him. The last two times he came over, he cut on porn to get “ready” and then still could not perform. He kept having to answer his phone which pissed me off, he smoked my cigarettes and tried to put his bare ass on my bed. You know how I am about bare ass on the bed. The straw that broke this camel’s back was when he showed up on my doorstep at 11pm telling me he was at the door and let him in. Seriously? I have a life (at the very least I have work and the internet which is can be just as great) and not on call. As much as I sometimes need the money, I find I can do without just fine. Peace of mind is priceless and I simply don’t want to be bothered anymore by anyone who drains my energy and most men tend to have that effect on me.

Going to wrap up this post now but will be back sooner than later (promise!) with new posts including a to-do list for 2016 and a happy walk down memory lane. Stay warm and prepare for the snow!! I plan to be in bed watching daytime TV after making a Snow Day Breakfast….it is a toss-up between sausage, eggs and fried potatoes or cookies and diet coke. It all depends on how I feel when I wake up. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!