Monday Morning

For the longest time, I prayed and waited for a sequel to The Breakfast Club. I wanted to see what happened the following Monday when school was in session and how those 8 hours of detention had changed our five protagonists. Would their friendship withstand the cliques, clubs and rules of high school? Would honesty and gut level sharing override peer pressure? Would the budding romances last until prom at least? But of course there was never a sequel (thank goodness) and the answers to my questions were answered in the movie: everyone would continue to lead their respective lives and hang with their acceptable friends and TBC’s time together would be something they carried with them…not a secret per se but definitely not public knowledge.

So it is with my own Breakfast Club….detention is over and we are officially scattered to our respective winds. I am sad when I did not think I would be. We were not supposed to like each other, we weren’t supposed to laugh, joke, talk and share personal details. Lunch together on a daily basis was not part of the plan and selfies posted on Facebook was unheard of. However, there was supposed to be at least two more weeks of Friday breakfasts: strawberry milk, donuts and turkey sausages; there was supposed to be more time spent in the Cage (we turned the punishment into an escape); two more weeks of sharing phone chargers and pranks and Shotcaller’s version of timeouts (we all went into timeout and once, we went as a group).

Our time together always had an uncertainty to it which made things that much more pertinent: the Great Food Poisoning Incident which had me missing a day of work on the same day Questlove missed work….he was hungover from the #turnup the night before. There was the Late Crew (Maverick, Questlove and myself) who went as a single unit once our shift was up to return keys and use the bathroom…seriously, when one made a move, we all made one and waited patiently for the other(s) to finish whatever it was they were doing. And now, it is all over and I miss my kemosabes.

We found out the day before it happened…for some reason, Nicki Minaj and I got hairs up our asses about when the assignment was actually over and asked…I said June 30th because we were contracted to perform two deployments and only one was near completion. Nicki said June 12th because they did not need us to deploy the phones, just assemble the stands (which we had done). Questlove insisted we were there for at least the summer…too many of the Client’s people were saying we would be around awhile. But they told us Thursday that the funding had run out and we were done. Friday was our last day. Shotcaller and Head Honcho asked for our resumes (they know lots of people) and we could use them as a reference. Which was nice….not many assignments would offer that.

I was pretty much at loose ends after hearing that and still don’t know what to do. I decided to spend Saturday in my third favorite city visiting some of my favorite people: The Oscars and it was fun and different and everyone was so happy to see each other. Nothing like a change of scenery to clear your head. I know the job search is stepped up somewhat: we get one last check and that is it as far as financials. Even if DC was not insistent I owe them a firstborn in UI back payments, this assignment did not even offer enough hours to qualify for unemployment. Thank GOD I tried one last time with Reliable One who came through with a rent check and my landlord is willing to work with me should I need it. I did get bills paid for the month of June, but July is looming.

I had an interview last week for a job with a place I am calling Destination Hell: Tier 1 IT phone support in a call center environment ruled over by the Queen Evilene. The pay is amazing: $52K/year to start but I would be a 1099 contractor…we all know I am fiscally irresponsible. But I could not help but feel I was interviewing for a job I would be quickly fired from: if one is more than three minutes late twice in one week, do NOT bother coming back. I know it would end badly but I was willing to give it a shot and try to be a better (meaning more punctual) person…except it was between me and another guy and I have not heard back. There was the recruiter with a 3 week assignment super close to my house (3 metro stops away) but this chick could not open the attachment that was my resume. Maybe I should try for her job.

So less than a month after starting the assignment I needed so desperately, I am back to Square One. Not pissed or upset (yet)…I got the laundry done, cleaned the apartment really well and re-posted my ads. I know that is a dying horse and I am frankly sick of them but one or two decent responses can pay some bills and buy some groceries.  Thinking of going down to NC to see my parents, siblings and my nephew (he is my next blog post)…it would be nice to not only see my family but to have all of us under one roof again. Not going to make a commitment to that until I see/hear what transpires over the next two days…trust me, the assignment is the priority although I wonder if taking a week off and starting fresh next week may not be the best plan. Who knows? Right now, taking everything one day at a time.

Okay, wrapping this up…not too much to say except I ended up enjoying the assignment and the people far more than I anticipated and I am going to miss them. I will be back soon with a letter to my nephew. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!