Guess who has written 500 blog posts??  THIS chick!!! I am more in awe than anything…who knew I would have enough stuff to say and share that it would span 500 posts? And who knew folks would still be reading? Thank you readers for not only being a part of the journey but for making it happen. It’s me, so life would still have the WTFness factor and I would still be writing out thoughts and feelings and memories, but there is a difference knowing that whatever I am going through is helping at least one person.  And by more than one person, I mean someone other than myself. I know you’re out there.

Today’s post is just what the title says: it is a hodgepodge of stuff that separately are just random things but together…they make a post. And a post that isn’t heavy or empowering or enlightening. Just light hearted chatter…how often does that happen? So let’s just get to it.

New Mommy and I have a name for her New Baby. His name is Gus. It sounds like an old man’s name but her baby boy looks like a grumpy old man. All the time. Seriously, he is super cute and has the chubbiest cheeks but he keeps this look on his face like he wishes he had just stayed inside. This kid has personality already but New Mommy swears he is sweet. All I know is she loves him to pieces and so do I. KBugg is being a trooper of a big sister but is wondering why Gus doesn’t want to play with her. In due time, KBugg…in due time.

You guys know I am a diehard Grey’s Anatomy fan, right?  I have seen every episode and stuck with it when storylines got implausible and disaster was just an episode away. But now…I just have to say this: Shonda Rhimes is an angry black woman. She is killing white men: Jake on Scandal (who isn’t really dead which is good since she killed him on Grey’s Anatomy when he was Henry), Sam on How to Get Away with Murder (plot line essential I know but still…) and on Grey’s Anatomy it is a slaughterhouse. Denny, O’Malley, Mc Steamy (that man was my imaginary husband) and now McDreamy. Not a huge McDreamy fan as I found the dark side of him to be a bitter, ego driven coward hiding behind vague excuses. But when he was having a good day…he was the perfect man. He loved and was in love with the thorn covered rose that is Meredith and he put forth efforts. And now he is dead…he did not have to die, Shonda.

I would take a rocky marriage and separation/divorce over the death of TV’s most realistic love story. And the way she killed him?  The whole Derek-is-dead storyline from killing to burial took 20 minutes tops. (Talk about the carousel keeps turning…)  Whatever the behind the scenes differences, McDreamy was an essential character (without Der there would be no Mer) and had been on the show from Day 1, Scene 1. He deserved a proper goodbye. Shonda is showing me (yet again) that happiness does not stick around and when you are at your happiest, that is when happiness packs its bags.  Two weeks ago, Meredith was saying she had everything she ever wanted….and now, she’s buried the love of her life. Shonda, you not only snatch happiness, you kill hope.

I had a very busy Saturday….I don’t think I have crammed so much in one day, ever. It started with Downstairs Neighbor and I deciding to do Passport DC’s Embassy Tour (European embassies are this coming weekend if you’re interested)….I did not want to go but I know Downstairs Neighbor really wanted to go and at the same time it was a way to get me out the house and my mind off my problems. So I woke up with a good attitude and put some good tennis shoes on. In some way I knew walking and standing would be involved but I was woefully underprepared. But before we even got to the metro, things grated my nerves. The you’ve got to be kidding me incident at the bank when I asked for a notary; the pizza delivery driver who asked to use our cellphones to call a customer (Downstairs Neighbor obliged); the guy who interrupted DN’s helping the delivery guy to ask directions; trying to cross Michigan Avenue and did I mention it was warm out?

Reaching our destination, we find that everyone else knew about the Embassy tours and the lines were extremely long and extremely deep so we decided to shuttle bus over to Georgetown to see two less crowded embassies. The Embassies themselves were kind of a letdown: basically selling wares and giving out literature/information about what YOU can do to help the impoverished in that country. But the African Union Embassy fed us and it was GOOD: curry chicken, fried fish and veggies, spicy rice, beef patties and water. The Ukrainian Embassy (the walk almost killed me and if I did not think I would have pushed us both into busy Georgetown traffic, I would have let DN hold me up) was the same, minus food.  BUT they had free shots. Yes, FREE.LIQUOR. And an outdoor marketplace including food, clothing and books. Everything was written in Ukrainian which I do not understand and gave the whole affair a communist feel.

But I had so much fun with Downstairs Neighbor: walking Georgetown, stopping in the consignment shops (we are so going back!); sharing a meal where she loved the jalapeno poppers (hot, cheesy and filled with real jalapenos) and I got fat off the shrimp; the wedding dress shop where I imagined myself in one for about 5 seconds. Finding out she needs culture, walkability and mass transit in her city of choice which scratches Raleigh off her list of must-live-there places. Sitting in the park looking at the flowers and intricately knotted trees and the cab ride home. The driver took us through quaint neighborhoods and we saw two wedding parties. My wish to the Universe for the brides: May he always make you happy, girlfriend. Downstairs Neighbor’s advice to the Universe for them: Don’t count on it.  It was a great day and I could have happily ended it right then and there but had to get ready for my date with Hangout Buddy.

Earlier in the week, Hangout Buddy said he wanted to treat me to a nice evening out. Let him do all the planning and don’t worry about spending anything…he was my sugar daddy for the evening. Oh, and wear a nice dress. Given his idea of nice involves jeans without holes and rips, I was skeptical but I had the perfect ensemble: a sleeveless cotton maxi dress in denim with a vintage look/feel necklace and sparkly flats. And the curly hair. So I get home, pop some pain pills because my legs had left my body but left behind painful knees, quickly shower, some lipstick and nice perfume and transform myself into a Pretty Girl.

Hangout Buddy arrived on time and he actually dressed up! Somewhat. He wore a funky collared purple shirt, black pants (NOT jeans) and real shoes. He even got a haircut! The one thing that kinda pissed me off was he said that he had to be on his way to the airport to pick up some other chick at 10:30. If it is MY night, it is MY night….not mine and someone else’s. But I just shut up about it and decided to stay in the moment.

And it was a great evening. He held doors open for me, held my hand while we walked, we had a great dinner and afterwards, we strolled the street festival going on and danced in the streets. It was freeing and fun and I was almost glad he had to pick someone up because if not, we would have done the same old thing (movies). Dancing was great and spontaneous and afterwards, we were going for ice cream but we were both too full for it. Instead, he took me to the beauty store and bought me a bottle of Miss Dior just because I was pretty. And he gave me some money because I was broke. AND afterwards, he massaged my bare feet because I walked so much earlier. I felt spoiled, pampered and it was nice to relinquish control for a couple of hours.

So this is the hodgepodge of the little things that have been going on. I did not mention the job search because that is a post unto itself and it’s coming up next, so stay tuned. Again, thanks for being a part of my 500 blog posts and here’s to many more!  As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!

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