One Hit Wonder

I think I have figured out my purpose in life: I am the one who deals with all the incredible levels of WTFness that mere mortals would be unable to handle. That, or I am one of God’s favorites and the tests and setbacks are preparing me for a wonderfulness that I can only dream of. Except it usually happens in my personal/emotional life…yes, there have been a couple of crazy bitches in the professional world that I worked for/dealt with and a couple of incidents that tried unsuccessfully to bring me down, but for the most part Workforce Robin makes it through unscathed and has Girlfriend Robin contemplating the joys and rewards of becoming a workaholic.

Yesterday I started my new assignment. The one I was grateful for but not quite happy with, but when I woke up yesterday morning, I took deep breaths and told myself it was going to be fine. I prayed for an open mind and heart, and to be the best person I could be on this assignment. I stretched, I laid out my outfit and posted on Facebook that I felt as if it were the first day of school and I was the new kid. I also saw a poster that read: Not every opportunity is my assignment. I should have paid more attention to that. I left out on time (5 minute train ride), stopped for breakfast (didn’t want Dottie cutting up Day 1) and got good luck texts and emails from Artsy Craftsy, New Mommy, Feisty One, Awesome One, Tiger (yes, he’s back!) and Chef. I felt loved and empowered and when I got to the jobsite 10 minutes early…you could not tell me anything.

And then bright, blood red flags fell everywhere…first, no one knew who I was or what I was doing there. They had no clue about a temp. The person I was to ask for (in the email the agency sent me) was literally scratching her head after reading my emailed instructions. So I call the agency…this would be a quick fix, I thought. Except the recruiter is telling me I wasn’t supposed to ask for the woman mentioned in the email (the email specifically said to ask for this person)…I needed to ask for someone else (the someone else was listed as the timesheet approver). Except the timesheet approver was nowhere to be found. By this time, the original point of contact had found someone else and all of a sudden…they knew what they needed the temp for. I relay this to the recruiter who still wants to talk to the timesheet approver…she is going to reach out to him to find out what’s going on and get back with me.

The original point of contact (OPOC) tells me I am there for one day…maybe two if I am a slow worker and I need to sit tight while they find me a place to work. After 20 minutes or so, I am stuck in half a cubicle with someone on either side of me and someone right across from me. OPOC runs around to get me a laptop, a phone and some work. While she’s gone, I am processing the fact that my 8 week to long term assignment was reduced to one day. One day where I was not expected or known about and the one person who apparently knew everything was both MIA and deep undercover. So I call the agency again to relay this information and all the recruiter can say is: mmmm-hmmm, and some half assed reassurance that the timesheet approver (TA) would clear this up…once she talked to him.

By this time the OPOC is back and logging into the laptop so she could email me a spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet are 60 names…I need to call these people, remind me them of offer letters for the afterschool/aftercare programs and update said spreadsheet with the results of the phone calls. So my admin/data entry position is nothing more than phone calls, although I guess updating a spreadsheet could be construed as admin/data entry. So, I suck it up and decide to make the best of the situation and get to work. One thing about me, I am an excellent worker whether I want to be in the mood to work or not. When faced with multiple tasks, I may not get them all done (in one day) but the priority tasks are taken care of and with one task? I want it out the way and done. Correctly. So I was friendly and talkative and made meticulous notes while updating the spreadsheet…until I had to go potty.

While on the short break, I called the agency again and told them this was nothing what they said it would be…I am not utilizing or learning…I am making phone calls. By this time, the recruiter is pretty pissed at me and says she can always pull me from the assignment. I ask her WHAT assignment? The people had to dig up work for me that I would be finished with long before 5pm and good luck pulling me because I would not be around. I told her this may be a huge misunderstanding but it is not a very good first impression of the agency or of DC government (and frankly, was so not surprised at DC government…I told you all in the last blog post they are subject to whatever, whenever) and smacked of unprofessionalism. The recruiter said she would get back to me and I returned to my seat…where I was locked out of the computer and the OPOC had disappeared. Gone, vanished, ghost.

I thought for about five minutes and remembered she had emailed the spreadsheet to my personal email account…I replied to that email letting her know I was locked out and needed to be logged back in. Nothing. And a half hour later…still nothing. Now, I am all for goofing off and not working too hard (especially when it is evident this is a one shot deal and no one really gives a fuck) but I wanted this task completed…seriously, how hard could it be to make 60 phone calls and make notes? That is when I got creative: I opened the spreadsheet on my PHONE, made calls and handwrote the updates. UTA said I was working way too hard and should have gone home a long time ago, but at this point, it was more pride/ego than people pleasing. And the whole don’t burn bridges thing. So I got the calls made, the updates written down and when the OPOC returned 2 hours after I emailed her….I was ready to update the sheet electronically.

After she begrudgingly logged me back in, it was no more than a half hour later that everything was updated and emailed back to her. She sent me to lunch and I was going to just go home but Artsy Craftsy and my mommy told me to return…let them be the ones to say the assignment was over. Which they did soon after I returned and took my seat. The funny part is OPOC didn’t even tell me herself and I was not thanked for my efforts. Some scruffy office worker I will call Shaggy said there was nothing left for me to do and I could go home. I called the agency again to tell them this and the recruiter is all like how she is going to get with the TA and straighten this out and would be in touch.

I ran some errands and was home before 4pm…and proceeded to tell folks about the WTF day I had. One thing everyone said was that tomorrow would be a better day. I am like…WHAT tomorrow? The assignment is over. The fact that no one knew about me or that I was unexpected says too much, the fact that OPOC said the assignment was a day long (and that turned out to be a lie) said even more. The unprofessionalism of the temp agency speaks volumes and as I write this the recruiter has not called to offer an explanation or apology says too much. I still need to login to some sort of time portal to report basically 4 hours of work but wondering really is that going to be worth it…$60 after taxes and I won’t see it until the 22nd of this month? It might be better to chalk it up as volunteering to help the children.

So, I slept in this morning and after I finish this post, I am going to prepare some mailings, check in with an agency I registered with a couple of weeks ago, fill out some paperwork for another temp agency, return a phone call from a company that is interested in my resume and clean my house. I may text the Sheriff and let him know I am willing to be on time if he takes me back. Hey, I am not above begging, be it personally or professionally. Not upset that the assignment did not work out….I had misgivings about it from the start but pretty pissed at the runaround and basic waste of my time. I don’t need help when it comes to wasting my time. On the plus side…I do get more time off to rest, relax and plan my next move.

Well, there you have it…my long term, admin/data entry assignment condensed to 2 hours of phone calls and one blog post. It’s got to be a record. Check back soon for more posts and updates (about what, who knows) and as always…thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!

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