Renaissance Woman

Hello, dear readers!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine ranked amongst one of the better Thanksgivings…I was surrounded by parents and all my siblings, there was no name calling or physical violence and we laughed, reminisced and had fun. Our menu was a bit off kilter (not ONE sweet potato in sight…not even pie! Sacrilege!) but yummy and prepared with love. Travel was a bear and getting used to a different routine was a little hard but I had my Prince Charming to talk to all day, everyday (he cooked his first Thanksgiving meal, pulled a calf muscle and we saw Catching Fire the same day)…we’re strange, I know… but it works for us. For now.

Today’s blog post is another love letter, this time to Artistic One. She was onboard in the early days of the blog, when I had the hurt and pain and honestly she has never been away. She relocated to begin a new chapter of her life but she kept up the phone calls, the facebook messaging and has let me know that she is still around and more importantly, still my friend. So this letter is for her, and check back soon for job/PC updates and more love letters. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!

My Dear Artistic One:

Finally, I am keeping my promise…not that you doubted me. I know that. But I have no idea what to say to you, and that is not meant in a mean or bad way. It is just that with other members, I know when and where we met and can pinpoint when we became friends. With you, I know we met when I temped with the Judges but when we became friends? It is like you were always there. There was Bell Pepper and Sister Someone (they both took some time to enter the inner circle) but with you…it was like love at first sight for friendship.

I remember being so hurt, so vulnerable and full of pain and you just walking past, hugging me. Telling me so many positive, wonderful things about myself and smoking outside on those incredibly small benches in silence because neither of us knew how to stop the pain or the questions I kept asking over and over. Let me correct that…YOU knew how to stop the pain and the questions, I was too closed minded to listen. This is what I both admire and envy about you: your ability to just let go, regardless of how deeply invested your emotions are in a person. You do not retaliate, cry rivers or fight to hold on. Your acceptance in matters in the heart is a gift I wish I had. You told me to let go, stop letting Him steal my smile and to go the way the wind was blowing. You reminded me (constantly, and still do) that my beauty, my worth, my validation does not belong in the hands of anyone but me. Now, three years later, I am listening to you.

I titled the post Renaissance Woman because that is what you are: it is defined as a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. Your photography is amazing…like Pulitzer award winning beautiful. If you did not have the passion you do for your current occupation, I can easily see you on assignment for Life or National Geographic. Your poetry is where you release your hurt, anger, pain and frustration. Your words, your expressions are so vivid, so heartfelt, so filled with pieces of you, it is almost as if you dipped your pen in blood instead of ink. Your loyalty and compassion are boundless, and your sense of adventure has taken to new places, meeting people you never thought you would and you are now officially a homeowner!! YAY, you!!

You have been blessed with beauty, intelligence and an inner peace that shines through you. You had the courage and fortitude to change what you did not like about yourself and the adaptability to adjust to new and strange environments and to stand your ground when you were right, both personally and professionally. Artistic One, you are an amazing woman and I am flattered to be your friend.

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