This is my 400th blog post….it has taken me 3 years and 2 months to get here and for the first time ever in this blog and in my life…I know a happiness unlike any I have ever felt. To quote Him, I am happier than I have ever been in.my.life. This could not happen without my Higher Power and a lot of help, support and encouragement from this blog, you readers, my Panel and the process. When I look back on the despair, depression and desperation I had to go through to get here, I feel that this is a miracle. To think my life and interests would even span 40 posts, let alone 400 is mind boggling but my happiness today…that is a miracle.

My professional life is finally on track….I have been extended on the contract until March of 2014 with another extension planned after that if I am not already made permanent. I finally got my raise (AND retro pay) which kicks in next pay period. I still enjoy my job, love my co-workers and so far, they seem to love me back. I do not mind going to work (well, except for that whole not a morning person and I love my bed thing) and do not mind being on time for it. I was looking for another job, more money, closer to home, etc. but that is over for now. They are doing their best to keep me and I am going to do my best to stay there.

Personally…the happiness I feel with Prince Charming is beyond any I have ever known. I think at 47, I may have found my first real boyfriend…although at 47 and 42 (his age) is boyfriend an acceptable term? Sometimes I think I have found Morning Person, Artsy Craftsy, Feisty One and New Mommy a boyfriend…the ladies LOVE this man. Even Girlfriend has chimed in and given PC two thumbs up and says this will be a learning experience for both he and I…opening up to each other, shedding issues and breaking down walls with each other could be very cathartic. I still do not know how we even saw each other with all the walls and guards in place…I told Morning Person our bricks liked each other.

He is still stopping arguments before they start and answers my questions before they even come up. He says that I know more about him than pretty much anyone at this point (trust me, that is not saying a lot) but the fact that I do know what I do says a lot to me…it is hard to open up to someone who could potentially hurt you in the long run. We are both still taking it slowly and looking forward to face time. He starts a new assignment this week, coaching and baseball are pretty much over and I am ready to see if he is speaking the truth when he says I am constantly on his mind, he misses me and I leave him hot, bothered and distracted. One aspect I like is that even though he has a Facebook, neither of us have mentioned friending the other…Artsy Craftsy agrees it is a good move to not mention it. Once we are more firmly established and build more trust and comfort (and the kids know Daddy is seeing someone)….maybe we can do it then. But not sure I want to….social media can be a death sentence for relationships and trust and believe, I can fuck up a relationship all on my own.

Not saying Prince Charming is perfect…he speaks a language I call “foosed”…meaning he has the ability to confuse me or to cause confusion but I chalk it up to his being a lawyer. And I forgive him that because he gives me the bottom line every time…and so far, we are still in the same book, on the same page. He is incredibly laid back and sometimes takes going slow to a whole new level, but I need as little drama as possible in my life and if nothing else, the man will teach me patience. He is still as attentive as ever and says he will be the one I can slow dance with…he knows about my blog but has never asked to read it. He says that it is mine…if I want him to read something, send him the post. AND he is still talking about a live in arrangement down the road. Lord, if he sends me flowers at work, I would be calling him Prince Charming because he could be the one to make dreams come true.

So this is my 400th blog post…a number I never thought I would see on a topic I thought I would never be writing about (at least for me). Thank you readers for sticking with me while I embark on another adventure and for your support over the years. Thank you Panel for all you do and go through with me. And please, don’t anyone go anywhere…if this guy is who he is portraying himself to be, I am going to need all the help I can get with a real boyfriend.

As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “#400

    • Thank you!!! 🙂
      I want to slow myself down and not be as happy as I am, but for once, I do not mind taking a chance. UTA, I actually TRUST the man (well, as much as I am able to)
      And it is hard to stop hope once it starts.
      I will give you a heads up when it is time to start buying stock on Kleenex

  1. Wow, something to told me to read this post (I rarely visit my facebook page) and I am so glad I did. I was in a kind of funk, which rarely happens to me and now I feel a whole lot better because You feel So Good and Renewed. Many blessings to you my love and may all of your wonderful dreams come true. You deserve to have a love of your very own.

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