Prince Charming

The original title of the post was to be TGTBT, which is an acronym for too good to be true but Morning Person tells me to stop saying that. But if ever a man I met fits that description, it is Country Boy….and I am officially changing his blog moniker to Prince Charming….it may be a little over the top but this man, readers…this man is a game changer and could be THE ONE. I will just tell you everything and you can draw your own conclusions.

First, members of the Panel are falling for him as much as I am…no input from Girlfriend or UTA yet on PC but Girlfriend liked his preliminaries. New Mommy likes the fact that he is a hands on dad, Morning Person likes the fact that he is attentive and respectful, Chef likes that he sees me as a lady and his parenting approach, Feisty One says I have a boyfriend and a cute one at that, Cuz likes that he makes me happy (everyone swears that they have NEVER seen me this happy) and while Artsy Craftsy is borderline about the lack of face time, she likes that we talk so much about so many things and there are no flags to be found. Hell, the one flag on the play I thought I saw, the Panel says was already there and we are all comfortable with it.

Prince Charming is my one and only…the ads are gone…a feat no man before him or even steady employment was able to achieve (the Panel will love PC forever for that one). I am no longer exploring options and this man has knocked the exes out of the box. Even the Man with the Biblical Name with his promises of Ocean City is gone, but MBN did it to himself…he showed very little interest in communication outside of scheduling an appointment and never initiated one text. I trust Prince Charming (as much as I can), I can truthfully say the fact that he has children no longer bothers me (thanks, New Mommy!) and the man does not curse, smoke, drink or drug. He is not hung up on anyone else, says I make him happy and there is something about me that excites him but he cannot describe what it is. I say it is either my tits or my crazy (which is REALLY showing…I may want to tuck that back in).

I have been comparing and confusing Prince Charming with others from the past: the man pays me so much attention that I am preoccupied and quiet at work (the techs think I am sick) and when I do not hear from him in like 2 hours, I am all panicky and thinking he has left me…Tyke did that. Overdosed me on attention to simply disappear. I have to learn that the man has other things to do…kids, find a job, parents, sleep. And I need to remember the 4am text where he said he could not sleep and wanted me to know he was thinking of me, the midnight emails, the asking me about my day, my commute home, what am I watching and should he watch it also. I met him via the ads, the same way I met AFO. Yeah, NO comparisons there. PC makes AFO non-existent. He makes me feel so special and happy…Him did that for a little while, but with PC the happiness is incredible because it is pure. It is not tainted with suspicions and doubt. I trusted Him also, but Prince Charming validates my trust…there is no reason to question PC, put him on the spot or act a damned fool with PC. There just isn’t. The man is perfect…for me, at least.

He tells me he is serious about us, would be happy if it developed into something more and is curious to see where this grows and goes. He knows I have issues and guards…he wants to be the one who shows me that letting someone in does not have to hurt..and we won’t go very far if I stay walled up. He knows some things are hard for me and he will respect all boundaries….and the man understands about the whole man in my bed thing. When I told him I would have him, naked in my bed…he told me that was a huge move for me and he is happy I feel he is that special. I tell him he will leave if he gets to know me…he says he won’t leave, he wants to be with me. I say all he wants is sex…he says he can get that anywhere, with or without money….he wants someone he can talk to, he can come home to, someone who wants him as much as he wants them..on all levels. See what I mean about nipping every argument in the bud? I yell at him about lack of face time…he explains for the umpteenth time about the kids’ sports activities and that it will be over soon…we can spend mornings before work, evenings after work and weekends doing whatever I want to do. He wants me to be happy and wants to be the one who makes me happy.

We text and email all the time and at the most random of times…and I think the ads had a lot to do with that. Since they have been down, we talk more often and he is more open about himself and has even asked me my advice on boosting his son’s confidence when it comes to playing baseball. And we have SEXTED! You readers know I do not do that…seriously, when you are typing out the shit you say when you are having sex…it looks really stupid. And weird. Morning Person and Artsy Craftsy say that sexting is a huge step while still going slowly….and here is what surprised me: after doing it twice, we have not done it since…and he is still here. I am amazed…in my own way, I am being super accommodating and he is not taking advantage and rather than go out and get the real thing from someone else (what I mean is prettier, younger, slimmer)…he wants to share fantasies and assisted masturbation with me.

The flag on the play…when I asked him what his problem was, what his crazy was (PC says no one has crazy, just quirks) because he really was amazing and too good to be true, he says he can be controlling and has trust issues. Basically, a male me. But I ran with it…I was all up in my head saying he would be abusive, beat the crap out of me and then I would have to set him on fire. Thank GOD for my Panel…they calmed me down and explained he was already controlling me in a way…a fun, playful way and no one saw anything wrong with it. Hell, I was embracing it.

PC wants a Dominant/submissive relationship…I call it Daddy/sub because I call him Daddy and he calls me Baby Girl. One of the aspects of this is he tells me what to wear (rather what he wants to see me in until he can get over here to inspect my closet) and I have to send pictures of me in my panties (I chalk that up to his being a guy) and then a picture of me in the complete outfit…thank you Honeybee for being the photographer (of the outfit only). I do not mind doing that…Lord knows, this man fills so many voids….and I actually get the rewards from that also. Every morning he sees my pictures, he tells me how sexy I am, how lovely, ladylike and professional I look. I cannot dress in a slutty or sloppy manner or in a way that displeases him and it sounds weird and kinky maybe, but if I can return any of the happiness he gives me and no one is hurt or disrespected in the process…why not? Feisty One personally loves this aspect because I have to wear my natural hair…he is not a fan of my wigs but he also knows it is part of my masks, so he has left the hair to my discretion and I get to pick my own outfits on Fridays.

I have fallen so hard for this man, readers…he gives me everything I need and have been missing for so long: stability, attention, kink, validation and structure. I smile when I think about him, he has awakened butterflies and he makes me feel secure and not alone. I have no idea where this will end up (he eventually wants a 24/7, live in arrangement but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) and he hopes I do not tire of him but I am taking Feisty One’s advice…ride it till the brakes fall off. So now everyone knows about the man I refer to as my boyfriend to the Panel…I hope you readers like Prince Charming as much as we do.

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