Me vs. The Inanimate Object

Before I launch into today’s post, I have to tell you readers that I am in definite lust with a guy who answered my arrangement ad. He is tall as me, SINGLE, handsome (in a physical way as well as personality wise…before he left, I was tempted to ask him to be my boyfriend) and we had an amazing time just talking, touching and listening to music. He actually picked me up in his arms and lifted me off the floor!!! WHEN does that ever happen? He finds me attractive, says I have an amazing body and he is a light smoker (and enjoys the occasional cigar) which means my smoking does not bother him. Two drawbacks: he lives in Milwaukee (but gets to DC 4 times a year) and not sure how he is in bed. He is an amazing kisser and gives divine massages, but he stayed flaccid for our time together. If only I could find this dude (with a functioning penis) in DC, I would be a happy camper. Very happy.

So this is the post that is an update on the job…I was going to make it a two parter but it will just all be in this posting. I have another post I want to write and if I put it off for too long, it will never get written. (If you knew how many drafts have sat and gotten tossed because I lost my train of thought…) Anyway, back to today’s post…for awhile the assignment has been a nightmare and I am sure all of you reading know that. I made no bones about whining, venting and bitching about it and probably came across as ungrateful as hell doing it. But it is has been overwhelming….first, I am not an IT person at all and what I have learned still amazes me; second, I am a temporary worker who really would like this to become permanent so I am working harder than necessary to prove to them I am good worker, a hard worker and have more going for me than personality. I want things to work out but the onslaught of customers with all the upgrades and new programs we have going on at the same time had me at my wit’s end and was causing stress of epic proportions…and I do not react well to stress physically and mentally.

However, things have turned around somewhat, at least on one level. About two weeks ago, I called out. I did not plan it and it was a surprise to me, the Panel and the job…but it got my point about needing help across in a big way. Sometimes, instead of making your presence known, you have to make your absence felt. Now when I say I need help, I get it although the crowds have thinned some and I am actually able to keep up and try to catch up. So that was a good thing. Another good thing is the contract has been extended!! So while I a not perm, I am still there…but not sure for how long as they never told me how long they extended the contract for. Bummer. However, I talked it over with my mom, sis-sis and core Panel members and we are just going with I have an open-ended contract which at least sounds better.

Another good thing that has happened on the job is that we have a new tech and I have dubbed him the Good Looking One…and he really is. Tall, chocolate, clean shaven and corporate with a touch of thug…and his voice. Smart One calls him Barry White but I say he has a baritone like a Paul Robeson recording. He and I had lunch together and he was intelligent, articulate and filled with funny stories, but I see him as a friend and friend only. (This part is important) In any case, I say it is a good thing because one of the female techs (The Sweet One) is sweet on this dude and it is hilarious to watch. She comes around to his cubicle, with sweet smiles and soft words, actually got pissed that I had lunch with the man and has even moved her desk to be closer to him. It is cute and amusing, but I see some warning flags: she wants me and Feisty One to pump him for info, she says he has to make first moves but she is the one inviting him to lunches and giving him her phone number and she is quite obvious in her intentions. All I can do is watch and wish her luck.

Now to the ugly about the job…and it is a what. Not a who, not a combination of things…a what. A scanner to be precise. A scanner that is to help with tracking assets (we have lost 35 assets total, with 11 still unaccounted for). The original plan was to have the techs take turns daily doing an asset report but that lasted all of three days…so the scanner was brought out and placed AT.THE.WINDOW. Where I sit, which would make me responsible for every piece of equipment coming in and out of the department and I went off. There is enough going on at the window and asset management is NOT my responsibility. Rental assets, yes…(and how that happened, I have only myself to blame) but not every piece of equipment that comes in and out for swap, upgrade and repair. Feisty One swears it will not be on me as the techs are still responsible but I do not see how. With the scanner in place, the techs will not come near the window even to talk to customers…if they are dropping off they are told to check it in and when they pick up, they are told to IM the tech if there are any issues. Which makes me responsible as it is MY initials that are going into the scanner and that means that I am the last one to have hands on the asset. And THAT pisses me the fuck off…the techs have basically dropped part of their duties in my lap and seriously, I am not looking to be a scapegoat and if I am going to have the responsibilities I do, I want a pay raise to reflect that. Period.

Every day is a battle when it comes to the scanner…on one end there is the scanner backed by technicians who are trying to hold onto their jobs; on the other end you have me and my control issues, the fact that I KNOW I am a temp (if it comes down to it, I will go and the techs will stay) and I have no problems using their time to explore other options. It is hard to tell who will win…some days I do the scanner, some days I don’t. Feisty One says I need to back her and support her with this scanner but I tell her she needs to get the techs to do their jobs…every aspect of it. Not sure how this will play out, but it is definitely on a day to day basis. And I called out yesterday and today…will be interested to see if anyone used the scanner in my absence.

Okay, time to start work on the next blog post, welcome HoneyBee back and find some grub. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!

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