Other People

It has been a minute since I posted, and it seemed I was fussing/ranting/venting with that post, and guess what? I am back ranting/venting/bitching. Does anyone remember that commercial with the catchphrase “life comes at you fast”? Yeah, well…it does and so do other people. Things get hectic, things change, things just come at you all the time, usually at the hands of other people…and next thing you know, you are writing blog posts in an effort to stave off the feeling of being overwhelmed while eating greasy takeout and watching a documentary on the disco era. Disco is seriously underrated, by the way.

This past week has been…frustrating is the word that comes to mind. First, I have to start off by wishing Morning Person a VERY happy birthday!! She took the day off, went out and had some fun…which she so deserves. Also, I acknowledged 11 years of uninterrupted recovery..so in a way, it was my birthday too. Usually on my anniversary, I tend to look back but not this year…I know I have come a very long way and look forward to what the road ahead has in store. Lord knows, the offerings have to be better than what they have been lately. Oscar came down to DC, and she had a wonderful time (at least I hope she did)…she hung out with me and Morning Person and had dinner, she talked to Cuz, Chef and New Mommy and she and I watched movies, talked, and laughed. If nothing else it was a change of scenery for her and a chance for us to talk openly and actually see each others’ reactions to confessions of stupid shit.

I saw Married Man….and he wants to try again. Seriously? I saw him at the subway station on a day I was incredibly late…he was on the bus and blew the horn. I was at the elevator, praying it would reach me before he did. No such luck and all I could do was be thankful I looked super cute in my shorter black polka dotted dress with some black patent leather flats. He said he did not realize how much he missed me until he saw me and he wants another chance…then FELL into me, I guess seeking a hug. I pushed him off of me, told him he owed me $3300 dollars for the back taxes I had to pay and his response? I told him to not file the 401K information. So his excuse for fucking over my financials, leaving me in debt to state and federal governments and ignoring my outreach efforts is it is all my fault. And this is supposed to make me want to try again with him and his wife, children and baby mamas? By this time the elevator arrived, I stepped in and let the doors close in his face.

Work…dear God. This has been the worst week of work ever, and maybe the word I am seeking is surreal. First off, I am ready to call out just to have a day of peace and rest. No one believes me, but I would take the day off and not even cut my computer on. I need to disconnect, badly. It is too much, too fast and never a break. We have a LOT of things going on at the office, and it seems no matter how hard we work, how quickly we get the customers what they want and need, it is never enough. Complaints are being lodged left and right against every member of the team and every little thing is becoming nerve wracking to me….Uncle Ben does not wish to be disturbed during his meals and that is fine. MY breakfast is interrupted every morning by folks whose breakfast wasn’t , but I digress. I understand wanting a few minutes of peace and to be able to digest your food properly, but for real, if you bring breakfast in at 8am and are STILL eating it at 10:30am when a line began forming at my window at 7:30am…we have a problem.

Newbie….I loathe that woman. I honestly do, and I try to work through it, around it and over it but bottom line is I do not like that woman and she gives more reason to not like her every day I go in that office. It started when she hung her Dell certificates on the wall of her cubicle…no one else feels the need to do so or even to personalize their space because they are working on laptops all day, but that is totally petty on my part. If she wants to hang her certificates, hang them. No, she really pissed me off when the office had their annual bowl-a-thon and she offered to be my ride. I sent her and Feisty One my numbers and asked them to call me well in advance as I do not get up early on Saturday mornings….and no one called me. I ended up sleeping and watching cable all that weekend. On Monday, Newbie claimed I never sent her anyway of contacting me; Feisty One apologized for forgetting about me. But here is the kicker, the VERY next day, Newbie is calling and texting me asking me to bring her a breakfast sandwich on my way into the office. Forget the fact that she gets to the office a full 30 minutes before I do…if I NEVER sent you my numbers, HOW are you calling me?? She invades my space at work and tries to take over my job…and this week I blew up at her. Apparently, the woman has some get it done now mentality that will not allow her to wait 10 minutes for me to do what I need to do to follow protocols and chains of command….she is crowding me out of my space to get all she need to get started, which makes her look pushy and me look slow and ignorant. I do not need that and I also need my space respected, and told her so in a not so subtle way. She isn’t speaking to me and frankly, I couldn’t give two fucks about that.

The customers…one put my job in jeopardy over a PEPSI, I kid you not. Dude came in wanting a laptop upgrade NOW and asked what would it take to make it happen? Lunch, cupcakes…a soda? He happened to offer the soda on the very day I had been stuck at my window for 4 hours straight….no bathroom, no cigarette, no getting a cup of water. Just a constant stream of people in my face, all wanting something. So I tell him a soda would be nice, but of course he does not have change. Joking around, I say Smart One has change…and this dude went to the mailroom of all places and told them I was trying to bribe him!!! Here is the kicker though…when he returned to pickup his laptop…he had the fucking Pepsi. And yes, I drank it. He was followed by the girl who blatantly lied on me and said I was rude to her and talked down to her…and all I did was let her vent and then got a tech to help her with her issues. Gay Work Boyfriend is not even a bright spot…he has been pulled from his project so we no longer ping during the day, and our date was literally washed away last weekend by the weather. We do talk on the phone on a regular basis though, if only to swear to each other that everything is okay. There is a ray of sunshine though…a guy at work who always stops past my window to say hello, have conversation and he has even shared a couple of smoke breaks with me. He is as tall as I am and looks like Harry Potter with red hair, and while I think he is nice and kinda cute, work has me too frazzled and worn out to even have a fantasy anything with him or about him. There is also the guy who I see every morning in the elevator who makes his way to my window to ask silly, obvious questions and says he would love to learn more about me, but again…too busy trying to keep up and hold onto my job to really try to find out what his agenda is.

I have stopped reading CL…it has been a week but one must start somewhere. Really, I had to…it was so filled with stupidity and negativity it was draining my spirit. I think CL should charge folks to respond to ads…that would cut down on the crazy. The arrangement ads, I am seriously no longer renewing them. Not only has it gotten more expensive to post them (went from $18 to $23) but in the two weeks since I last renewed them (I keep thinking someone will see it and help me stretch my dollars), not one response…and do you know I have posting them since October 2011? Yeah, it is time for everyone to take a break. I should be like UTA and Honeybee and take a freaking vacation.

Well, I think I have talked enough today and thinking bed and DVR is the plan for today. Somehow, during this frustrating work week I managed to find time after hours to cook, clean and do laundry. The laundry isn’t put away yet because it would appear that the closet ate my hangers. Hoping GWB and I can make some definite plans for either dinner after work or a fun day next weekend, and at some point need to get to a post office so my daddy can get his father’s day gift before Christmas. And hoping to have a new post up sooner versus later. Thinking about talking about truth….in my mind, it’s interesting but I always think I’m interesting…your opinion may vary.

As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!


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