Time to Make the Doughnuts

I am sick…again. No Noro Virus this time around (thank goodness) but a cold. It is not as bad as some I have had, but it is enough to make me just not want to do anything. Factor in that Mother Nature has chosen to show her face for the second month in a row (what happened to menopause?? Did it just give up?) and I really just want to lay in bed and make the world go away. I blame the sudden rash of illness and the mysterious disappearance of menopause on work…not the actual work itself but on the details involved when one holds a job. The not getting enough sleep, the long hours (I am up a good 2 hours before I actually begin my commute and don’t make it home until about 6:30 after getting off work at 5), co-workers (who are germy and if they have kids, they are doubly germy) and the commute. Oh, the commute…if you drive in, I envy you. Public transportation is a hot bed of germs and one is subjected to the elements (who do what they want, when they want) and this where I think my run-down immune system is picking up these nasty bugs.

Another scenario that has crossed my mind about this rash of illness centers on WB. I think the man literally makes me sick. When I was struck down by the Noro Virus two weeks ago, the last person I saw was WB….he had come past to just see me, wish me a good weekend and to tell me his weekend plans. Less than 24 hours later, I was down for the count. This time around, I felt the cold coming on like a freight train less than 24 hours after spending a good chunk of the afternoon with the man at my desk and in my face. He had to come to the office to get his laptop repaired (again) and told me how sorry he was about what had happened regarding the Starbucks incident; he wanted to start over and this time, he would not fuck it up. I kept it cool and neutral, friendly and professional and did not mention the incident at all. Not quite sure what we are starting over, but this time the ball is in his court….I need actions, not words. If he is sincere, he will make it happen. But, I digress…after getting home that evening, I felt the sore throat and congestion building. Friday, I was completely congested and this weekend…full blown cold with all the bangs and whistles. Coincidence? Could be…that or the bacteria that is crawling all over the fresh loads of bullshit WB is passing out keep finding their way into my body.

But today, I want to talk about my job…the one I still love, the one where I enjoy the folks I work with and the one where I know I am needed and appreciated. Paychecks and validation…what more could I ask for? The company itself is actually a brand new company which is a subsidiary/off-shoot of a Fortune 100 (it ranks in the Top 50) company and is growing rapidly with over 5,000 employees and contractors, so there are lots of growing pains and transitioning going on right now. Even though I call the location I work at HQ, the actual HQ is located in Denver; I work in the IT department (2nd Tier) and there are only three locations for IT: San Diego, San Antonio and Arlington, VA. Arlington pretty much handles the IT for the East Coast: we get folks from DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, NYC, Boston, Raleigh, NC, Florida and I even had a person from Wichita, Kansas.

The IT team is divided into two groups: Depot team which handles asset management and LTS, which actually repairs the laptops. My job is to assist both teams in all ways possible and dole out customer service so it gets super crazy sometimes. I work with the technicians on both teams and with the exception of one, we all get along super well…we understand that we all have a lot on our plates and that IT is a constantly changing field so we are all still learning something new every day and I would like to introduce you to my team:

Smart One: this guy has a natural curiosity and pretty much knows everything. He is a know-it-all in a good way as he wants you to know what he knows. His favorite expression is “if you don’t know the answer, odds are you know someone who does.” We have done happy hours together and since we are both single, we may become hangout buddies. I try not to call on him every single time, but I think I do.

My Favorite: he is sweet, smart and will give me the tools I need to not call on someone every single time. We talk, we laugh, we share music, food and we sit right next to each other. No wonder he is my favorite.

The Hard Working Tech: honestly, he is hard working but he has to be in the mood to want to work hard, which I understand. He knows the job (well) and he knows what he is doing but there are days when you really just want to coast along…and he is quite honest about it when those days come around. I can only respect that. He keeps threatening to leave me, but I tell him we need to think of the children.

The One I Love: No, it is not WB (he isn’t even a tech or on my team) and he is married with children, but this guy is a clown. He always has jokes, always asks how everyone is doing and tries to keep the moods light when we get too stressed out. He makes the most amazing kabob chicken and when I tasted it for the first time at the potluck I declared him to be my Work Husband. After tasting my cooking, he said we could stay married.

The Feisty One: she is the lead technician on the Depot team and she always, always, always has a quip or a comeback. I feel close to her because she and I are in the same age group, have the same trust issues when it comes to men and are doing what we can to pass the time while being somewhat happily single to become better people physically, emotionally and mentally.

The Special One: Dude is socially awkward, speaks extremely slowly and has this look of constant confusion on his face….I thought he was slow when I first met him. But give him scraps, pieces, screws ands tools and he can build a functioning laptop out of practically nothing. He is strange as hell but smart as a whip.

The Fashionable One: He is a contractor, knows more than he or anyone gives him credit for and can dress his ass off. I think he was a woman in another life. I also think he lives a secret life as he comes to work extremely tired which makes him careless (he actually returned a repaired laptop minus the hard drive) and causes him to fall asleep at his desk at the most inopportune times.

The Awesome One: She is my manager and is incredibly amazing. Calm, laid back, level headed and knows more than the Smart One. She has a sense of humor, is empathetic and sympathetic without being a pushover or allowing others to take advantage. She likes my energy, my enthusiasm and the fact that I am not dumb. I heart the Awesome One.

The Hard Headed One: dude is brash, in your face and knows only one way to do things: his way. But he is always there to offer a helping hand, will admit when he does not know things and will ask for help when he needs it. I did not like him when he first came onboard, but he is growing on me.

The Sweet One: She really is a sweetheart. She is a single mom who actually listens to the customers when they complain about their laptop and professionally, she is damn good at what she does. Personally, she is too trusting, too open and too honest when it comes to the men in her life and I swear, I see so much of myself in her. She is currently seeing her version of Married Man, and as much as I want to tell her to back away and never look back…I listen and suggest she not get so involved on an emotional level. I think I am way too late with the suggestions, but she knows I have a shoulder and an ear for her when she needs one.

The Newbie: Not sure what to say about this chick….she is brand new so not sure what she knows or what she can teach me but she is eager to work, which is a good thing. The bad part about that is, since she does not know our protocol, she comes across like Lucy Ricardo in the episode where she went to work in the candy factory. Knew nothing about the process but saw the rhythm…and Lucy went straight for trying to find her rhythm without knowing anything about getting into her groove…did that just make sense? Anyway, that is what I see in Newbie so far…that and the fact that she talks on her phone constantly. And loudly.

Uncle Ben: I have had mixed feelings about Uncle Ben from Day 1….for starters, he lives in my neighborhood. Which means we have the same commute..which means on days when I am lazy and running late, I cannot blame it on the metro being delayed. It also means I have to stick to strict schedule as I cannot be coming in the office AFTER Uncle Ben when we have the exact same commute. But he seemed okay…a contractor with 30 years experience in the field (so he claims) and he wants a permanent job, but whenever I try to help him showcase his talents to show the company why keeping him around would be a good idea…he has no clue what to do. If I use my personality to showcase my talents and work, he kisses ass to do his. He has thrown me under the bus twice, the other techs keep their distance from him and all he has going for him is to walk our manager to the subway after work and fill her in on the few tidbits of gossip he hears around the office. I am pretty neutral in my dealings with Uncle Ben (I swear, he looks just like the guy on the Uncle Ben’s rice box!) and stay on my toes whenever he is around.

So this is my crew at work. They are a huge part of why I do enjoy my job (in addition to Lunch Buddy, Smoking Buddy and the crazy cast of customers that come past the window everyday) and why I don’t fuss too much about getting up before the sun to come into work. Now about to try and clean up the apartment some to clear these nasty germs out and work on some love letter blog posts. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!

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