Week In Review

I’m sick…not in a snotty, congested and coughing sort of way (although I have been feeling a cold coming on for about a week) but in a nasty, disgusting stomach virus sort of way. No need to say a lot more other than I have chills/sweats and other stomach virus related symptoms and a day off from work is in my extremely near future. Today’s post is an update post of sorts..more like a Chatty Cathy to bring everyone up to speed on what I manage to do when left to my own devices. I have said it before and I will say it again: I am in need of adult supervision.

The week started off with my Easter Sunday Dinner Party which was a smashing success. I managed to fit 9 people in my studio apartment and it did not even feel crowded (at least to me it didn’t) and the food and company were both fantastic. I dubbed it the Single Ladies Chat & Chew and the menu included: glazed ham; beef roast (which I finally prepared properly); potato salad; macaroni & cheese; sweet potato pone (fancy way of saying mashed sweet potatoes); greens; fresh strawberries; vanilla ice cream and lemon cake. My guests were Morning Person, Sis-Sis, Busy Bee, Mini-Me, Divalicious, HoneyBee and her son and my Downstairs Neighbor, who brought me the loveliest hydrangeas. Guardian Princess was invited but was busy with church activities. Everyone had a wonderful time and Busy Bee suggested we do this every 2 months or so and make it potluck. I am in total agreement.

The job is going great and I am still in lovelovelove and apparently, they are also. I was told this week that my position was not being cut, they have heard nothing but positive things about me and they were so excited they get to keep me with them longer than expected. No talk yet of being made permanent but I don’t care…I am now receiving benefits through the consulting agency and my contract does not expire until August, which is when we will revisit this issue. For right now, just knowing that I have a job I enjoy for a little bit longer than originally promised is good enough for me.

This next tidbit no one knows about other than Chef and Oscar, who both gave green lights to it. Him’s mother is in the hospital (she may be out by now) and I sent him an email. Nothing major, dramatic or overly long (and I made sure to get the news from more than Artsy Craftsy so I can keep her in the clear should the man ever be able to put 2 and 2 together)…just that I heard about his mom, wished her a speedy and full recovery and that despite all that happened between us, I was sending the missive in a spirit of caring, concern and former friendship. Not sure why I wanted to send that, but come on…it’s his mom and when it comes to your parents’ mortality…I am a firm believer that the more prayers and well wishes…the better. Oh, and in case you were wondering…no response which is fine by me but Chef is thinking maybe him should have sent it to BTH/BTGD just so we could have some acknowledgement.

And how could I end my week in review without talking about WB? UTA calls him a douche, Artsy Craftsy and Morning Person are getting nervous because we still cannot figure out his end game, Oscar swears WB is the next big thing and everyone else says to just go with it. If nothing else, it is interesting. Let’s see: this week we had our first tiff (which Artsy-Craftsy says sounds like an old married couple), I fed him lunch (how could I not? If my tuna and pasta salad has him asking for exclusivity, who knows what an entire meal could yield?), he was honest with me by letting me know that the girlfriend was back in the picture and that prompted me to be honest with him. We were in the break room at my office (the man actually disabled software from his laptop…he says to have a reason to come to HQ; I say he fucked up trying to resolve an issue with the laptop himself so he would not have to show up) and I was soooo disappointed when he told me about the girlfriend (but I am with UTA on this one….she was never gone from the picture), but I thanked him for being truthful. Then I told him I was not looking to be the other woman or a secret. We could be co-workers, pinging partners and maybe even friends but nothing more.

Well, that is NOT what WB was trying to hear…he swore he liked me and wanted to explore with me and I was changing and turning on him and I could not do that. I came back with as much as he liked me and wanted to explore with me, he obviously liked the girlfriend more to bring her back into the picture. We left it at that and he went back to his office..and once he left, the lights came back on in the office. Did I mention when he came into HQ, the lights went out? In any case, he kept pinging and emailing me, asking me to stop playing hard to get, talk to him, he missed having me to talk to. I stayed strong for the rest of that day but the next day, I missed him too and asked him to talk to me…and he came back with: about what? And I have never had a guy who was so responsive. I am used to being ignored or hearing excuses…and when I asked him would he be the Ricky to my Lucy, he said he would be whatever I needed him to be. I should have said single but I didn’t. And on Friday…he showed up at my desk. No reason other than to see me, wish me a great weekend in person and tell me his weekend plans (which according to him are being executed solo). I am starting to like him more than I should, hoping against hope that he does not give me a reason to start hating his incredibly cute face and am enjoying building a friendship from scratch…I forgot how much fun it is to get to know a person. I have no idea what WB is getting out of this, but I do know he says he does not wish to underestimate my powers. The man and I are a Maroon 5 song waiting to be written.

So this was my week…boring and probably written in a cut and dried sort of way but remember…I’m sick. I will be back as soon as I can with new posts and as always….thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!


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