Little Girl (Love Letter #2)

Those who comprise my Panel, my family and my social circle are very familiar with the phrase Little Girl (I pronounce it Li’l Gurl)…well, the men are familiar with the term Little Boy. It is most definitely a term of endearment and not in any way a putdown of anyone’s maturity or ability to handle life and all it throws at them; in fact, it could be construed as a truth as I am either taller than them, bigger (weight wise) than them and/or older than them. With few exceptions, I am usually all three. But, when I like you, you can expect to hear Little Girl fall from my lips and even my mother is not exempt.

Today’s post is a love letter (I guess you figured that out by the title) and it is to Oscar. Wild Child Oscar…our youngest member (which makes her our Little Girl) has had a little girl of her own. It has been a rough 9 months for Oscar and I think she is long overdue for love, kisses and praise. Enjoy the letter and stop back soon for new posts, including my office non-romance and Officer Goodbody.

My Dearest, Most Wonderful Oscar:
Where, oh where to begin with you? My friend, my daughter, my sister who gives me gray hairs and headaches (although nowhere near the level of Sister Someone) but balances it all out with laughter, great advice and the distinct honor of being the friend who I can be utterly random with all the time and at the most unexpected of times. I would have to describe what we share as a learning experience versus a friendship…a lifelong learning experience.

With you, I see youth in all its glory: the fearlessness, the faith that things will work out (not the way we want or plan, but works out nonetheless) and the knowledge that sometimes, life is meant to be lived without a safety net or a Plan B. I see mother’s love in action: spending your last to make sure Baby Oscar had his picture taken with Santa, baking cookies and cakes for some school event while pregnant and unable to stomach food smells… and with Kayla’s pregnancy with all its complications and health issues, all you ever asked was that the baby be okay. Whatever happened to you, it was fine…just let your baby be alive and healthy. I see a woman who has had to grow up too soon, all in the name of love and despite the heartbreak you have been through…you still believe in Prince Charming, the White Horse and the Happily Ever After. You have dreams that will still come true…believe that despite what present circumstances may say.

Your beauty is breath-taking, your strength is inspiring, your naiveté is endearing and your talents are untapped. I see so much of me in you, maybe that is why you frustrate me at times. Like me, you are stubborn, when you are right, you’re right (even when you are wrong) and when you like someone/love someone you want it to work out sosososo badly. Side note: I am the QUEEN of Wanting it to Work Out, so you will have to be the Princess. The ONE thing that drives me through a wall with you is how is simply refuse to ever pick up the phone for my calls…if I had a nickel for every time I screamed WHAT THE FUCK at the phone after my calls went unanswered, every member of the Panel could buy their own private island. But, when I look back on the conversations we have via text and email…I can see why some things should just never be said aloud. But then again, do we really want them in writing?

Out of all your wonderfulness and attributes, I would have to say that the one thing that really touches my heart is how you are always around (just not by phone)…I can send the most random email at the most random time…and I have a response. When the Him fiasco was in full swing…you were the one who was up with me at 3am when I was crying and hurting and had no understanding. You are the one who I talk to about it when I still miss him sometimes, you are the one I can share my celebrity crushes with and you are now the person who I can talk to about Grey’s and how the characters are living my life.

You are a trailblazer in my life…you were my first online friend (who knew social sites could accomplish things like that?) and the only friend who gets the whole 9 ½ Weeks thing. (It is so much more than a young Mickey Rourke) You are the friend who will always tell me how beautiful I am, no matter how old and fat I get…you are the friend I can be young with. I love you so incredibly much, wouldn’t change you for the world, money or chocolate and truly, you are and will always be MY Little Girl.


2 thoughts on “Little Girl (Love Letter #2)

  1. I am at a total loss for words. I never ever would have imagined the most beautiful person in the world being a close and wonderful friend of the Oscars. This is amazing and as I write this to you believe me i am fulled with tears of joy and am very proud that you play a huge role in Little Girl’s life! May God be with you always. I love you til the sun don’t shine anymore <3.

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