Idle Chatter

Not much to say in this post but since I have a few minutes, decided to talk about other things going on that I have neglected to talk about since I started working. First, I must say I am still in love with the job. Madly and deeply….and did I mention an unexpected perk is that cigarettes are cheaper by at least $2.50-$3.00 here in Virginia?  I have been doing the right things, taking notes and retaining information, but for the first time since starting, I was late today. It was bound to happen (come on…it’s me and I am riding Metro) and the fact that I was early/on time for 1 ½ weeks is a record over here. Trust me on that. No one went crazy or made threats or took away my keyboard….I did the right thing by letting my supervisor know, giving an ETA and actually arriving before the ETA. I felt badly for a little while even though it was only 10 minutes but I have to stop having such high expectations of myself. No one will always be on time every day and delays on metro happen. It just should not happen that often.

So like I said earlier, below are a few things I want to tell you guys about…it may be boring but I will try to make it as entertaining as possible. And just that quick, I forgot one of the topics I was going to touch on. Hopefully, it will come back to me as I type. Fingers crossed….

Arrangements: I think I am giving them up .Completely. I thought I would be able to have them evenings and weekends, but I have no time or energy for them anymore.   Honestly, I am burned out from all the ignorance and disrespect. I have men emailing the ad calling me a fat nigger whore, I have men who are still trying to jewgipsy me on pricing and my favorite is the guy who after reading I am only available evenings and weekends ONLY asked was I available for a meeting RIGHT NOW at 1pm.  He may be tied with the guy who actually admitted he never read my ad, liked my pictures and could only meet mid-mornings…can I make that happen? NO. I did manage to setup an arrangement Sunday evening with a guy: older, married, who said he was always horny and promised to make me feel as no other woman had ever felt before. He wanted at least 3 hours with me and hoped I was well rested to take him over and over again. He would be staying in Arlington, and requested I visit him. Okay, first…his idea of Arlington was Arlington Boulevard; the man was actually staying in Falls Church and the cab ride(including tip) was close to $50. Dude only had half the money required/requested for 3 hours, so I agreed to half the time. But what really got me was the dude…he is a disabled Vietnam veteran, so not trying to talk about him too badly but he walks like a cross between Frankenstein’s monster and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz…his left side moves slowly but normally but his right side is locked or paralyzed and rather than drag it along behind him, he swings it around like a baseball bat. His eyes pop/bug out of his head and he farts ALL.THE.TIME. I am NOT kidding…he has constant, chronic flatulence. The room was polluted. Oh, and his promises of prowess fell flatter than one of New Mommy’s homemade pancakes….while I am sitting on the bed in bra and panties, he is swinging his body and flaccid penis everywhere and as soon as he saw me, he released himself all over my thighs. I kid you not…3 hours had become 90 minutes had become 3 minutes. With no penetration, no touching, no kissing. I took my money, put my dress back on and called a cab, which I waited for outside in the cold…no way was I staying inside with the toxic fumes.

White Baby: White Baby is back…actually, it never went anywhere but it now has a new name: menopause. I kind of hate that word because I always associate it with old women….not older women. OLD women. And I swear I have like a thousand more gray hairs since I have come to the conclusion that I am menopausal. I have not seen a visit from Mother Nature since she showed up at Thanksgiving, although I still bloat up once a month. There is light cramping but nowhere near what I was going through when I was younger and I feel normal if that makes sense. When I was dealing with AFO and missing cycles, it felt as if something foreign was trying to invade my body…there was a constant pressure and pain that just isn’t present this time around. All I can say is if this is menopause, I am one of the lucky ones. No hot flashes, no night sweats and so far, my sex drive has not disappeared although I would say it is a bit subdued. However, I am chalking that one up to the reintroduction of structure and schedule to my life. And I pee a lot. Welcome to middle-aged.

Well, since I can no longer remember what the other topic was, I guess I am done. There are little bits and pieces like my diet/weight loss/healthy living (I have bottles and bottles of vitamins and minerals, cans of weight loss shakes and still have the yoga mat and Groupon for 12 classes) that is kinda on pause right now while I explore the breakfast and lunchtime offerings of the eateries around my jobsite; my love/hate affair with Metro is back in full swing (when they have a delay, they do it right….gotta give them credit for that one) and the fact I am meeting (and subtly flirting with) lots of guys. Tall guys, short guys, cute guys…although with some of them sporting wedding rings and me being fat and menopausal, I am sure nothing will come of it, but it sure is nice.

Okay, so that is it and all for this post. Hopefully you weren’t bored to tears and I promise to be back with more posts soon…I want to write some love letters to Panel members (just wondering who needs one the most right now) and also tell you guys about Office Goodbody. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!



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