Soup’s Ready

I have been postponing writing a post because I either wanted to post good news or at least bring some sort of closure to the interviews I talked about in my previous post. It has been a rough week as I am still quite impatient and I was on pins and needles awaiting the news; I was at the point of practically physically restraining myself from making further  phone calls and sending emails. I likened the situation to my Higher Power stirring a pot of soup and I would not/could not get any of it until it was ready to be tasted…but the aroma was so enticing and I was incredibly hungry, I kept trying to go in the pot; yet, every time I went to taste the soup, my hand was swatted away from the pot because…it just wasn’t ready.

Big props and shout outs to my parents, my Sis-Sis and the Panel members who kept me sane and calm: Morning Person, Chef Cuz, Girlfriend, Artsy-Craftsy (who put aside her own battles with issues to help me with mine), Guardian Princess and believe it or not, Brother Everything. They listened to the endless bitching, worrying and speculations. These are the people who had faith when I had none and they are the ones who did not allow hope to die. And that was not an easy job at all.

It started with my 5th (or was it 6th?) phone call to Interview #1 (the permanent one with the non-profit in my neighborhood)…I was more than a little antsy that it was taking almost two weeks to hear back when I was promised a decision within 24 hours. Previous phone calls had been stonewalled, but this time she actually picked up the line!! She told me she knew why I was calling and she was rendering her decision within the next 24 hours. Yeah, I had heard that one before but I still had hope. I  believe that rejection is pretty much instantaneous…if you don’t like something or someone, you aren’t keeping them dangling and waiting. You cut the ties immediately and if you are decent person, you try to let them down gently. So the fact that she STILL had not told me I was no longer in the running helped me to believe that yes, I was the better candidate and the best fit for the position.

And then I got the email that told me while I was an exceptional candidate, they went with someone else. Did I mention I got this email less than an hour after the phone call? I was blown away by the rejection: while this was not the job I wanted, it was the job I expected to get. I felt less than, hurt/angry  (WHO could have been a better qualified candidate than me?) and fell into a funk. Seriously. For the remainder of the evening (after telling folks I was not good enough for a cut rate outfit…petty, I know), I did not answer the phone. I listened to jazz, smoked cigarettes and wallowed in the pity pot. I really thought that things would be different this year (forgetting that the year was barely a month old) and wondered if my parents would let me live off of them once the government got tired of me. I broke out of the funk long enough the next day to call my mom so she would not think I had gone into the basement to jump out of a window or something, when I got a phone call. From Interview #2. The one that I almost did not go on because I was so sure I was going to be at the non-profit. The one that challenged me from the start by interviewing me on Inauguration Day. The job I wanted.

The job I wanted, wanted ME!! The client had extended an offer!!! I was in shock and disbelief and asked the recruiter 10 times (at least) was this a joke…and it was no joke. They had a start date and a salary. All I had to do was complete the paperwork and pass a background check. Could it be true? After all this time, could I actually be re-entering the work force, if only for 6 months (the length of the current contract) learning new skills and a chance to become a permanent member of a global firm?? Well, the answer was yes but I was faced with challenges and temptations. Fun One refused to verify my employment…for what reason, I have zero idea but I have that being such a petty, bullshit move I have no words for it. Our friendship had been a little strained (he was standing me up for our dates again and I just stopped reaching out) to put it mildly, but I have to wonder what IS IT with these men who fuck me over and cannot separate the personal from the professional? I think Fun One and Him have been hanging out, sharing half truths and delusions. But I had tax returns which verified the employment, so no problem. I got another offer from another agency (which has not found me one assignment in the 3 years I have been registered with them) for almost 20K more AND a longer term contract (2 years), which gave me pause, but that offer dried up quicker than ant piss in the sun…seriously, the same evening I accepted Interview #2’s offer, I got an email with the second offer…and have heard no more about it nor have I heard from the agency.

So after a week of emotional roller coaster riding, oodles of paperwork being faxed, emailed and submitted…I got the confirmation phone call. I start work Monday at 8am. That too is a challenge (I have no idea what 8am LOOKS like) but it is a small one. It will be more than a one person job making sure I am up and out the door on time, and I have Panel members stepping up to take on the task. Thank GOD! I am determined to do the right thing by this assignment and put forth the efforts required because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity: a chance to put a  Fortune 100 company on my resume, be taught/trained by them AND get paid for the privilege. Yeah, I am staying in my lane and on the good foot with this blessing. The dates are tempting again…after a serious 3 week drought, I have them falling at my feet (including a guy who is hotter than the hotter than balls dude) and have been able to build up my reserves again. I am flirting with the idea of making them a side gig with my availability during evenings and weekends but that may not be the best idea. I do not need any distractions or anything that will cause me in any shape, fashion or form to jeopardize the job. I have waited too long for this bowl of soup from above. Besides, the Panel is pretty dead set against them now more than ever…so far, they have not steered me wrong.

So there you have it….an update that ranks in the top 5 of my happiest/proudest/super excitedest (so not a word) moments….EVER. I will be back as soon as I can with another post. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!!

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