Year End Review

In less than 48 hours, 2012 will come to an end. Hard to believe that 364 days have come and gone so quickly.  Seems like just a few days ago, I declared 2012 to be the Year of Us and I have to say, I think I  (and my Panel) did a pretty good job of meeting the goals set in that post. Of course, a lot more happened than just that and I want to use this post to not only look back, but to serve as a reminder when I /we get caught up and forget how to breathe.

In 2012, Panel members and I got realistic. We are always real with ourselves and each other, but being realistic? Sometimes, not so much. Being realistic involved us to stop glorifying the past and the people who were a part of it. We stopped saying what the person we knew would not do and started seeing people for who they are versus who they were. And we found that we did not like who these people are, and eviction notices were issued. Oscar kicked Him, Jr. out of her head and heart, AFO had to hit the road and Him is long gone.

We owned up to the roles we played in the demise of relationships and how we are molding our present. Myself especially was carrying too much idealism, expectations and naiveté into everything and trusting the other person instead of my gut and my brain which were both telling me to go slowly and cautiously. I ended up with not one, but two pregnancy scares because I chose to see AFO the way I wanted him to be, not who he actually was. And I freely admitted that it was my fault for not at least using protection. I did not have to heed the emotional red flags that were falling everywhere,  but I could have been so very much more careful. Lesson learned here: got’s to be more careful all the way around.

In 2012, we began respecting ourselves more: we may not know what we want but we do know what we don’t want, so we started teaching others how to treat us…with respect, caring, kindness and as little stupidity as possible.

With some discipline and by overcoming fears and stepping out there on faith, we met goals we set for ourselves. Yes, you can plan and save and try to wait for the right time but really…is it ever a good time to do anything? Either the timing is right and the money is wrong or vice versa. In 2012,  Girlfriend bought her first place, Busy Bee paid off her car and I achieved one out of two: I wanted a job and a smartphone. The smartphone is what was within reach this year. UTA has traveled this year (sooo jealous), Mini-Me got serious about her weight loss program, Buddy started a new job AND got visitation rights when it comes to his sons (that has been a looong battle) and Chef started back with culinary school.

While we were learning and applying, life went on. Sometimes it brought setbacks (I am still the poster child for Unemployment) and sadness: UTA lost her grandmother, Morning Person lost her brother. Sometimes it brought the unexpected: Oscar is giving us a new Panel baby early in 2013 and UTA’s blog was nominated for Expat Blog of the Year. Sometimes, life just threw a WTF moment in there to keep us on our toes: Sister Someone married Brother Everything!  We communicated more with each other and Oscar and I even met up face to face TWICE this year (that is a pretty big deal as we are both poorer than church mice). And through it all, we remembered that life is so much better when we stay in the moment, realize what we can and cannot control and just breathe because no one gets more put on them than they can handle. That is why everyone’s situation is different. And while these things do not make life or its’ situations any better…it does make them easier to deal with.

Hopefully I/we will be able to carry this into 2013 as we embark on new adventures, meet new people and experience new things…with new goals in mind. So readers, what are your standout moments in 2012? Did you make changes that helped you go further, get farther or just made the unbearable bearable? Again, feel free to comment or inbox because inquiring minds would love to know!

As usual, thanks for stopping past and reading and as always…enjoy your day! Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year and we will see each other in 2013.







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