Busy, Busy, Busy

In my last post, I told you guys all about my Day of Fun. Apparently, that one day sparked a chain reaction of social activities that have half of me wondering why I do not get out more often and the other half grateful I am a homebody by nature so these flurries of activity don’t happen too often.

I also told you all that I started a three day temp assignment (short term for real), and today is Day Three. I am very proud of myself and how I handled the assignment: I was on time (not early, but also not late) every day even though I had to wait for someone to show up to let me in. I was very professional in my dress and demeanor but I still managed to socialize and engage in chatter and conversations; I did little time-killing tasks that were actually noticed and appreciated. And I totally love the environment/culture of the office…I am receptionist for sister radio stations and get to listen cool music all day long (or I could listen to talk radio…my call) and it is so laid back and easy going there, I wish I could call it long term or permanent. This is how much I like it here: I am hoping I get called back next week to work here although it seems doubtful and I already know it will not become permanent. The regular receptionist is a well-loved legend.

Socially, I have been a busy, DC neighborhood hopping bee. Met Reliable One for dinner at the beginning of the week…we had Jamaican fare in Van Ness, which probably tasted yummier than it actually was because we were both so damned hungry. He had calamari and a grilled salmon Caesar salad (not very Jamaican) while I ordered the hangar steak with a coffee flavored sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach. We shared an appetizer of callaloo rolls and I am still trying to figure out what that is exactly.

I met Girlfriend for an impromptu date night…totally last minute and she met me without hesitation…I love her. I had a groupon to an eatery that was supposed to be a classic diner with really good food…in fact this was the second groupon I bought to the place. I gave the first one to Girlfriend because I said I would never make it to that neck of the woods, yet I bought another one because for $9, I was getting $20 worth of food…and I just could not pass that by. And this assignment put me smack dab in that neck of the woods….the job is in Friendship Heights and the diner (along with Girlfriend) are in the Chevy Chase neighborhood. We both ordered breakfast (Girlfriend insists that burgers and breakfast are the only things to order at any diner) and split the most delicious milkshake I had ever tasted. We talked, laughed, caught up and watched the rain fall as we ate eggs, waffles and breakfast meats. I felt so much better after our time together…she manages to reassure and make me feel not so crazy/petty without really doing anything at all. She just radiates calm although she has stated do not come to her with men problems…she cannot help me on that one at all until she gets her own figured out or I meet men with some type of sanity.

Tonight, I am planning on catching Loni Love at the DC Improv with my Sis-Sis, Busy Bee and Morning Person. This outing was my suggestion but in my defense, I was not working or eating my way through DC neighborhoods when I decided that a comedy club outing was on the agenda. Saturday, Partner in Crime Guy and I are supposed to go bowling, and I have plans for Christmas Eve with Mini-Me. I think I have Sunday free but that laundry won’t wash itself and the rest of the apartment is looking as if some attention paid to it would not hurt.

Oh, also I squeezed in two evenings’ worth of grocery shopping this week as the first time I went, I forgot at least half the list…I blame it on my first full day of work in who knows how long and lack of sleep from the night before. I have been super busy….and while I am tired, it is a good tired. Not the what am I going to do with myself other than lay in bed today sort of tired and so much better than the I have been dealing with/fending off/talking with these online responder idiots all day tired. If I could combine the easy commute and laid back attitude of this assignment with the longevity of a previous assignment, I would be soooo happy. Life would be complete.

Although, with the end of the year coming up in a little over a week, I still have at least 3-4 more posts I want to write so I guess I will be busy in other ways…I want to tell you all about the second date (if it happens) with the Partner in Crime and put my feelings out there about him and what is happening; I want to talk about Christmas and my plans (or lack of them) and maybe even do a year in review. We’ll see.

Okay, readers…I will turn you loose now. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!


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