The Unexpected

Life has been a series of not quite setbacks…maybe false starts would be a better term. After all, I have been on interviews that led nowhere, called to come in for and phone interviewed for  jobs that no longer exist. The arrangements have been hit or miss (as usual) and the Fiscal Cliff still looms large. I was frustrated, angry, confused and directionless.

Then, I remembered the advice given in the rooms of recovery, decided to start believing the sayings and advice I post on Facebook and dispense in this blog and listen (again) to the Panel…I am powerless over a lot of things that are happening right now. I control nothing except my attitude and my responses (so much better than reactions) to what happens. I pulled on my big girl panties and decided to change my perspective. (Side note: once again, UTA and I seem to be on the same page and in the same place, process wise. She too is leaving alone what she cannot control, staying in the moment and enjoying the gifts each day holds) And I decided to use one of my many, many groupons/coupons to go the Newseum. It would be a multi-fold plan…meet someone new and random, get out of the house (you readers have no idea how many days I spend inside my apartment) and move more…it is a museum, which meant lots of walking.

Well, first thing to do was to meet someone random and new…so I posted an ad on Craigslist in the Strictly Platonic section (not that it made too much of a difference where I posted it). I felt badly for doing so, especially after posting TWO posts about the creepers and idiots that lurk there, and was even sorrier after some of the responses I got. Basically, I stated that I had a groupon good for two admissions, so it would be nice if my +1 bought lunch…I am not desperate for a date, I am unemployed and I am a woman…  so no way  am I am paying all the way around. If I can get you in there, you can feed me.  Oh, and the other thing was that since this was my first time going there and I was unemployed…I had the time to take my time. My +1 had to have the same flexibility in their schedule. I had an age range (38-65) and was honest about my height and weight….no matter what, looks matter on CL.

I got the guy who asked how come I could not use a groupon for lunch also, the married men who wanted me to fit my trip into their lunch hour, the “hot” guy who thought I was seeking a quickie in the museum bathroom, the 70 year old guy who is 5’7” and 320 pounds who wanted me to let him release my “tantric chakra”…whatever that is. The “dominant” guy who told me when we were going, what time to meet him and what to wear. The 30 year old who wanted to know did we absolutely have to stay together? Couldn’t I just give him the ticket and we go our separate ways? But then I met the guy who would become my partner in crime for my Day of Fun…he sent a respectful response, did not ask for nor send any pictures and was a bit of a news junkie. He does not live in the area (he is here to care for his father who recently suffered a stroke) and was in as much need of a change of scenery as I was…and he was insistent on picking me up and dropping me back off at home, AND in addition to treating to lunch, he was also going to treat to Dunkin’ Donuts! Winner, winner chicken dinner.

I have to admit, I had an amazing day with this guy….we did not rush through anything and stopped off at one my neighborhood’s hidden gems/unknown attractions before even heading to the Newseum. At the Newseum, we explored all kinds of exhibits…the Berlin Wall, Pulitzer Winning  Photographs, the FBI exhibit, the 9/11 exhibit, Newspapers through History…there is just too much to see and do there…I need to make another trip (and good news: the tickets are good for two day admission).  I still want to see the Civil War exhibit and try my hand at reporting the news. We had lunch, which was yummy and shopped the gift store (he is such a woman when it comes to shopping). Don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect. He drove too slowly, walked too fast and kept looking for stairs when elevators were readily available; he kept pulling me from my exhibits to go look at his and the ultimate faux pas: he made me WALK back to the car when we were done for the day, even though I told him my feet were KILLING me.

But the good outweighed the bad: he was very informative and has a sense of humor; he thinks I am gorgeous, sexy and awesome; and after making me walk back to the car, he bought the donuts and offered me a foot massage to relieve some of the aches and pains I loudly proclaimed I had. Win-win…someone to push me to be more active and will make it all better when it hurts too badly. That or he is an asshole with no manners who tried to make up for it and I fell for it. Time will tell…. He did not roll his eyes in exasperation when I showed my displeasure at things and here is the best part: he did not ask for nor push for sex and has emailed/called me everyday since our adventure…we talk about his job, his father, football, tales of the fruitless job searches, TV shows… and he has even suggested another outing for this coming weekend! He wants to take me for Chinese food and bowling, which I have agreed to.

No hopes are being raised and expectations are so low, they make a snake look as if it is wearing high heeled shoes. For once, I am just going to enjoy the unexpected and stay in the moment with it.  I am just amazed at how quickly things turn around once you turn your attitude around. Nothing has changed with my situations, but I have changed for the better (if only for a day or two)…and ended up having a great day, meeting someone who is super nice and somewhat sweet and today, I started a short term (3 days) temp assignment that seems to be the answer to everything I keep saying I want in a long term assignment. Maybe I need to leave the house more often…

So I have talked WAAAY too much (thanks for bearing with me and hopefully it was not too boring)…will be back soon with new blog posts. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!

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