The Op/Ed Post

Disclaimer: this blog post is simply my opinion. My sometimes very strong opinion. It may go off tangent . And just know it took me a couple of days to calm down enough so it isn’t in all caps and screaming profanities at any and everyone. I promise it will not be a rant on gun control as I am a firm believer that people kill people, not guns. A weapon is a weapon and I also believe that another ban on guns will go the way of the war on drugs and human trafficking. Because when one wants something badly enough, they will find a way around laws, regulations and bans.

What has happened to safety in today’s society? No place is safe anymore and neither is anyone. People break into our homes, our cars. At work, disgruntled workers shoot up offices, cubicles and co-workers. Here in DC, a man shot and killed his baby’s mother as she boarded a metrobus…holding the baby in her arms, then he fled to Long Island and committed suicide. Maybe he was following the example of that NFL player in Kansas City who had killed his baby’s mother and himself not a week earlier. In Oregon, a man shot up the mall. In Aurora, Colorado the movie theater was the scene of a massacre. Colleges and high schools (Virginia Tech and Columbine come to mind first) have been turned from institutes of learning into graveyards for so many. And now we have Sandy Hook Elementary.

But when you think about it, death of children is nothing new…parents kill their babies more often than we care to talk about. Susan Smith, the mom in Houston who suffered from post-partum depression, the black chick Oprah interviewed from prison. And tales of fathers who beat and shake the babies to death just so they will shut up, the parents who get high and hallucinogenic and put babies in ovens. And while I think it is incomprehensible for a parent to do such a thing to their own child, who does nothing but trust and love them simply because….I can make it more comprehensible by saying that the Higher Power saw things so terrible for them down the road with these parents, the babies were called home. Yet, I cannot wrap my head around the Sandy Hook tragedy or the people who perform these heinous acts.

You know, I never thought I would agree with Morgan Freeman (I wrote that man off long ago when he left his wife to date/live with the woman 50 years his junior and who was his granddaughter but not his blood relative granddaughter…you gotta google the story) or whoever made the statements regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy, but this person and I agree that these sick, twisted bastards do these spree killings in a twofold effort to end it all and to do so in a blaze of infamous glory. I say they are sad losers whose own mother would not miss them if they simply offed themselves, but in an effort to be remembered and have their names on everyone’s lips…they choose the most violently spectacular way t go that unfortunately includes taking innocent people with them. These killers take lives and leave behind shame, blame, guilt and questions for their families, the victims’ families, the public…everyone but themselves. Because those cowardly assholes choose to either kill themselves or get caught and the state locks them up and medicates them to “keep them calm”.

And for those who want to blame it on mental illness, autism (come ON!), video games, society, etc. All I have to say is keep mental illness and autism out of it…the fact that at least two of these men knew enough to wear a bulletproof vest, use the element of surprise and target pretty easy pickings…your mental illness/insanity goes out the window, in my opinion. What bothers me the most about Sandy Hook is that these were innocent children, 10 days before Christmas. You did not know these children, they did nothing to you…but I am willing to wager this dude wanted to be bigger than the Dark Knight Rises killer (I refuse to mention these sick people’s names) and how to top shooting up a theater full of people? Why, shoot up an elementary school! Filled with innocent children and teachers, less than 2 weeks before Christmas. That’s how.

I cannot wrap my brain around things that do not make sense…and the lack of outrage at these senseless killings is yet another piece of this twisted puzzle that makes no sense to me. Americans (not all of us but enough of us) wish to condemn and label Muslim extremists as sub-human, inhuman, inhumane and idiotic when they perform their suicide bombings, but at least they have a belief. We claim to be so strong, so tough, so right in our beliefs and practices, yet  too many people will blame society, the economy, mental illness, the parents, etc. trying to make it seem an American is somehow better than anyone else on earth. What is the deal with these American pieces of shit that choose to do these things just because? What separates us from them?  Is it the fact that these acts could have been done for the notoriety? Is it that they are scared to go alone? Did they just wake up one day and decide to kill themselves and whoever else they could find  or are they really mentally ill? And can the mentally ill really plan such attacks? I don’t know.

I blogged once before we have seen the enemy and it is us. These acts are no less than terrorism…friendly fire terrorism. Think of the families ripped apart by senseless, tragic violence this year…and these are only the stories we have heard/read about. How many more empty little beds are there in America tonight? How many more orphans are there? How many brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles and friends are being mourned and missed?

How do we stop it?


2 thoughts on “The Op/Ed Post

  1. I need to say something, write something do something. Can I please use your blog to do that? Since this has happened, I have so many questions, so may thoughts – the first being why? Ok that will probably never be answered… next what can I do? I have wanted to share my thoughts on fb – but I don’t know what to say. I saw a picture that was a collage of some of the children who were MURDERED and I wanted to share the photo, but didn’t want to exploit (not sure if that is the right word) their memory or make it a cliche by saying “let us never forget these faces”. I want to do something but what, send a card, send money…..who do I send it to, what do I say? I have seen some nasty comments on some of the memorial fb pages. One being, something like, these people have medium income of $100,000 why do they need help with funeral expenses and why don’t they have life insurance? Really idiot, it isn’t whether or not these people can afford a funeral it is the fact that they shouldn’t be planning a funeral at all! People want to help out with the “burden” of the funeral, because that is what they feel they can do to help. Some ask why the shooter’s mother had guns. Who cares!?! She has the right to have guns. There are reports that the killer went to get a gun on his own, in this day and age it is easy to get a gun. The problem isn’t the gun it is the whack job that uses the gun. What can we do about it? We need to KNOW our neighbors, their kids, their pets – whatever. Friend people who don’t have friends, let them know we are there for them. Teach our children that life is valuable, being nice is a must and to do the right thing. Bring love back into the school, allow hugs, allow celebrations of different religions to be taught. Most religions teach to be respectful of other’s beliefs even if they aren’t your own. You don’t have to participate, but you can respect it. Back to what can I do to help……I don’t know, but my stomach has been upset since Friday and I have she’d more than a few tears :(. I see children I”know” in those faces. I wish I could help those who were left behind. I can’t even begin to fathom what they are going through, what they will have to go through. I have read reports that they will not use that school ever again – in my opinion they shouldn’t it has been stained in more ways than one. I also feel so bad for the medical staff and law inforcement who have to be haunted by what they witnessed……
    The two things I can’t get out of my mind is how scared and confused those children had to be (all ages 6 or 7) and when the parents found out it was their child that wasn’t coming home 😦
    Another question on my mind – would I have been brave enough, strong enough to face the shooter like the principal , staff and teachers did. Would I have been able to protect and hide the children like so many of the teachers did? I really hope so. What about tge other adults who stayed behind and hid under tables? Do they feel guilty? I’m not judging them – I feel everything happens for a reason and god or whoever/whatever you believe in may have had a different plan – it wasn’t their time to go.

    What about the little girl who pretended to be dead and then ran out covered in her classmates blood? Her mother feeling guilty that her child survived even though she was beyond relieved

    The weird thing about this massacre – so many things reported have been wrong!! The name of the killer, the mother working at the school, that there were two gunman, a friend and girlfriend were missing…….I have never seen a story change so much in such a short time, has social medial gotten so out of control that it has become a source of irresponsible reporting of events?

    My last thought – the lack of pictures of the killer, just strange – a 2008 yearbook picture really!?!

    Ok thanks for letting me spew my thoughts – I needed a forum.

    • You are always more than welcome to vent here, Bambi. I feel you so much because I have the same questions. I feel the panic and fear and I wonder would I have been smart enough and quick enough to do as the teachers did to save as many lives as they did?
      I wonder what I would do if that had been MY child who was killed? What do I say, how do I react if it were my child who survived?
      I do have a link to donate to the Sandy Hook fund…a reputable site (United Way of Northern Connecticut) and the link is below.
      All I can suggest Bambi is to send up prayers and positive thoughts to those affected, donate if you can and if you have children…raise yours right, love them, appreciate them and keep the faith others are doing the same.

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