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Life has been up and down lately, readers. I had a “date” with a dude who was hotter than balls! Seriously, he was HOT, hung and handsome and while I am not one to go for the looks/body (seriously, ask my panel about my choices in men)…I saw what people talk about when they say there is nothing like a fit, toned body. I was leery about this dude for a lot of reasons but the one thing that stood out was he said he had never been with a bigger girl…pretty much I was a 3 for 1 deal for him. His sexual bucket list included a black woman, a BBW and an older woman…I filled all three slots and I have to say…that was an intense thirty minutes that left me happy in more ways than one.

Then I had a job interview (the folks with the four tests and 350 questions called me in) which while not a waste of time, was not what they offered or I expected. There was more paperwork, more testing and I took care to make sure I was dressed very professionally and even came to the interview early. Not on time, not five minutes late…early. And they had no admin jobs available and what they are offering, I don’t want to take…but I just do not think I am in a position to hold out, bargain or otherwise not accept what is on the table. I told UTA I have to start taking my own advice and accept it as a blessing in disguise…and hope that it is true about blessings growing.

So in between time and in the meantime, I have been reading more CL ads…and I KNOW the last post was filled with them, but then a brand new crop of crazy showed up and I had to post them. Seriously, if I just told someone this crap, not only would I be a liar, I would be a crazy liar. Again, enjoy them, (hopefully they format better this time) don’t take them too seriously and I will be back soon with a new post. Hopefully either something extraordinary happens (at this point, good or bad…I don’t care) or the Panel lets me post all about the insane drama going on with Him. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!

 Hear that knock on the door? It’s Chris Hansen and the To Catch a Predator crew….

Let me have fun with your cute daughter and I will spoil both of you! I am professional, clean, safe, and discreet. Please send pictures and tell me where you are located.

Here’s an idea…let me call the police about the potential rapist wanting me to answer his ad….                                                                                                                                                 condoms, lube, duct tape, and a blindfold…. any ideas about what we could do with these things? I have them here in a bag.

It’s all I want for Christmas……

I want you pale with eye liner, dyed hair, ridiculous piercings, wearing fishnet stockings. I want you to do everything I tell you. I want to twist your arm while I’m inside of you. I want you to leave with bruises and a smile. I want you to get dressed up nice and pretty, and take your time on your make-up, just so I can rip your clothes off and fuck you until the tears, the spit, and semen have ruined your make up. Then when you’re lying there tied to the bed with duct tape over your mouth and cum on your face…when there’s nothing you can do or say, I’ll pat you on the head and tell you what good a girl you are.

 Hmmmm…not that thirsty, thanks.

I am looking for a woman who is into receiving golden showers, drinking piss from my cock preferred.

Oh, yeah….I am going to willingly sign up for this crap….

i want to want you every minute of every day. hopefully, you’ll make me talk about leaving my wife, but i wont. i’ll agonize about it though. i’ll spend most of my free time thinking about you, looking at your pictures, and chatting with you, when i’m not with you. i’ll secretly text you, when i’m at dinner with her, call you when she’s in the bathroom. i’ll meet you for awesome sex, and despair about having to go home for dinner. i’ll whisper to you about how much sexier you are than her, how i wish i was free to be with you all the time. we’ll fight, about who loves each other more, and why we can’t just be happy together. there’ll be drama, for sure. we’ll both end up broken hearted, and mope about it for months, probably. want to?

All I posted was the first line…after I read that, I was laughing too hard to read anymore….

I came to Craigslist for the respect and discretion.

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