Utter Randomness

Hello, everyone….I hope all had a wonderful Turkey Day and gobbled til you wobbled. This post is going to be all over the place and at times may not make sense as I am battling yet another cold. I feel listless, lethargic and have horrible congestion….my body is mass producing mucus, which is not pretty. So today’s post is completely random (hence the title) as I will be telling about my holiday, the utter stupidity of online men, observations and even an update or two on a few Panel members.

But before I get into any of that, I have a favor to ask….UTA has been nominated for Expat Blog of the Year (or something to that effect…all I know for certain is her blog is nominated to win something) and she needs votes and complimentary comments. All you have to do is click the link here: http://www.expatsblog.com/blogs/1294/under-the-abaya, submit your vote and leave a comment. Even if you have never read her blog, saying something like “best blog ever” or “very readable and relatable” would help tons. It won’t take long, costs you nothing and you could be making UTA’s year should she win. So please, help us out and show her some love.

Okay, so I left out at midnight last Monday night to make the trip to my parents’ house…and I have come to the realization that while I do love a road trip, it absolutely must be in a big, roomy car (such as a Dodge Caravan), smoking must be permitted, chill music must be played and there can be no more than two other passengers. My personal top two picks would be UTA and Girlfriend….they are laid back enough so silences would be comfortable and wild/loose enough so that if a random adventure presented itself (especially in the form of a sexy guy) we would/could indulge in it. The bus is good, don’t get me wrong, but there are simply too many people riding it all day, every day. It took THREE buses at 4am to load up everyone in the line heading south, but I did end up with a seat to myself and we arrived almost an hour ahead of schedule.

The visit with my family was great and the actual holiday dinner was even better. I went grocery shopping with my dad and watched movies with my sisters. I spent quality time with my mommy (who did all the cooking for the first time in 9 years….the girl still got it, folks. That dinner was DEE-LISH) helping her with the prep work while watching home shopping. My biggest issue with my family is all the control issues flying about but this trip, we all set them aside and gave in. I accepted the fact that this was my parents’ house and my mother’s meal…I was just a helper and a guest of sorts. We treated each other the way we treat the others in our lives…with respect. We listened, we overlooked and took time outs when necessary. Oh, my baby sister and I had a biggest belly contest (yes, we were that bored) and somehow I won. Or lost…depends on how you look at it. I credit White Baby with the win and I can now say I have an award winning belly.

Two things marred my trip: on Thanksgiving Day I awoke to horrible, searing abdominal pain (yes, my pain made an appearance) and bleeding. I was actually scared because for the first time since the pain and I became acquainted, I really felt that something was wrong (not that there is anything right about random, searing and undiagnosed pain but I am used to it by now and know what it feels like…and this pain was different) but I put on my brave face, borrowed my mother’s cane and swallowed some Aleve…and the pain became tolerable and what I was used to. The next morning, it was coming in waves and by the time I left, I did not need the cane nor the Aleve. And my cycle…went away after three days. I need a doctor but the priority now is on finding some type of employment. (H&R Block is an option…it would be seasonal and I would probably work weekends, but they provide training and it would be income)

The second thing that happened on the holiday was I received an email from a Craigslist dude I had been with over a year ago. I actually blogged about the meeting with him because even though he was generous, he was incredibly rude and disrespectful saying he could not be seen in public with a big girl as he was too good looking and took too much pride in his appearance for that. So imagine my surprise that Mr. Perfectly Wonderful was emailing me…on Thanksgiving Day. I think I was more surprised he still had my email address, but it proves my theory about CL men correct: ongoing/recurring to them means they stumble across your email address months later and wonder if you are still available. So in any case, he says he hopes I remember him and he was lonely, horny, etc. and wondered if we could reconnect. I knew I should not have responded but the man did pay well and our time together was short, so I am thinking I could set up a quick 20 minute meeting once I returned home and add a nice amount to my bank account. I told him that I was more than open to the previous arrangement but there would be no cyber or phone…and that is when the lid on his crazy blew off. He came back saying I was such a bitch because I had not been fucked in decades, my pussy stank and I needed to use vinegar (not sure where he got that from…not only is it untrue, I was only topless with him and he was fully clothed the entire time), he would pay me $200 but wanted all three holes at his disposal and I knew I loved the attention and being degraded and humiliated. I simply stopped talking because he was on some strange new shit I had no idea what to do with.

Also on my holiday vacation, I spoke with Panel members….Chef, who called me constantly….he gets lonely during the holidays; Cuz who said he missed me and even though we talk on the phone all the time, it was different knowing I was at least two states away. Morning Person who kept saying I needed an emergency room and New Mommy who was dealing with a sick K-Bugg. And I talked with Oscar who was admitted to the hospital the day before Thanksgiving due to complications with the pregnancy. It was scary for a few minutes but mother and baby are better and Oscar was sent home that Saturday.

I think I covered everything, so now that we are all caught up I can go drink some Theraflu and climb back in bed to get some more rest. I will be back sooner versus later with new posts and please…don’t forget to vote for UTA. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!




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