Childhood is Calling

I want things to be simple again.

I want to go back to a time when mommy woke you up for school and lunch was packed in a metal lunchbox with matching thermos that had your favorite cartoon or toy character on it. When getting your hair done meant sitting in the kitchen on a Saturday while mama took the straightening comb that had to sit on a lit burner on the stove and took care of your kitchen and got them edges and you had to hold your ear all the while  making the psst sound as the heat grazed your skin. Does anyone else remember Saturday mornings having actual cartoons? From like 7am until noon…cartoons that actually entertained without tons of action and violence…followed by American Bandstand and Soul Train.

I want to go back to when homework did not involve reading an entire textbook and 100 math questions….and algebra was a high school subject. When collecting different leaves for science class was considered hard work and kids had to look things up by actually reading them and using the library for books and research was the norm. I remember not being allowed out on a Saturday until my room was clean and chores were done. I remember when the microwave was cutting edge technology and all the meals were home cooked…kids actually having to help set the table for a family dinner and wash dishes afterwards.

Does anyone else remember jumping rope in the middle of the street or riding your bike all day…the wind in your face and you going so fast you felt as if you were flying?  Hanging with your girlfriends at the basketball court while you watched the boys play, walking to the park and swinging so high you felt as if you could touch the sky? Or spending  rainy days sitting indoors reading Nancy Drew books, playing with paper dolls and staying up late on weekends to catch Friday Night Videos and Creature Feature? Eating now&laters until your tongue and teeth were green (or red or purple) and mama yelling because the taffy would pull your fillings out? When going house to house on Halloween was actually safe and you got to keep all your candy?

Fights on the school playground both began and ended there…you were not allowed back into the classroom until the difference was settled. There were no metal detectors and no fear of your classmates as the class bully was no match for his mama and her belt. And it was actually legal to discipline your child for backmouthing you or cutting up in school. Neighbors knew each other and families got together for birthday parties and cookouts, not just for funerals. You were safe and loved and fish sticks with tater tots always put a smile on your face. A time when there were no worries, no rent or mortgage to pay, no marriages to try to hold together, no broken hearts (that would come soon enough though)  or processes. The only things you were responsible for were the family pet, taking out the trash, keeping your room clean and getting good grades. Working and cooking and paying bills was what grown-ups did.

Somehow, somewhere along the line…I became an adult, and a somewhat responsible one (and ALL that entails) at that.  When did it happen, and how do I make it stop?


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