The Substitution Post

This post is not even supposed to be here. I am still working on the football post (it will be the next post) but had written another post, clearing things off my chest, which I wanted to post. It is an open letter to him…it is truth, speculation, facts and opinions laid out in a no-nonsense manner. I spilled all with no sugar coating, no hand holding and I have to admit that is tinged with frustration, anger and gloating. However,  Morning Person, Artsy-Craftsy and Oscar have all voiced concerns, constructive criticisms (it is too open, what if him reads it, what if friends of him read it, what if it backfires and innocent people get caught in the crossfire?) ….since these things are so rare from them when it comes to any of my posts, I decided to postpone the missive until Cuz renders his decision on it. While we can say Morning Person is cautious, Artsy Craftsy is too nice and Oscar is just worried about potential fallout…if Cuz says the missive is a little too much, too soon…I may have to shelve it for awhile. Besides, I promised to give certain members time to wrap their heads around it. We’ll see…I really want to post it and we all know how I am when I get a bug up my ass.

Before I begin getting any further into this posting, I want to send condolences and prayers out to UTA who has recently lost her grandmother. This is not an easy time for my dear friend who snuck into my heart from 8,000 miles away and I just want her to know I am here for her…anytime and always. {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}, sweetheart.

So, I am planning lots of things in preparation for the launching of the Bitchamist Project: I am all set for my beginner yoga classes…I have the mat, the leggings, loose (but not too loose) tee shirts (my faves are the Grey’s Anatomy quotes and the Barbie Wants to be Me shirts). I don’t have the pedicure yet, so I better stock up on white cotton socks. (Where is AFO when you need him?) My cold is finally clearing up so I plan to register for classes over the weekend…fingers crossed I will be a beginner yoga student within a week or so.

Since it is evident I will need to get out into the real world to meet someone (online is not even delivering what I am using it for), I have bought into three Living Social coupons that encourage social outings. The first one is to a Dead Man Walking tour at/of the Crime and Punishment Museum…I did not want to go alone but Girlfriend was unavailable to join me. While I think I may stand out and it may get awkward being a single woman (in her 40s) doing this, I think it will be educational and entertaining. Not that I have expectations of being swept off my feet, because I am recognizing I am doing this for me…it is time to get out, about and somewhat active. And you are as young as you feel…and more and more I am feeling like a 16 year old teenager. The second coupon is for an Election Night viewing party…I will probably be surrounded by college seniors who are majoring in political science but who cares? There are food specials and again, I will be out and about…probably little chance of conversation(s) but hopefully it will be exciting. After all, DC is a political town. My last coupon is for a walking tour of Abraham Lincoln’s Cottage…that will be educational and exercise. The coupon is good for two people so maybe my Sis-Sis or my Neighbor will be interested in being my +1.

I have Oscar’s baby shower present already picked out….I think it is totally amazing and New Mommy agrees. It is creative, practical and she thinks it will be perfect. Also thinking about throwing a little something extra in there just for Oscar. We’ll see, but everyone knows I am a softie. She’ll get it. And remember earlier when I stated I feel like a 16 year old teenager? Well, I meant that in more ways than one…once again, I am late with my cycle. Remember, last month I was with AFO for a week…again, it was unprotected. I said before and I am saying it again…the man brings out the stupid in me. Chef says if I keep messing around with the man, he will bring a baby out of me. I swear, this is an EXACT repeat performance: arguments, unprotected sex (which was surprisingly incredible in both quality and quantity), being ignored/forgotten and once again…a late cycle. Oscar wants to know WHAT is in that man’s sperm that delays periods? I have no idea, but the last time was the last time. I am neither hurt nor angry…really, not even disappointed. He showed me who he was and now I see. So effective immediately, Artsy Craftsy and Girlfriend are assigned to the AFO Project: when the man returns (and he will return), they are to sit on me if they have to. They can kick my ass, curse me out and be brutally truthful with me when it comes to this. I am dead serious about not doing this anymore. I am turning into the stupid, slutty chick and that cannot happen.

So now I am done with the idle chatter…time for a shower and to do some more work on the football post. (I don’t know a lot about the sport and research is boring) Tomorrow is laundry and grocery shopping followed by closet cleaning over the weekend. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!



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