To-Do List

My abdominal pain has returned…and it is as horrible as I remember it. (I am still in disbelief that Tiger actually asked me: what pain?) It has been almost a year since I last felt it or needed my cane and I am a little surprised it is back. Life has not been overly stressful, and I am thinking I am more emotionally well balanced than I have been in a very, very long time. But perhaps it is my diet…I have been indulging in lots of steak & cheeses and French fries lately and the Pepsis? All the time, people…all the time. I have got to get back in the swing of things with the healthier eating/drinking habits.

So in addition to over the counter cocktails every 3 hours (ibuprofen and extra-strength Tylenol),  I am suspending “dates” (the cane really is not sexy), taking it easy (really, how much easier can an unemployed person take/make  things?), and writing out a to-do list. It isn’t much and probably not even newsworthy, but I am the type, if I don’t write it out, I will forget…and Lord knows, I have nothing but time right now.

Catch a movie: There is one that is on my must-see list…the other three are ones I want to see, but not going out of my way to make it happen. My must see is Celeste and Jesse Forever. I plan to grab some yummy pasta and salad for lunch, then catch the movie. I think I will see it alone….company would be great, and it could be the perfect date night movie for Girlfriend and I, but I want to see it sooner than later. (Girlfriend has the craziest schedule) If I snag a movie date from CL (assuming they actually show up), I would want to discuss the movie afterwards and we all know CL men:  if sex is not involved…gone faster than a speeding bullet. So maybe next week if my pain subsides, I will treat myself to it. The other movies on my radar are Killer Joe (it looks deliciously twisted), The Campaign and The Bourne Legacy.

Girlfriend: I need to call/write my favorite chick. I have not spoken with her since her grandmother passed and I feel badly about that. It is not because I am a bad or uncaring person I have not spoken to her (although it may appear that way)…I simply never know what to say or do in such situations. I did offer condolences and prayers to her via Facebook but really? A senior member of my Panel who knows just about every secret is only worthy of an FB comment? I was advised to simply talk to her…she probably wants/needs distractions and while mine do not involve alcohol, betting she cannot get the sort of entertainment I can offer anywhere else.  Girlfriend needs to be caught up on the him drama, the white baby scare and I really want to ask her if Marines return the favor (so far, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force don’t) and is that part of why she likes them so much.

Cook: I have hundreds of dollars worth of food in my fridge and freezer and I need to start eating it. I really am a decent cook and the grilled steaks were yummy but I found them a bit dry the next day when I re-heated them. Unsure if it was the microwave or I kept them on the grill too long. Also, I baked some boneless pork steaks (they are like huge, meaty ribs) and covered them in BBQ sauce and prepared hash brown potatoes and collard greens  to go with them…Cuz and my Neighbor joined me for that meal. Cuz claimed he was coming over anyway to check on me…it just so happened it was the day I had barbecued meat and fresh greens hot on the stove. So yes… cooking more will be a fixture on my to-do lists in the future. Why spend money on food when I have so much of it and I have my food being tastier (lots) and healthier (somewhat). By the way, I have somehow come into possession of an eggplant…no idea what to do with it so any advice/suggestions are appreciated along with info on how it tastes.

Read more: Seeing as how I pretty much had the entire summer off from work (I worked a total of 10 days since May) and I have moved on even further from the Him fiasco and subsequent drama, I needed something to occupy my time. AFO took up all of 10 days (4 days with him and 6 days of analysis), and there is only so much daytime TV one can watch. I chose to start reading again and had forgotten how much I missed my murder mysteries and true crime stories. I enjoy a range of authors including Erica Spindler, Harlan Coben, Jonathan Kellerman, Lisa Scottoline, Sue Grafton and a host of others. In my internet travels, I have come across a blog. You guys know I am pretty open-minded when it comes to people, places and things..I feel one has to be. It is amazing for/to me to learn different things, hear contrasting opinions and learn new things. This blog (written by/about a Canadian female married to a Saudi man who are  pretty much political prisoners in the KSA)  is interesting and sometimes reads like an international spy thriller and at other times it comes across jumbled and convoluted, but the frustration, bewilderment and other emotions come across loud and clear. If you may be interested in reading, you can check it out here:

Visiting: Depends on how well the OTC cocktails are at holding back the pain, I need to make a couple of visits. First visit would be to see my Baby Mama. This woman has been my friend/sister/confidant for over 20 years, her daughter is my goddaughter (she is absolutely gorgeous and brilliant), her family is my family and vice versa. Our communications and visitations have been sporadic for awhile but you know what people say about real friends picking up where they left off and the comfortable silences? I have that with her…we can each ask the other one question, and we are off to the races and all caught up in no time at all. We can watch an afternoon’s worth of TV in total silence and it does not bother us. I love her completely and unconditionally and I wish all the trials and bad things life has thrown at her could somehow reverse themselves but this woman…she has never fallen down or given up. She is one of the rare people in this world who can accept Higher Power’s will and guidance in their life…and I am SO going to visit her, and do so on a regular basis. I am going to take her hair (although she has beautiful mane naturally) and we will eat and talk and laugh. We will enjoy our friendship fully and completely, like we used to.  The second visit is to Mini-Me who is recovering from surgery…nothing major but still…one visits friends, the sick and sick friends.

And since it has taken me forever to finish what is probably the most boring blog post in the history of blog posts, there are a couple of updates/revisions: I have talked with Girlfriend (we are still in love and missing each other so much…and my groupons and movies suggestion is just fine with her); I went on a hellified shopping spree and got the most delicious red suede boots in addition to a ton of other stuff and I am going to attempt a “date” ..pain, cane and all. Should be interesting.

As always, thanks for stopping past and reading (I promise to try to write sooner than later, hopefully about something interesting, funny and/or dramatic), and as usual….enjoy your day!


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