Nothing Much

It has been awhile since I have written…and still I really do not have anything to say but I do want folks to know I am alive and well. Life has been routine over here  for the most part and while it is a little boring, it is a good thing.

I had written a draft post  about a week ago when I was all discombobulated and secretly hating people, but no sooner had I written two paragraphs… things resolved themselves. I was pissed at Chef (I needed wakeup calls when I was working an assignment and he said I was grown and no longer in need of help) but we kissed and made up right after he called to make sure I was awake the very next morning. I was in a funk because the assignment was a two day one but it extended to ten and I have at least two callbacks for ten days each with the company, so something is in the works. I am in a slight uproar over non-smokers and their invasions of personal space and privacy but that will be its own blog post once they rile me up real good again….so yet another post I am eventually going to write. (I still have to talk about Meredith Grey)

No word from the Air Force Officer (no surprise) and it is at the point I am like…who? The dates are still coming and going in waves and I have come to the conclusion that 40% of the men who respond simply are looking for some type of attention and an email exchange provides that for them. I need to set up a paypal account and for every email they send, they will have to pay. I have determined that military men not deployed overseas are lazy with little initiative, horrible/selfish lovers and are pretty much anti-social, have stalkerish tendencies and a few are serial killer crazy. Strictly my opinion based on my experiences.  Him….he is moving to the background more and more each day. Yes, I still think about him at times but pretty much the thoughts are the man is a stupid idiot and his wife is a delusional whore. Again, just my opinion.

My birthday came and went with little fanfare….I went to the grocery store with Busy Bee and Morning Person and ended up having a “date” in the evening. Nothing much and very low-key and I totally enjoyed it. I got lots of FB wishes and I told folks I am now 29 ½. I have gotten back into watching the Maury show and I swear… someone, someday is going to shoot the man. Right on the show. Cooking is back on the agenda…I did a great meal featuring grilled steaks the other night and have made a yummy fruit salad that I a snacking on here and there. A BBQ pulled pork is on the menu later in the week.

 The Panel is doing okay…everyone is being quiet and living their lives. New Mommy is amazed that K-Bugg is now 18 months old, Artsy-Craftsy, Quiet One and Chef are working and Oscar is not happy being pregnant except for the baby craving spicy foods. Cuz is actively searching for a girlfriend, Buddy has broken it off with Boo for real this time and UTA is still on vacation. I am not speaking to Sister Someone or Brother Everything…I cannot deal with their delusion and drama but I did have a dream that they both were smoking crack. Girlfriend lost her grandmother and Morning Person’s brother passed away. They are as okay as one would expect after losing loved ones and their strength and class in the face of such loss is certainly an inspiration.

And this is what has been happening…not a lot of anything at all. I plan to get a mani/pedi one day this week and maybe catch a couple of movies. I still want to go to the American History Museum to see the Thomas Jefferson exhibit, and of course I am still job searching. So this is how life has been in a nutshell and I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts because I already know it is the calm before the storm. The only question is: which storm is coming?

As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual……enjoy your day!


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