I remember holding hands…in the truck, in bed, while making love.

I remember sunshine

I remember dancing in the reception area and on the dance floor

I remember laughing until tears fell and I could not catch my breath

I remember smiling because he said I was pretty

I remember how happy he made me

I remember how angry he made me

I remember having had enough but wanting more…kisses, passion, arguments, caring

I remember him being worth it

I remember being satiated, floating and drowning at the same time and unable to stop myself from falling

I remember crying and the physical pain of heartbreak

I remember butterflies

I remember running my hands through his hair

I remember him sleeping in my arms

I remember teasing and being teased

I remember telling him he was all I needed

I remember feeling sexy…just because

I remember not wanting him to leave

I remember being doubted when I told the truth but believed when I lied

I remember hope

I remember being in love

I remember wanting him to be the one

I have memories that make me smile, make me sad and make me shake my head

I remember all of the men who ever gave me any of the above



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