The crazy is still going on…frankly, I think it has just started and will only get worse…but today is not a day for crazy. Today, I am striving for normalcy and would enjoy some company. Join me, won’t you? Today, I am being a Domestic Diva…folding/putting away laundry, cooking dinner (meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas), renewing my driver’s license, running up to the post office and maybe stopping off at the nail salon. Normal, everyday stuff while I listen to my new favorite music find. I like to call it a Zen/House Dub fusion and so far this morning, it has helped me keep calm and stay in a good frame of mind.

So I have been telling you guys that Oscar has HUGE news…and yes, I have her permission this time to tell it. Actually, she is a little pouty I have NOT told the news yet, but I had to wrap my head around it first, then I got sidetracked with the Air Force Officer and then we got bombarded with Crazyfest. Our resident wild child is PREGNANT…for real this time. The first reports turned out to be not only in haste but also false. It wasn’t planned but that doesn’t matter…the child is already loved and wanted more than anything. I have named her Kayla (we do not know the baby’s sex yet but I have a thing for baby girls and apparently girl’s names that start with the letter K. Remember I named K-Bugg Katelyn.) but will call her Pumpkin. Whatever it is, whatever Oscar names it…it will always be Pumpkin…well, my Pumpkin anyway.

It has taken me a minute to get to this place…I lovelovelove Oscar. She is my baby sister, the daughter I have managed to avoid having, my best friend, my understanding, my BFF and my soul mate. I know what she does not tell anyone else, can grasp why she does what she does. When she first told me the news, I had to hold my tongue. I was stunned and all kinds of scenarios and thoughts were running through my head, none of which I could tell her because when it comes to this topic/issue, there are no options or alternatives for Oscar. She will be having and keeping her baby. But I thought of how hard it is for her right now with only one child, the stalling and setbacks both professionally and personally, how prone she is to both emotional and mental mood swings and I wondered what the HELL are we going to do??  And I knew until I could see what Oscar saw, I had to shut the fuck up because no one is in a position to judge or pass judgment; no one wants or needs to be preached to (and I would have PREACHED like pastor on Sunday morning). Oscar needed a friend and advice on how to proceed with her decision, not to be told how to live her life. New Panel motto: if you can’t help, don’t hurt.

New Mommy and Bell Pepper helped me to realize that this really is a blessing…all babies are. Of course we all want ideal circumstances and the perfect time for such things but if we wait for those things…it will never happen. NO ONE is ever ready for a baby and while material things are great and necessary…you need love to raise a baby. Unconditional love and Oscar has that in abundance. You need a support system and Oscar has that in the Panel, her family and her social circle. And one thing I think is GREAT is that Oscar and Chef (of all people) have formed an incredible bond, and Chef is filled with care, worry and concern for her and the baby. So I am starting to get really excited….a baby is a new beginning. So many firsts….first smile, first word, first smile, first laugh…and all the innumerable first things babies do. Pumpkin is due in late winter….maybe he/she will share birthday parties with KBugg and how excited will KBugg be to have a new playmate she can boss and bully around, although I will justify that by saying KBugg will simply be asserting herself. Baby Oscar will be a big brother (finally) and can be Mommy’s Little Helper.

Yes, life will be a bit more difficult but Higher Power helps us handle what we are given…and the rewards will be so worth it. So Oscar, I am doing more than accepting/respecting your decision. I am rejoicing in your happiness with you and will be there every step of the way with the pregnancy and beyond. You were right all along….there was never anything but good in this situation. I kept focusing on the causes and possible/potential effects….not what was born (no pun intended) from them. Congratulations, Mommy!!

Okay, I am going to wrap this post up so I can get some chores done, errands run (Oscar won’t mind since one of my mailings is to her) and enjoy a day of what hopefully will be peace and normalcy. And now… my phone is ringing….it’s Brother Everything. I refuse to answer it right now…I am filled with peace, happiness and new baby love.

I will be back soon…as always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!


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