Crazy. Stupid. Love?

This is the Sister Someone update post. I have changed the title of this post three times…my favorite title was Popping Pills, Bursting Bubbles except I would not be bursting any bubbles. This crap is real and happening and Sister Someone is hearing no one. I just would have been popping pills while I recap this mess. Let’s see…I have my motrin, my cigarettes, some chocolate and the Pepsis will be arriving shortly along with buffalo wings and potato wedges. I guess I’m ready…so buckle up, readers. It is going to be a convoluted roller coaster of a read.

There is a reason I have not done an update on our infamous Dynamic Duo…actually LOTS of reasons including they have been quiet and things seem to be settled somewhat over there in their corner of the world. But the biggest reason is what does come bursting out of their gates is so incredibly, completely off the wall, we just do not deal with it. Perfect example was the time Brother Everything claimed he could not/would not be getting paid from his new assignment because his bank account was closed due to inactivity. He claims he got no mailing, no notice…he was just lucky he thought to double check with the bank…and here is the part that had us just giving up. He says he got the account opened back up with the exact same account number. NONE of us had ever heard of that happening so if you can confirm his story, that would be a huge help. The assignment itself is also in question…too many things are simply not adding up but that is neither here nor there. We aren’t losing sleep whether the man is working or not.

Of course we have been hearing tidbits: Sister Someone is still crazier than hell, the kid is cutting up BIG TIME with his disobedience and defiance in and outside the home, the house is still a wreck and a half, Brother Everything is at the breaking point and he cannot take it anymore. When his daughters came to visit , he asked SS to take a picture of him and his children. Sister Someone refused stating until THEIR son was also in the picture, it would not be taken. Then came the email about the May 18th, 2013 wedding date and how he needs to start saving his dollars. Then came his email about his Plan B (still in the planning and plotting stages) and NO WAY was he getting caught up in this crazy, delusional crap. Then came the phone call that raised my hackles: Brother Everything bought a ring (2.6 carats according to Sister Someone), proposed to her over breakfast in bed and insisted they get married as soon as possible as he did not want her changing her mind. The woman was dazed, confused and unsure what to do….and the conversation with Brother Everything, while brief and terse, confirmed the entire story.

All was quiet for two days and then we finally managed to back Brother Everything into a corner and demanded he spill it, and he did. Since he has moved back in with her, she has been talking about how she is in this for the long haulnot long term. Does anyone other than myself see the difference in her terminology? She is not waiting to see where they are come the holidays…she is thinking 20 years down the road. She wants her family intact and apparently Brother Everything does also…why else would he return? Hmmm…not even going to get into the fact she browbeat him every day he was gone, begging him to return. Not going to get into if the Ex (and she is back in the picture now) had never thrown him out, he would STILL not be there. Sister Someone dropped hints here and there from Day 1 about a ring as she wanted to be engaged by July 4th. But since Brother Everything either had excuses or ignored her baiting altogether, Sister Someone decided she had to MAKE things happen. She bought the ring herself, gave it to Brother Everything and told him when, where and how to propose.

The woman proposed to herself.  Did you hear me? The. Woman. Proposed. To . Herself. Brother Everything did not go to jeweler’s and pick out the perfect ring. She bought the ring herself at Sam’s Club while picking up some stuff for dinner and some summer shirts for her son. There was no breakfast in bed…she came downstairs to “do the dishes” and Brother Everything was on one knee in the middle of the kitchen (as instructed) with the open ring box. There was no asking her father for permission…her family did not know about the engagement for two days and now they are not speaking to her because they feel it is a mistake and she says they are jealous haters. She is wanting to change her wedding date to sometime this year because she feels the longer the engagement, the more time Brother Everything has to escape. Her very words. The levels of denial and delusion have me worried as hell…these are professional help levels of delusion and denial. This is the level of dysfunction that have people making national headlines. And as for Brother Everything…I talk all the time about one person being in love and the other person playing along, but this goes so far beyond that.

His inactions, his playing along….this is playing with her emotions on an entirely different level and if it is not evident by now….Sister Someone’s emotions are quite deeply rooted and very much in place. Claiming you have a Plan B in place (I think the Ex is involved in this as he says they have been meeting and having lunches at least twice a week) and will be gone by Christmas is incredibly wrong and has crossed lines he does not even know exist. If he leaves her at this point in time (or anytime afterwards), I can see her stalking the streets of the DMV in her white wedding gown, train trailing behind her while she pushes her veil out of her eyes. Her gun would be hidden in the bouquet of roses she still clutches and she would be dragging her son behind her. There will be no place for this man to hide and if she has to, she will be dragging his rotting corpse up the aisle. Here is my thing: BE A MAN! TELL HER this is not what you want, at least not now. If she puts you out, let her. (Sure sign there is no Plan Anything and no place for him to go) But, we ALL know she won’t….the woman holds too much love for him and her dream of a family has too strong a grip on her….she will take a half a family versus none at all. She will not give up having him in her home and bed and going bowling, to the movies, sitting together for her son’s plays and sports events and hanging out with other couples to go back to being a single mom with no man in her life. Do NOT play with her and her emotions. PLEASE don’t.

But this what the Panel and I think will happen…he will lead her on, go along with her plans until the next to the last minute and then…he’s gone again with no word, no apology and no explanation…and she will be beyond broken. Yeah, she is doing  most of the damage to herself, BUT Brother Everything is helping her. The whole thing is crazy. It’s stupid. But is it love? I mean, does Sister Someone love him and in love with him or is she in love with the thought of family and he fits her ideal of a perfect family man? They have known each other 18 months but have only been “together” (if you can call it that) for maybe 5 months and then not even 5 consecutive months. They met in December of 2010….he was another woman’s man until October 2011, when he first moved in. He left right after Christmas 2011 and stayed gone until April 2012..when everything that drove him away the first time seemed to no longer matter. Now, three months later, he is agreeing to put her ring on her finger and everything that drove him away the first time is suddenly a huge thorn in his side again.

What about Brother Everything? Does he love her, or is he as Morning Person says, a user of the worst kind who will ride this train until it switches tracks? Is his playing along all part of his Plan B (and a chance to reap more financial benefits) or does he on some level truly care and wants to try and make it work? What do you readers think? All I know is, I cannot even believe I was jealous over this….seriously, I will put up with learning from mistakes and dealing with doors being closed because the right one still has not come along before I give in to denial, delusions and start forcing issues to achieve the ending I want when I want it. I have NO words for this latest turn of events and I hope against hope Tiger or someone comes up with some words of advice or a plan of action to spare feelings and prevent bloodshed.

So since the rest of this post (congrats for making it this far!!) would be speculations and questions, I am going to end it. I need to plan some dinner menus (leaning towards fried shrimp and potatoes or baked spaghetti), get some laundry together and get ready for Big Brother…I have to know what the hell went down that Willie is gone from the house! I want to do some movies, museums and grocery shopping this week so I need to see what the budget looks like with that (not too good at first glance) and I probably need a nap. But first, I need to re-visit a CL ad of a “dominant” man who is wearing women’s panties…I just want to make sure I read it right.

I will be back soon with Oscar’s big news, so be on the lookout for that. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual….enjoy your day!



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