Brain Farts

The Conversation that Never Happened is over and done…no casualties. The letters are written and for a little while, peace and calm rule the day. Well, they are trying to …I am choosing to ignore the kicking and screaming in the background (NOT getting into that right now) and there’s the  group of deaf folk hanging outside on a dismal afternoon. They tend to forget that not everyone is deaf and the audible accompaniment they use when signing to each other is reaching my ears loud and clear, and I am a half block away on the second floor, playing music. But the deaf folk are fine…simply sounds of the neighborhood on a chilly spring day.

So I am getting back in the swing of things life-wise and I am amazed at the abundance of random thoughts and questions filling my head and you guys know me…if it comes up, it comes out. Hopefully this post that will help to dispel all the drama and weightiness of my more recent posts and the drama to come.

Samuel L. Jackson: Say what you want…that man is sexy, funny and in my opinion, one of the best actors out there. Want me to see your new movie? Put Samuel in it and you are guaranteed to have my dollars. Which begs the question: When is this man coming out with a new movie? If I had a Celebrity Panel, he would be on it, along with Flavor Flav, Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock. And let’s throw in John Cusak for some more eye candy.

Sweet Potato Fries: I am all for fried foods….but I am not seeing the attraction here. Other than being colorful, why are people eating these things? To me, they taste weird and I cannot see any healthy benefits since they are fried….frying tends to negate any healthy aspects of a food. Maybe I need to try them again…after all, I finally swayed my stance on guacamole.

Disco Music: So I was up at 3am one morning watching an infomercial presented by Time Life and it was their Disco Collection….We Love the Nightlife and I found myself sitting up in bed dancing to Barry White, Donna Summer, Blondie, Leo Sayer, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Bee Gees. Am I the only one who feels that musical era is completely underrated? Seriously, if they weren’t asking a completely ridiculous amount of money, I would have bought it.

Black & White Movies: I was talking with Weekend Phone Friend and we got to talking about Gregory Peck of all things. I was watching a documentary on the actor and mentioned I have NEVER seen a Gregory Peck movie…ever, but the man seemed like an intense actor. Then Weekend Phone Friend got to talking about how great black & white movies are and how he wished the Golden Age of Hollywood would come back because back then, it was all about the acting. You did not need sex and violence and over the top antics to sell a movie…just good writing, good acting and an attention span. Then somehow, Robert Mitchum came up (apparently he was also an intense actor) and now I am going to watch To Kill a Mockingbird and The Night of the Hunter…apparently must see movies which showcase the best of the best for Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum. I’m excited and have popcorn.

Sensa: I’m fat. Not saying I am not okay with being that way, but I am. What makes me say this, other than it being true? I was sitting in front of my computer a little while ago and found myself adjusting my tummy…who adjusts their tummy to get more comfortable?? Seriously, who does that?  This chick, that’s who. And what struck me was just how freaking HEAVY the fat in my tummy felt…I honestly think if the fat were in a bag, I would have extreme difficulty lifting it…and seriously, If I cannot lift it, I have no business carrying it around. Trust me, this is more than being big boned and no, the height does not balance it out…completely. Which brings me to Sensa…I see the commercials, I watch the presentations on ShopNBC and I am thinking it may be a good idea. It will help curb my appetite without drugs, stimulants or fat blockers which will certainly help with portion control and it is easy as hell to use…just shake it on the food before I eat it. The cost is a bit prohibitive at the moment, but am considering their “free” trial offer….if it is as they say, I can swing shipping & handling for a 2 month supply.

New Job: The temp agencies are not coming through with anything, my applications for permanent jobs are not generating any sort of interest (apparently) and now I am looking at applying out of state, and right now I don’t want to. I am all for relocation but there are steps first…I do not want to start completely over living in a homeless shelter with no safety net or social circle.  I need money saved, a job lined up and an actual place to live. I want to have had scouted out the city beforehand to make sure it would be a long term fit. But for any of that to materialize I need steady, livable wage income. I need a job. I am thinking of changing my field but to what? I thought of the hospitality industry (hotels specifically) since all of the chains have locations everywhere, but no word back from Marriott. Then I thought maybe if I went into hospitality but not in an administrative capacity (say housekeeping) I could get in that way, but let’s be honest with that….no way. I have done it before and I am not quick enough at it nor do I have the patience for it. So for now, I am just going to stay strong and keep the faith that I am being prepared for both a dream job AND a dream man…if all else fails, I can always get into webcamming or if Sensa helps me lose enough weight, I can be a personal trainer. You know the kind that berates and humiliates all the while telling you to feel the burn and embrace the pain and I am helping you get your life back.

Suggested Reading: Being home all day makes me surf the internet more, and I have come across a blog that while is geared towards not only fitness, health and exercise AND upcoming nuptials, I find myself enjoying. It is such a change of pace from what I normally read (or am even interested in) and I credit the author’s easy going attitude and writing skills for that.  The name of the blog is Running Into A New Chapter and she offers recipes, exercise tips and photos! Check her out here: For those of you who need the drama and the no, she didn’t (I know I do),  you may want to check out this next blog. The author is brutally honest, in your face and funny…and I love her cause she is my kind of girl! The title  of her blog says it all: Marriedbabymamamistress…you can catch her and her adventures here:

Well, I guess that is enough random thoughts for now….I am still ignoring the kicking and screaming….once it gets to be too loud, I may address it with you guys, not with the them.

Headed now to vacuum, do laundry and find something to eat around here…that yogurt and banana are NOT cutting it.  As always, thanks for stopping past and reading, and as usual…enjoy your day!


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