Playing the Fool

The more nosier members of the Panel and I are sitting on a hill. We have lawn chairs, Jiffy-Pop and ice cold drinks (Cuz is partial to “red” kool-aid). From this vantage point atop this hill, we can see a field below us that is divided into three sections. The right field is where we go when we go crazy…Oscar and Buddy are occupying the field at the moment. They have no weapons or sharp objects so they are okay. Left Field is where Him and BTH reside…we are keeping an eye on Left Field but a train derailment that happens one car at a time is a bit slow to watch. So all eyes are on center field where we see Sister Someone and Brother Everything are putting the Show of the Year.

And before I go any further, I have to address this issue….I have some male readers thinking I am Sister Someone for some reason. I am NOT Sister Someone, I did NOT have or acquire a child….my views on children are very well known (I love them but they are not for me on a long-term/constant basis) and my ideas of child rearing could possibly land me in jail somewhere. I do not have a Brother Everything…I have arrangements and I HAD a him. Trust and believe….Sister Someone and I are two totally different people.

So I told you all about how Brother Everything had moved back in with Sister Someone…they did it the evening of his birthday while The Ex was not around. It all makes my eyes cross for a lot of reasons but the one that stands out in my mind is how SS keeps saying how she does not want The Ex to be hurt, yet SS is an active participant in hurting the woman. Sister Someone is the one who has pursued Brother Everything from the beginning, she was the one sending texts and phone calls when he was home with The Ex and having tantrums when he ignored her (seriously, if you are messing around with another woman’s man, know your position and PLAY the position), she was the one begging Brother Everything EVERY DAY to return to her when he left her in the same manner he left The Ex. Anyone remember when I blogged about being jealous of Sister Someone? Not anymore. There is nothing to envy about a person who is a willing participant in the pain and regression she is putting herself through. There is no love to be found in a person who uses and abuses you and makes no secret of it, yet Sister Someone swears that God brought her and Brother Everything together….all we have to do is read the signs. Hmmm….the signs I am reading say the Good Lord tried to keep them apart: BE left her (so he was removed on a personal level), BE lost his job (so he was removed on a professional level) AND the man’s cell phone was cut off. Who knows…I could be reading her signs the wrong way.

In any case, Brother Everything has been back less than a week and already Sister Someone is beyond broke…she is in debt or well on the road to that. The evening Brother Everything moved in, he insisted that they would be doing family activities so Sister Someone had to go out and buy all of them bicycles with matching helmets. Then someone had the bright idea of flying kites, so Sister Someone shelled out for the kites also. The next day, Brother Everything had a list of cleaning supplies needed, groceries he wanted and stated the carpets needed cleaning again. So Sister Someone dug into her wallet and shelled out the money for all of it. He needed new clothes and toiletries…well, of course she had to get them for him. She puts gas in the car he drives and already he has three tickets on the vehicle, which she is paying. Her son is totally unhappy…he asks Brother Everything every day when is he going home and leaving him and his mommy alone. Sister Someone thinks it’s cute. She is so happy to have that man in her bed and sitting across from her at the meal table, she is oblivious to all that is happening right under her nose. She no longer calls or talks to her few friends and makes excuses when her son gets the random play date invitation….they are a FAMILY and that is all she needs. Okay… a child with ADHD, depression and anxiety and a man who uses, abuses and belittles her…who at any moment will up and leave her again because she told him it was okay to treat her that way is all she needs. Yeah, TONS to be jealous of over there.

As for Brother Everything, he claims to have landed a job, yet nothing is adding up.  Two days after moving in with SS, he claimed to have landed a job paying an incredibly nice salary (damn near six figures) to do pretty much nothing. The job sent paperwork, he sent it back, and the job sent more. He did not hear anything from them when he sent back the second set. Then suddenly yesterday he had to go and complete a direct deposit slip….he has an account but no checks (I thought the bank at least gave you starter checks?) so he needed to go into the bank to get his routing and account numbers….except the bank was being robbed when he went so he could not get in. Then he had to leave the bank and go take a drug test…except he left his phone at home. Sister Someone, being a dutiful live in girlfriend/doormat, basically followed him to return his phone and lo and behold…he was not where he was supposed to be….he was cross-town claiming to have gone to the wrong building. Oh, did I mention the job was an 90 minute commute one way and in the same city The Ex works? Not sure how he is going to handle such a commute when driving 40 minutes into DC upsets him no end. He has hung out with his “boys” pretty much every evening,  treating them to dinners and drinks yet tells Sister Someone he is on unemployment and cannot contribute to the household as of yet.

Oh, did I mention Brother Everything has told Sister Someone she needs another child and she is seriously considering that option?? She says it will complete their family and give her son a built-in playmate. I am speechless and already know there is no talking any common sense into that chick.

THIS is going to be a disaster….we all know it but Sister Someone doesn’t (I think she and Him share the same level of obliviousness). The members and I who are watching this field below us have already decided that this train will not derail slowly….already there are a series of fires onboard and the explosion will be great. Artsy Craftsy (our procurement officer) needs to submit an order for sunglasses and possibly protective gear so we do not get burned or splattered too badly. And this is what we know so far…when we hear/get more, I will pass it along ASAP. As always, thanks for stopping past and reading and as usual…enjoy your day!! And wishing everyone a Happy Easter and/or Resurrection Day!


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