NOT a Fan

THIS is the post about things I dislike…it is not all encompassing (best for all involved, writer and reader) and it will not be politically correct, as if I ever am. It will be me doing mini-rants on things that are nerve-wracking…things (except one) I could do without and in the case of Sister Someone just downright hatefulhatefulhateful. I promise you, I am still striving stay hopeful and positive and in my twisted way of thinking, maybe purging the negativity on a regular basis will help me achieve that goal. In any case, below in no particular order are things I find myself disliking.

Sister Someone: Dislike is described as having an aversion to something and/or to view said object with displeasure. THAT something/object would be Sister Someone, hands down. The woman irks my nerves, I really don’t think I like her and it may be time for her to go. Her drama was an interesting distraction in the beginning but it has gone to a place that television refers to as The Twilight Zone and not many people can read the updates all the way through because they fear their head will explode. She does not listen, ignores the signs and flags and at this point is both helpless and hopeless. Her son  is spoiled beyond belief and in need of medication and discipline twice a day, every day. In addition to all the other things she has subjected me to (and I am with everyone else on this: WHY am I a friend to her?), I went to dinner with her and her son the other night and not only did he show his ass and totally embarrass us…trust me, people were staring at us and either laughing or shaking their heads…  and here I am going off  on a mini-tangent. I fear Sister Someone is raising her son to be the type of man she is attracted to: spoiled, prideful and expectations of being catered to. I say this because I had to discipline him because while she admitted the behavior was unacceptable, she did absolutely nothing to correct it. So in addition to being embarrassed at a restaurant I frequent often enough that this incident will be remembered… this heifer stuck me with the entire check when she left to get the car and gave me a defunct credit card to pay her share of the bill. Since then, she has emailed me her resume to help her find another job (I have not even looked at it) and left the remainder of Brother Everything’s possessions in my care since he will no longer even meet with her…although he is still texting and calling. Not sure what is going to happen over there (especially since he has returned to the Ex) but once the Panel and I can sway Morning Person’s stance on keeping SS onboard….no longer our concern.

Fingering: Yes, I mean this one in the sexual context. I LOATHE fingering…I have never understood the concept of it or what men get out of it.  First and foremost, if you looking to penetrate me, I am going to want something longer and thicker than your freaking finger and trying to insert 3 or more of your fingers is not my idea of fun. I do not enjoy it and my squirming is not because it feels good…I am trying to get you to remove it from me. I admit, it is the  people pleaser in me that allows this to happen…even though I am wondering where in the hell those hands and fingers  have been; even though I wonder if a nail will tear delicate tissue (and no one with long fingernails or dirty nails is allowed to even look at that area), I feel that since they are validating me financially, they should have as much access as possible to things that are on the table…but seriously, if you can’t use what God gave you or a reasonable facsimile…don’t go there. Oh, and for the guys who think fisting is the ultimate…you can drop off the face of the planet. Let me fist you in YOUR orifice and you tell me how great and hot that is.

Texting: I admit it…I can be somewhat of a spelling and grammar freak which makes texting the bane of my existence. It is filled with emoticons and acronyms (nothing wrong with acronyms but not trying to read a message filled with them) and trying to fit an entire conversation into 160 characters or less does not work for me. To me, it makes one look and sound unintelligent…while I may not have a lot going on in other areas, I am not a dumb person and do my best not to present myself as such. Add in that either the keyboard is too small or my fingers are too fat and I am completely outdone. And for the people who will still email but use texting language while doing so…I am not responding to that because there is no excuse. NONE. You have unlimited character space and have more than likely completed high school so you should know that “see” is spelled s-e-e, not “c” and that okay is not spelled “k”.

Guys Who Cannot Give Oral: I have no idea what to say on this one. How about we start with I have never really been a fan of oral until recently…and in my entire sexual history, I have only had one orgasm via receiving oral and while him is the one who got me into receiving oral…him did not give it to me. Now that I know what oral SHOULD feel like and what it can do, I am so pissed and frustrated at guys who claim to be sooo good at it and are simply horrible at it. Horrible! There was the guy who kind of like stuck his tongue out and poked me with just the tip of it…the guy who ran his finger along the slit while kissing my stomach…or the guy who thought having his mouth hover over the area while he fingered me was better than sliced white bread. I look at it this way: it is the same as if I am offering up oral to the guy, and all I do is blow across the top of him while my hand massages the rest. Oral involves mouth, tongue and lips…NOT your freaking hands and fingers. I am telling you…if I gave oral the way these guys give oral… I would be out of business.

Public transportation: Do not get me wrong…I am glad to live in an area where public transportation covers so much of the area and runs during more than just rush hour. What I dislike about public transportation is that it is crowded, dirty, and anyone and their brother can ride it. It is unreliable, pretty expensive (probably still beats parking in DC though) and there are times you are literally taking your life in your hands. It is a necessary evil, but still….it’s evil.

Sushi: I am referring to the actual food product and not the nickname some Panel members have for the BTH. My dislike is twofold…first, it is fish. I have no love for fish…it tastes “fishy” and I just cannot do it, although I will eat fish before liver if held at gunpoint. Second, it is RAW fish and I have a serious thing about raw/undercooked meats. I am the one who thinks grilled food should be damn near black, I want my foods fried “hard” and when baking meats…I keep it in the oven a good 10-15 minutes past the time of being fit to eat. There are microisms (is that even a word?), bacteria, and all kinds of things that can make you sick, ill and give you the trots with raw meats and seafood. I take enough chances in life…sushi is not one of them. Besides, have you tasted it? GROSS!

Shallow People: I am not a fan of conceit, arrogance or holier-than-thou attitudes. Trust me, shallow and superficial folks of the world….you are not as cute, fit, intelligent or educated as you like to think you are. Pull your heads out of your asses and join us in the real world, why don’t you?

Stupidity:  Stupid is defined as: mental dullness; inane; pointless; lacking meaning or sense; irritating. Do you need any more reasons why I dislike stupidity?

Men/Myself: I have a love/hate relationship with myself and with men…I put us together because I tend to get tangled up in men. I keep telling you guys how stupid Sister Someone is with her relationships but I am the chick who can take the crumbs and build Dagwood sandwiches with them. I let a man’s rejection take me down dark paths where I am questioning myself because if he could not see it, maybe it really isn’t there; I take nice, friendly gestures and build up fantasy relationships where reality is not allowed to intrude. I allow the mixed signals to drive me crazy and I try to take everyone along for the ride. I am a procrastinator and a people pleaser and impatient and have control issues.

Men…are men. Not great at communicating, unsure of what they want and more insecure than women. They fuck over the good woman, fall in love with the bitchy chick and always run when things get serious/tough. Usually they are emotionally unavailable but let enough leak through so you keep thinking you have a chance and there is nothing worse than thinking you have a chance when you really don’t. Mix me and men together and we have the perfect formula for train wrecks and fiascos…in fact, I am telling UTA that the Guy I am in Lust With could be the Next Big Train Wreck…and I am actually excited about that. If that is not stupidity, what is? And this is why I dislike myself: I see, I know, I have been down the paths before…but somehow, I am thinking I can still separate the emotions, that I am not searching for what I had with him, that the things I find intriguing and interesting in a man will not be the same things that make me dislike him when the crash happens. It is all very messy and complicated and will probably require the services of a professional therapist to figure out once I root out the cause of my behaviors.

So this is my list…and I am going to tack on Unprofessional People….I had an interview today (a federal holiday) with a private sector staffing agency. I confirmed with them twice that today would be good, that they would be open…and they said yes. However, after getting up before the sun on a day off and spending $15 in cab fare to make sure I was there on time (looking good, smelling good and with freshly printed copies of my resume and references)…the building was locked up tighter than a drum and darker than a coal mine at midnight. Phone calls went unanswered , so I wasted time, money and Guardian Princess’ ink for an interview that never happened. Sons of bitches.

I will be back sooner than later with a post on things I DO like and still need to tackle the post on overcoming traumatic events. Thanks for stopping by and as always…enjoy your day!


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