The extended holiday weekend is over, I am down to my last plate of leftovers  and I have done more than my share of feeding the hungry and needy. Seriously, I had people coming to my house up until 10pm Saturday night and at first I was miffed and a little taken aback…Mini-Me actually asked if I would allow her to take home a week’s worth of food after saying my greens were “crunchy”. I will have everyone know I have not made crunchy greens in over 4 years!  AND, this is from a woman who cooks a turkey for 2 hours and pronounces it “done”… but this is what I wanted: to share my bounty with others and feed them yummy food. To spend time with them and talk and reminisce and I got to do that not only for one day but for three. So I am retracting my earlier Facebook status of Thanksgiving being trick or treat for adults…it was just what I wanted and needed, even if it went on a little too long.

Okay, on to the blog post…and it is a Sister Someone entry so it will be long, revealing and ranting and venting will be mixed in….again. All I know is this chick has so much drama coming fast and furiously, it makes the head spin. I may have to change the name of the blog and call myself Sister Someone’s biographer or something. Of course, I shall do all of this before hurling myself out of a ground floor window in an effort to escape the shitstorm that her life has become in less than a year. Best thing is it takes our minds off of our drama and turmoil, if only for a minute. Bear with me while I try to figure out where to start…I left us with a he said/she said that UTA declares null and void as they are both still together…regardless of who said what.

But let me give you a little bit more background information before we continue with the soap opera: remember in my previous blog post I told you guys about SS’s demotion at work? Well, Brother Everything played a role in that: when SS was still a supervisor, she trusted the man with confidential information about one of her employees…and the man promptly spread it around her office and made sure it got back to SS’s supervisors. And this conflicts me…a part of me wants to shake her, pry her eyes open and commiserate with her, but the other part of me remembers that Sister Someone was MY supervisor at the last assignment and it was SHE who let my name fall from her lips when it came time to make cuts. In her efforts to ensure Brother Everything got promotions, raises and kept his job (yes, they work in the same office and yes, BE is a contractor but not in her department) , she threw me under the bus and apparently has let it be known I had an attitude and was desperately unhappy there. I have no verification of the last part of that statement and of course, she will not admit that she was the one who had the authority to get rid of any contractor…in fact, she still calls me to ask me questions and tell her how to do things and to bitch and moan about the remaining admin who simply aren’t me….but yes, I am unemployed as a direct result of her actions. I hold no ill will…trust me, she is getting hers back in spades and from both ends and I am able to separate the personal from the professional…hence my liking her alternate personality which got her onto the Panel and my frustration at Sister Someone.

Resuming the narrative: Let’s start with Thanksgiving Day….the brood was due to show up after visiting her family and his mama…so we decided that I would not see them (if at all after 2 turkey stops) around 5:30. Mind you, my dinner was supposed to start at 3 (which translates to 3:30 my time)…I had already had a cancellation call from Mini-Me, confirmation calls from other invited guests including Sis-Sis and had my “you can do this and do it in time” speech from Mommy; so seeing a call from the front door at 1pm had me puzzled. I answered the phone and it was Sister Someone, Brother Everything and the kid at my front door….and I was beyond pissed! Seriously, WHO shows up for Thanksgiving dinner 2 hours early and 4 hours before their scheduled arrival time? I tell them they are early and I am NOT ready and she says okay…and did exactly what she did when she wanted me to baby-sit and I refused…those idiots waited for a neighbor to come into the building and followed them in and proceeded to knock on my door as if they lived here and I locked them out!

I am not going to say much about the unexpected arrival: they caught me knee deep in boiling potatoes of various colors, a turkey that was still too pale for me, an apartment that was a wreck and me looking like 2 day old dried crap on a stick. They were all dressed in gray and black, had a hungry child and brought their own alcohol (a six pack of Blue Moon and a bottle of $6 wine) that got gone soon after they got here. The interesting thing about her arrival was she wanted…no, needed  to talk about the latest development with Brother Everything and I am going to give you the entire tale. Remember, when she met the man, he had a girlfriend that he was living with…the whys and wherefores of his leaving her to live with his mother are unclear to us as he never provided reasons or details, but we find out Brother Everything has kept.his.key to the apartment he shared with the ex. Okay, bear with me here as I attempt to relate the extremely convoluted tale that had Morning Person looking at me with her mouth hanging open. Okay, according to what BE has told SS (and  WHY he even felt the need to bring this up, we will never know), the ex had been missing since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. According to the daughter, the ex was supposed to ride with her up to NYC for the holiday  but never showed up. He was privy to this information because the woman’s daughter called him and asked had he seen her? He says he hadn’t but went to the apartment Tuesday, Wednesday and the day after Thanksgiving to make sure the ex was not dead in the apartment  and also to see if she had returned. MY question was why did he still have a key to the ex’s apartment…BE’s response was everything (furniture, dishes, etc.) belonged to him and he still had clothes there. At this, I am looking at Sister Someone who had this look on her face that looked like a cross between smelling dirty diapers and holding back tears. I asked BE why he did not move everything when he moved the first time into his mama’s house but his only answer was to say he had clothes at the ex’s, at mama’s and a few at Sister Someone’s…and this raised a red flag to me. WHY are your possessions and belongings spread all over the place? If I am leaving stuff at a place, I am planning to return…and no one is faulting the man for having an escape route in case Sister Someone ever finds some common sense and throws his ass out, but to be so blatant about it?

So in any case, the man still has a key to the ex’s apartment and the entire two weeks he has been at Sister Someone’s, he has gone out at least 4 evenings a week, staying gone for hours at a time. When BE first heard of the ex’s disappearance, he was unable to sleep or eat…he drank more (if that is possible) and even went to the police station to file a missing persons report. And apparently SS saw nothing wrong with the woman’s daughter continuing with her holiday plans with her mother possibly missing and her man (the woman’s ex) not sleeping, eating and trying to involve the police. Well, to cut to the chase, the ex re-surfaced Saturday and said she had been in NYC with her family which sparked a huge argument between the ex and BE and ended with BE saying he was going over there to “set this straight”(set WHAT straight? She is your EX!) , but SS calmed him down and told him to just go over there one day at lunch, get his stuff and leave. She stated she would not be going with him because she would not disrespect the ex by showing up at her door…and here I have to break in and just wonder aloud why she feels that sleeping with BE and giving him gifts, money and food while BE was with the ex is NOT disrespectful? In any case, BE stated that he would not be returning there and SS would simply have to replace his wardrobe…hell, she could afford it. He has not gotten rid of the key to the apartment and swears he is no longer speaking with the ex, but pretty much the majority of the Panel thinks the man has never broken it off with the ex and is still seeing her; his anxiety over her disappearance was jealousy, pure and simple.

Okay…now we come to the second conversation I had with SS…and I have to admit this talk was strange and has me wanting to go snatch the kid up and rescue him. Sister Someone is worried about her finances….in the two weeks BE has been there, she has spent almost $2,000 in food, alcohol, and house cleaning. Hell, she spent $200 on seafood alone because that is what BE wanted for dinner one night, $400 on carpet cleaning, she has been cleaning non-stop (we have seen the pictures of the house and it does look bad…very bad) and she is the one responsible for all the bills and keeping the gas tanks on the cars filled. She says the only thing BE does is come home from work, iron his clothes for the next day, drink beer, watch TV and take out the trash. He is supposed to pay her $100/week but he always manages to get out of paying it; I suggested she give him a couple of bills to be responsible for (I said groceries and electric since his presence will cause those two bills to increase) but she says what if he doesn’t follow through? They can’t be in the dark and hungry….she is now wondering if she is putting her all into a relationship that really will not work. Her energy is waning and she is tired of exerting too many efforts and not getting any help on his end…although BE helped her son carve a pumpkin. Not sure what that is supposed to mean in regards to heloing out around the house domestically and/or financially but to SS, it is a BIG deal. Oh, and let’s not forget, BE is the family driver and this is one of my concerns…the man drinks every day. He drinks at lunch, he drinks when he gets home, he drinks at other people’s houses…and SS sees nothing wrong with letting an impaired person drive her son all over the highways of the DMV….and I do not care about his tolerance level…impairment is impairment. My other concern is that SS is saying how hard it is to make it work with BE and having an active child is not helping the situation…it would be so much easier if there was no kid in the picture. I am going to say she is simply voicing her frustration at all of them having to adjust to a third person in the house and in their lives, but I am just not seeing anything good in that statement…whatever happened to package deal?

Now, are you guys still with me?? Trust me, we are nearing the end of the update (and I know your head is hurting right about now) and after all I have just told you do you know Sister Someone has gone out and brought Brother Everything a $1300 watch for Christmas and plans to propose marriage to him on Christmas Eve?? If he accepts, she will buy their engagement and wedding bands; if he refuses, he has to move out and return the watch but we all know that is not going to happen. I am not sure what to say to her at this point…she is worried about her finances but she has shelled out a total now of $3300 in two weeks on him…AND she is treating him to a mini-vaycay in Atlantic City (he is so in need of a break right now) soon.

And now, we are done…until the next installment. I will be back soon with new posts and in the meantime….take some more aspirin, be grateful this isn’t your drama and enjoy your day!





4 thoughts on “Holidazed

  1. Firstly, sorry I slacked and didn’t respond to your email first, but this will serve as a response to that and to the post.
    I still stand by my initial diagnosis and say that SS is a lunatic. I would however like to chance my diagnosis on BE and say that he is a genius. He is having his cake and eating it too. Sure, he might be the scum that grows UNDER what you find at the bottom of the barrel of men, but he’s smart scum at least. He’s living for free, still VERY OBVIOUSLY involved in one way or another with his ex, and now he’s getting free swag to boot.
    I will never understand how women can be so desperate to create the illusion of a happy family life that they will drag whatever man they find by the feet and call him good enough. I don’t. freakin. get. it!!!
    These people give me a headache.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Girl, you are hilarious! I may need to post warning labels in the title of the posts so you will know to take some asprin beforehand.
    I am with you….BE is a freakin’ genius and no fool tangled up with a lonely foolish woman.
    But hey, it’s her dream and I am guessing she will realize it at any cost including her pride, her finances and her esteem.
    I am jsut asking people to tell me I was never this bad!

  3. Now, after reading your blog for a few months & becoming totally engrossed in the SS/BE drama, I can’t help but to think to myself:

    Have you ever thought of kicking SS off the panel and to the curb?

    Not to be cruel, but this woman isn’t adding any value to your life. You’ve been through enough in life, and I’m pretty sure her load of shit isn’t helping you in any case. Even when the woman helps you, she charges you some kind of fee – whether it be mentally or in actual currency.

    I am honestly a person who often is a little wet behind the ears and tries to see the good in everyone, but even I’ve had it with SS. Perhaps, it’s about time you do a little Christmas cleaning.

    • Hi, Fatalerr0r17,,,,thanks for being a regualr reader. 🙂
      Trust me, I debate everyday about putting this chick off the Panel, but SS is the flip side of her alter ego and we LIKE her alter ego.
      The Panel has discussed this so many times and we have come to the conclusion that we have to take the good with the bad…and the woman obviously needs friends and guidance.
      We are trying (VERY hard) to view her as someone in need of love and support versus being a complete idiot. 🙂
      And you make a very good observation: she always charges me. I may have to bring that to her attention when she isn’t being Sister Someone.

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