Thanks for Giving

Hello, all! It is the day before Thanksgiving and really, what more can I handle today? I am overdrawn at the bank (Sweet Jiminy Cricket!) to the tune of fifty bucks! NO idea how it happened….and as it is every year I cook….nothing is nowhere being prepped, completed and I am wondering how in the world am I going to have everything ready in time for a 3pm dinner tomorrow, especially when I have to work 8 hours first. The fridge? CRAMMED with still mostly raw food, including a turkey that is still pale and unseasoned (trust me, that bird is quite white)  and a ham I have named Henrietta. Not one potato is peeled, no noodles are cooked and there are no yummy smells wafting from my kitchen. I am cursing a blue streak, wondering why I spent the equivalent of a month’s groceries on a meal that will last 3 days at most (if my guests stick to the one Tupperware rule) and vowing never to do this again. And as usual, I will have it all together (control issues are handy at times)  and it will be yummy and I will be so happy to have family and friends around me, I will do it all again at Easter (the Thanksgiving of spring).

This Thanksgiving, I want to not only give thanks but to thank others for giving. Blessings occur every day and we take so many of them for granted; we should be giving thanks every day, not just the 4th Thursday in November, but there is something about this holiday that tugs at my heart strings more than any other day….to cook for and share food with the people who mean so much to me; to put aside dysfunction and anger for one day while sharing and creating memories….I am tearing up just thinking about it. My sis-sis would say I am making too big a deal about it, but I really love this holiday and what it represents, so without further ado, here are things I am thankful for and people/things I am grateful to.

Thankful for: This year, I am thankful for my family: that they are all still here with me and in decent health: my parents, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, cousins, and the friends who have become family. I am thankful that although this has not been the best year financially or professionally, I am neither homeless nor hungry and in this economy and so many people looking for work, that I am the temp that gets the callbacks. I am thankful that this year, I am able to give back and perhaps help someone less fortunate than myself…there are so many lonely, hungry people in this area…I hope they go to the churches and shelters offering food and warmth. I am thankful that the process has brought to me a place of acceptance and being able to let go and find myself again. I am thankful for the gift of recovery and that I have held onto it and respected it for 9 ½ years. I am thankful to be able to handle life on life’s terms (most of the time). I am thankful for great neighbors. I am thankful to see another year. I am thankful for all the people in my life who care and love for me, who have faith in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

Thankful to: Top spot, hands down, goes to Reliable One….without his help I very well may be homeless. I am thankful to the Panel….they have all given up pretty much a year out of their lives to help me through a fiasco/ordeal I am almost ready to say was harder to survive than leaving addiction. How can I ever thank them enough or even begin to repay them? I am thankful to the process (which is still not over, but I am willing to wager the worst of it is)…yes, I know I am thankful for it also, but it has made ne a stronger, better and more truthful person. I am thankful to one of my aunts who has made sure I am not hungry by ensuring I have had a freezer full of food for the past three months. I am thankful to Guardian Princess who makes sure I have what I need to keep my health on the right side of healthy. I am thankful to Higher Powers and the Universe who have seen to it that I am surrounded by the most amazing people and that no matter how bleak things seem…I and my loved ones always reach the light at the end of the tunnel and find our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There are so many other things I am thankful for/to…trust me this list is simply the tip of the iceberg. What about you, readers? What are you thankful this year? I am wishing every one reading this post a most wonderful Thanksgiving….may it be filled with family, friends, football and lots and lots of yummy food, laughter and love.

Enjoy your holiday!!


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