In my last blog post, where I was telling you guys what a non-slut I was and the “date” with the sex-addicted Meteorologist, I mentioned that him was still putting stuff out there that has us shaking our heads. At the time I wrote that post, I said I was not going to elaborate on the matter…him and I are done and the door is closed…and damned if that fool didn’t come crashing through it. It had Panel members on the phone, sending emails and just generally wondering what in the hell was really going on in the land of Happier Than I Have Ever Been. After talks with Artsy Craftsy (I am going to tell you about that in a minute) and Morning Person, it was decided that no way could we NOT blog about the incident…you guys have read/heard about everything else and we need to put this in writing so I can re-read it to remind myself of how surreal this has become and how I need to stay far away from this mess that will end badly.

Okay, so it starts soon after the email exchange between the BTH and I….pretty much the next day him was bringing the BTH’s two youngest children to the office with him. Now, I only have  three questions: why weren’t they in school? When did the Island become some form of Daddy DayCare? I mean, the Island is very laid back and very understanding of unexpected school/day care closings and having no one available to watch the kiddies…but BTH is a stay at home wife. Third question: it isn’t enough him is the sole breadwinner…he has to be the babysitter also? But hey, that is between them as a couple and a family…what got folks were how blatantly rude and disrespectful the children were to not only Islanders but to him, the man who is providing a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and will be playing Santa this year. I mean, seriously…the last place I expect to find disrespect is in my own home and especially  from kids that aren’t even mine. But again, him’s choices and lest we forget, the man is happier than he has ever been in his life.

Well, pretty much the Islanders are able to ignore the kids…after all, they are not speaking, smiling or making eye contact with anyone at all and him is keeping them in his office, so pretty much they were non-existent. Then came the day of a company meeting at the Island…and BTH showed up. Remember I told you all how she was making cameos on payday and that pissed me off? Seriously, she had the man, the house and the name…leave the Island (with MY friends on it) alone! It is the consensus of the Panel that this chick is behaving as an animal might…pissing everywhere to mark territory and she can mark all she wants….I am still well-known, well-loved and much missed at the Island and the impression I left is a lasting one in a good way…I still have the opportunity to go back there should all else fail; the impression BTH is leaving is lasting all right…it is in.your.face. and negative and really, I am wondering why…we already know you are him’s wife and right now, she is hurting more than helping. I am wondering how the man is still holding onto his job and position.

BTH arrives at the office looking like pretty much a Poor Man’s Star Jones before the weight loss with not properly attached weave damn near down to her ass. Her outfit was pure ghetto trash: a red mini-dress that was too tight and too short: Quiet One swears she could see the woman’s panty line and my Independent Consultant there says once again, the woman’s tits were on a platter as if they were appetizers. She had on makeup by the poundage and wore hooker shoes that went so well with that hooker dress. Oh did I mention everyone could see her leopard print bra that managed to somehow escape the tight confines of the sleeveless (in November!) dress that really was not flattering to her figure. Here is where we are unsure whose idea it was to introduce her to certain people in the office/department, but him escorted her around, making introductions. The woman was disdainful and disrespectful to the women (guess we know where the kids get it from) and to him (remember, the man who is her husband?)…she did not speak and was giving folks the once over;  yet, fell all over herself when it came to the men…she actually spoke to them and in that fake, syrupy tone that makes you want to tell people to save it before you throw up a little in your mouth.

Well, by this time it is time for the employees’ only company meeting…and BTH marched herself right in there, stating she was taking him’s place and introducing herself to all and sundry as BTH, him’s wife. THAT had everyone on the Island with their jaws on the floor and wondering what the hell was going on. Artsy Craftsy said she was outdone and so were a lot of other people who all wondered aloud why in the world a spouse was sitting in on an Island meeting. Granted, it was an insurance enrollment meeting, but it was for employees’ only! AND as if this chick has not made every speculation I ever had about her a fact (seriously, who shows up at their husband’s office to sit in on a company meeting as if she is in between johns at the local whorehouse?), she proved the undereducated part more than correct as apparently the informative talk from the Insurance Rep and the paperwork which explains everything was a little over her head; afterwards BTH was following the Benefits Coordinator around the office saying she had questions. The only person who has ever had questions about insurance enrollment on the Island was the German Hausfrau who wanted  all to know that her wrinkly, droopy eyelid was an actual medical issue versus a cosmetic issue.

The Islanders were still talking about him’s “wife with the inappropriate dress and behavior” the next day; people were torn between snickering and shaking their heads and all this stunt proved was who really wore the pants in that relationship and those aren’t earrings BTH is wearing…it’s him’s balls. It has Panel members feeling sorry for him: Morning Person says no matter what goes in the privacy of their home, the woman should not be allowed to interfere with the man’s livelihood and what the hell is him’s problem he saw absolutely nothing wrong with his wife’s dress or attitude towards the people he worked with? Quiet One wonders if BTH is running his insurance, what about his finances? Chef states that this is what him wanted and is willing to bet that him is missing the green, green grass of DC (that’s me!) right about now. Oscar is speechless and says the story gets stranger and weirder the more she hears of it and Cuz says we all should pull up chairs, grab some Jiffy Pop and watch the show. Bell Pepper is saying “oh, my” and wondering why the woman felt the need to sit in on a company meeting and more importantly, who allowed such a thing to happen? Artsy Craftsy (who did not even make my ass hurt) says that THIS is the end of the soap opera…no specials, no two hour movies…the series is over and done and ran a season too long for her. Artsy also got an up close and personal look at BTH and says the woman is  no match for me in any capacity and it is obvious that him is as lacking in class and taste as BTH is…I was simply too many good and positive things for the man. Apparently respect for your man, good manners, great personality and knowing how to present oneself in public are NOT attributes him looks for  in a “good woman”.

For myself, I am speechless….and not going to lie…there is some sympathy for the devil right now. Him is obviously in something that is now out of control and the man is seeing no benefits and I am guessing, no way out. I do not believe his lies of happiness and healthiness….he is bald (no longer balding), pale, thin and sickly looking…do you know one of his colleagues actually asked him why does he look so bad for a man supposedly so happy? Him returned from a vacation asking MY members to ask him about his vacation…when they did, he responded with: is that what they call it? So yeah, him can no longer keep up the charade and I no longer believe him….but guess what? Him did me wrong, and long before the BTH entered the picture….after she did, it was an all out FUCK YOU to me and that is what I am going to remember. The see-saw is tilting, and maybe the validation I needed so desperately a few months ago may become a reality…..but I no longer need it. We already know this man will not leave the marriage, at least not yet: him will never admit he made a mistake and will not wish to look foolish, but after this stunt….you are looking more foolish than ever before. The only one who doesn’t know this BTH fiasco was a mistake and a farce from the beginning is him….and the man I knew and fell in love with would never in a million years have allowed himself to be disrespected and played in such a manner…at work and in front of his colleagues.

For now, me and the Panel are working on fixing the door and changing locks because no way are any of us going back that way again….I have Thanksgiving in the fridge and am excited about how I am going to turn raw food into tasty treats (I am going to try out a butter and Italian dressing marinade on the turkey), I need to prepare for a temp assignment next week and I need to finish the Sister Someone blog. There are errands to run, chores to do and friends to call. There is a life to live today.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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