The Best Laid Plans….

I blog about hopes and dreams and wishes. Did you know I have plans, also? One would never know I do as they never materialize, but yes, I have/make plans. A plan is a scheme or method which will bring to fruition a specific goal or definite purpose, if executed properly. Whatever. Plans are what you make that get all mucked up, raked over and just make God laugh. Very rarely do they manifest themselves the way you envisioned…or at least that is how it works for me.

Five years ago, if you had asked me what my plans were, they were simple: stay at the Island until retirement, date around until I found someone I could see myself with for the long haul and take a vacation once a year. Of course, none of that panned out. There was the layoff, then him and I took everything to an untold of level and we know how that turned out and all I know of a vacation these days is how to spell it. I am not going to say it was all bad…the layoff gave me the opportunity to put government (both state and federal) experience on my resume and the time spent with him and the subsequent breakup has me knowing what I want from the relationship and my partner and what I will no longer settle for, but with the recent layoff and newfound emotional healing, I needed to formulate plans to make it through.

Professionally/financially, the plan was unemployment while I did a job search. Well, unemployment came through but via DC and that was NOT in the plan. DC jumped all over the fact that I owe them  $1,482 (you can read about that fiasco here) and commenced to garnishing the entire check until the debt is repaid. I am totally like: seriously?? Even the feds leave you with some income! So, modifications to the plan had to be made…the job search became two-fold…a fulltime job (either permanent or long term contract) AND something under the table such as babysitting or housecleaning that would allow some dollars to come into my household. I would be flat broke for at least 4 weeks and I just cannot survive with zero dollars.

THIS is when I had a lightbulb moment, and no, it is not my shining hour but another characteristic of people who indulge in instant gratification on a regular basis is their ability to adapt and survive.  My bright idea was I would also look online for a generous gentleman interested in pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship. If you don’t know what it is, try looking it up via urban dictionary or google; if you do know what that is, don’t judge and don’t hate. Only thing with the lightbulb plan is that men play games constantly, no matter what is involved. I got guys playing dumb about what I was looking for; I got guys who made plans only to cancel at the last minute; I got guys who wanted to see nudie pics and demanded my address. Out of 70 responses, I found 3 viable candidates and made plans to meet with them on different days beginning the following week.

Okay, so are you with me so far? I have a modified plan in place that, if all went well, would net me at least $300 for less than 2 hours worth of work all told. And the phone rang Monday morning…it was the temp agency with an assignment! Seriously?? A week long assignment and they wanted me to start immediately. News flash: I HAD an assignment (only I could term what I was planning to do an assignment), not to mention that it was almost 10am and it was time for my mid-morning nap…for some odd reason, ever since I got laid off, I was waking up at like 5am and staying awake until 10 or so and napping until about 1 in the afternoon. So of course, my first thought was no, I am not working the assignment, especially after hearing what the salary was.

However,  I applied the brakes….I thought about deferred gratification and seeing the big picture so I told the temp agency I had just woken up and needed to make some phone calls and would get back with them within 20 minutes; I lit a cigarette and I thought. Like most everything, the assignment had advantages and disadvantages….biggest disadvantage was that it would delay when I actually began receiving my UI check. The only bright spot in DC usurping the entire check was that no taxes were taken out and it would take about 4-5 weeks to pay off the debt. It was a foregone conclusion that working the assignment would pay more than unemployment and each week I worked, the UI would be deferred…and if the UI is deferred, so are the payments. But it would only be deferred by one more week and I could re-schedule the *ahem* appointments to the following week.  The biggest advantage was that I honestly did not have a choice. When you are receiving unemployment, one of the weekly questions they ask is were you ready, able and willing to work, so by NOT taking the assignment, I would once again find myself in hot water and maybe receiving no benefits, so I took the assignment.

Everything was smooth…the office was pretty easy to get to via train or bus, it was a laid back (that my not even begin to cover it) office with pleasant people and the responsibilities were minimal. Except they liked me and wanted to know about my admin experience and my writing skills and then they asked was I available for at least another 3 weeks. Okay, hold up…this was a one week assignment and I had appointments…I need the dollars those men were offering and any additional time spent working meant additional payments being deferred. SO not in the modified plan! I had to think quickly on my feet and while I knew I had to say yes to keep things cool with the unemployment folks, I am going to get those fast and easy dollars…I told them I was under the impression it was only a week long assignment and had scheduled some appointments the following Wednesday. This group did not miss a beat…that was fine…they could provide coverage for that day, as long as I could be there for them for at least the next three weeks. Win-win.

And this is where my making plans has gotten me…working a temp assignment that could (or could not) actually turn into something longer term and seeing my dates on Wednesday at 10am, noon and 2pm. Yeah, it sounds horrible and cheap but I will have some much needed quick cash and with the continuing assignment, something steady coming in for at least a month. I will have to be frugal and budget carefully, but for the moment, no more plans. Apparently, Higher Power and Universe have their own Plan and that is the one that will be executed, not mine.

I will tell you guys all about the dating game and the potential mutually beneficial dates in the next blog post. Until then enjoy your day!






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