Riding on Doughnuts

I do not even know where to start with this blog post…there is so much going on professionally, personally and health-wise, this could even be a two-parter post. We’ll see. Remember I told you guys UTA had a flat tire? Well, my crap has fallen and left shambles in its wake, yet I have managed to pull myself together enough to finally change my flat tires with the spares/doughnuts found from somewhere, and now I am riding around on doughnuts. Yes, I am functional, but not fully…spares/doughnuts are not designed to be the tire…they fill in for the tires. You have to move slowly with the doughnut tires and be careful on the roads but sometimes, traffic is just everywhere, surrounding you, trying to force you to keep up with everyone else and when you are riding on doughnuts, you just can’t. So I am trying to dodge the traffic and keep a safe pace and distance from the fresh shower of crap that is falling.

I am just going to jump right in with the health issues. First, I think the “change” is happening, and while I am sure I am not alone in not wanting a monthly visitor any longer, I also do not want the label of a menopausal woman…hell, I am only 30 using my math and still below the half a hundred mark using real world math. I have not seen Mother Nature since August and I  have bloating and cramping, but no visitor. I am not all freaked out like I was earlier this year because THIS BBW has been a good BBW, so no baby scares. Thank God. My other health issue are my teeth. I suffer from periodontal disease and it is pretty much in an advanced stage. Three years ago, I was told I had 80% bone loss in my gums and it would cost $13,000 and take 18 months to repair. Well, even with insurance, I did not have the money and soon after, got laid off so no insurance, and I have been doing what I can to try to keep things as under control as possible but time and lack of professional care have taken its toll. My front tooth is so loose, it does the hula when I rinse with mouthwash and a good breeze would blow it right out of my head and my back molar hurts so badly, it is all I can do to open my mouth to speak. I cannot bite into anything (I have to slice cheeseburgers and pizza; fried chicken and corn on the cob no longer exist for me….so happy for popcorn chicken!) and can only chew on the left side of my mouth. I need these teeth out of my mouth…seriously. Forget the fact I may be looking like an Arkansas hillbilly with a missing front tooth…it has to go. When I talk, the front tooth click-clacks against my bottom teeth. I was planning to make an appointment at Howard University’s Dental School Clinic (they accept people with no money or insurance as dental students need to log in a certain amount of procedural hours) except the week that I am ready to rip these teeth out of my mouth myself to stop the pain, the clinic is closed due to midterms. Great. Oh, and it does not help matters at all that I grind my teeth at night.

Let’s move on to the unemployment issue…..trust me, I don’t want to but hey, it’s a doughnut and we are talking about doughnuts today. This issue is one that is probably 75% out of my control so I have no choice but to go slowly and see what develops. First, I applied for benefits in Virginia as that is where my employer is located….I learned from the Island layoff that you apply where your employer is located, not where you live. I was actually excited beyond words to re-apply in Virginia….they are quick, and pretty much have the highest payout in the DMV area. Last time I was on unemployment with Virginia, I was not living large but definitely saw NO change in my lifestyle. Period. I figured if I got UI from Virginia, I could ride this thing out until after the holidays…no problem. Unfortunately, this is me and it all went to hell in a hand basket real quick. First, I find out within 72 hours of filing the claim that Virginia has no record of my hours/wages but they told me to contact DC as that is where the employer is registered…so once again, this temp agency is proving themselves to be a banner fucking company…not only can they NOT tell me I am about to be laid off, they don’t even know where to tell me to file my claim( I told them I was filing in VA and they never said a word).

My problem with DC dates back almost 18 months and believe it or not, Fun One is the cause of that shitstorm. DC says I owe them $1400 in back unemployment wages because of when I filed before with them…this is when I worked for Fun One; the contract expired , DC found me qualified for the benefits but Fun One appealed the ruling, took me to court and won by default as I never showed in court. To this day, I have no idea why he did that crap and in order for us to resume our friendship, I had to let it go but never again will I work for that man. As for me not showing in court…I couldn’t as I was actually working for the city at the time and had done what I was supposed to do….informed the city I was now working and would no longer be needing their services. However, I lost by default and they said they wanted their money, which I did not have….so who knew what would happen if I applied for benefits with them again? Mommy, Morning Person and Mini-Me all told me to apply…it was my money after all….the worst that could happen is that I would either be delayed by a few weeks while they recouped their payment OR I would somehow slip through the cracks and start receiving benefits pretty much immediately after the waiting week.

So I apply for benefits with DC and discover I do qualify and will receive pretty much enough a week that if I don’t touch a penny of it, I can make the rent all by myself. And that is yet another reason I was hoping to be able to file in Virginia….DC does not pay squat and I need to eat (Mini-Me and Cuz are insistent I can still work the food stamp angle but I am not willing to chance it….one wrong move here and I will lose out on all the benefits), keep the phone and internet up and running (only way to conduct a decent job search) and of course, I need cable, cigarettes and personal items. I need a plan and I am thinking of looking for a part-time under the table job….maybe babysitting or housecleaning. Something that still leaves me time to job search, write and hopefully go get the teeth looked at and repaired while still putting dollars in my pocket. It is the only thing I can think of to do right now and I am keeping fingers crossed this plan is actually viable and will bear some fruit that I can add to my plate.

Okay, this is going to be a two parter as I have not even gotten to the personal ( him) part or the conversation with Cuz….so, stay tuned as that post is coming up quicker than you think and as always…enjoy your day!




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