One of Those Days

I had one of those days today. You know the kind of day I am talking about…the kind where your first mistake was opening your eyes and the second mistake was getting out of bed. It was filled with randomness that both fascinated and exasperated. I woke up achy and completely exhausted….I have been busting my ass at work to meet the end of month deadlines and made it with one day to spare, but it was not easy. At all. My neck and shoulders feel like slabs of concrete and I have been feeling vaguely headachy from all the stress. I thought 5 more minutes in bed and a hot shower would help, but I ended up oversleeping and rushing through the shower so I could at least make the 8:48 bus.

I missed the bus…and the one behind that bus broke down. I was too tired and achy to even walk down to the subway and had no cab fare…which pissed me off because when I do have cab fare, not a cab is to be found. Today, when I am broke and later than all get out…every other car to come down the street was a cab. So I am sitting on the bench at the bus stop and notice my legs and the fact that they are hairy. Do not ask me why I am just now noticing I have hair on my legs…and it is kind of long hair at that. I have never shaved my legs because I never thought I had hair on them….but now I am thinking I need to use the hair removal cream I use for other purposes on my legs. And then I thought…why bother? I am simply the good time girl, the fun girl…and no one cares if that girl has hairy legs or not. Now, do not get me wrong…I was not and am not in pity party mode. So what if Mango Lemonade Dude said he wanted to get to know me better (with my clothes on) and I have not heard from him since Monday afternoon? I mean, all I did was send him a thank you email stating I was looking forward to seeing him again as I found him respectful, intelligent and humorous….and that was the end of that. I think I am being courteous and polite…maybe I am coming across as desperate or something. Who knows?

So I get to work pretty much an hour late and as soon as I cut on my computer to check both work and personal emails, I see Chef has emailed me like 3 times. Not unusual to get an email from Chef….he emails me pretty much every morning to say good morning and ask how my evening went. But he was ranting and venting in the emails about Him, of all people. I called Chef on the phone and apparently, Chef and him had some sort of falling out earlier in the morning. Okay, I knew Chef and him had words years ago all over Chef needing to leave work early to check on his mother who had come home to find a burglar actually in her house…and him looked Chef in the eyes and asked him could he be back to work in an hour. I truly did not believe Chef when he first told me the story but he had it corroborated and given the actions him has shown me in the past year, I have no choice but to believe that him really is an asshole. So this morning, Chef does not go into specifics but says him is a disrespectful coward who is stupider than he looks….he left a beautiful woman who loved him for who he was for a woman Chef is now calling Sushi because she is smelly , rotten fish. HE will be glad when him is exposed for being nothing more than a figurehead or better yet, let the BTH and her blood sucking children of the corn drag his ass somewhere far from the Island. I told Chef that I had no idea what was going on, but to call the BTH out of her name was NOT NICE. We are Team BTH now, and the woman has a name and a nickname. Use one of those but do not call her Sushi anymore. We have no idea if the woman is smelly fish or not, and frankly, I cannot see any man wanting a woman who smelled.  Chef says it is what it is and he is not sorry and if I am defending either of those jackholes, I am dumber than him has ever been. Chef then proceeded to call me a dumb ass who allows people to walk all over me while showing me their true colors and maybe I need to be worried about myself instead of idiots who do not deserve it.

Well, I was pretty quiet after that….I was in shock for one and for two…what can I say to that? I have had Conversations that Never Happened with two Panel members (Cuz and Morning Person)  and was trying to start one with Artsy Craftsy who quickly hid behind New Mommy. I have yelled and screamed on Chef plenty of times and he has never said a word. What goes around comes around. I suggested we both get to work and for him to call me when he calms down. And then the next drama popped off…..we have a Crazy Bitch in the office. I mean, she really is crazy and pretty much people avoid her. It has gotten to the point a lot of people will not accept her inter-office emails….that is how bad it has gotten. Well, Crazy Bitch in the office was saying that one of us ( mind you, there are 10 of us total) stole her frozen chicken patties and link sausage out of the freezer. My first question is who would bring frozen meat to a kitchen that had no stove or even a toaster oven? Sorry, but I find nothing appealing about frozen, processed meat being microwaved.  She said this on Friday on 5pm….held us up from starting our Irene prep plans by telling any and all she could corner about how it is disgusting to her that someone could steal her meats. I told her I simply did not see anyone walking around with melted meat in their purse or briefcase but she was insistent someone stole her food. She questioned security guards and cleaning crews…she sent email after email and 3 days later, we have heard nothing but how some people were selfish and thieves. Today, this chick  found the food in the fridge and of course, she did not misplace it…she says someone not only snuck it out of the office…they snuck it back in because the guilt was heavy on their heart. Whatever.

One bright spot…the lunch date that I told you guys about earlier this week is supposed to take place tomorrow….we are having lunch at the dude’s job. I have heard of his place of employment but I was unaware that their cafeteria was known for its food; he swears there are cuisines from all over the world and the cooking rivals a decent restaurant. We’ll see. I am still wondering if treating to me lunch at his work cafeteria is a good thing or a bad thing. After all, it is exposing me to his co workers and I am almost ashamed to say I have no idea if this dude is married or not. I simply do not want any backlash or drama to come of this, but really…it’s just lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I was starving and even though I said Reliable One are no longer on speaking terms….I am still expecting him to bring me food if nothing else. But all week long, I have sat at my desk with no lunch delivery in sight, so today at 1:55, I am transferring dollars from one account to the other to make sure I have enough lunch money to feed myself and trot on over to McDonalds. Greasy, empty calories but quick, close and oh-so-good. I ate chicken nuggets, 2 orders of fries and a double cheeseburger (I had fruit for breakfast and was planning on no dinner). So no sooner than I put all my all my empty wrappers and boxes in the trashcan than Reliable One shows up (at 3pm, mind you) with freaking 5 Guys!! Really?? At 3pm and AFTER I have spent my last little dollars, you show up with some lunch? I was pissed and he could see it in my face so he pretty left without saying a word, but that was all I needed. We all know I am too stubborn to give in first ( him was the only man I did that with and only because I know he is even more stubborn than me) but seriously, the rent is now past due and the only one who can help me with 2 months’ rent at one time is Reliable One…and now that he has broken down and brought me lunch…I can start working on the rent again. You know, if I put this sort of energy into saving my money versus trying to get a re-set every month or two, I would be sitting pretty right now.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful….I did nothing at work except chat with Tiger and a couple of guys from Craigslist. The bus going home was late and I ended up riding home with one of my psychotic neighbors who insisted on talking to me the entire way despite the fact I had my earphones in my ears. I have one day left to work this week….I am taking the day before and the day after the long weekend …I was supposed to go visit Oscar, but she has a job now and we have not spoken in like 3 days so who knows what is going on? I will probably treat myself to a movie, maybe a night out with Fun One and blog. I still have some laundry to fold and more to wash, so I will take care of that.

Well, my neck hurts and my eyes are dry and burning so I am going to call it a night and see what tomorrow holds. Everyone have a great day and we will talk again sooner versus later!


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