Things I Did While Sick…..

So I was sicker than two dogs last week and over the weekend, and one would think that being so sick your job calls to tell you to stay home would be a boring time indeed. Days filled with over the counter medications, orange juice and naps. Some Jerry Springer and/or Maury, Grey’s in the afternoon and calls to mommy to tell her you feel awful and to make it better. Well, I did all that and  a little more….and because I have nothing else better to do besides count down the days until Big Brother starts, I will share it with you.

The day before the hiatus from work began, I went to my very first live sporting event….Morning Person invited Busy Bee, myself and my sister to a baseball game. Personally, I find baseball to be boring as hell (only golf has it beat), but everyone I know says that seeing it live is sooo much better. AND I have never been to a stadium…sad, I know. So, it was going to be a new experience and something I can say I have done/been to. I actually had fun…I was feverish and coughing non-stop, but the experience was awesome. Tons of fans, the smell of foods all around, the excitement in the air….the Kiss Cam, the Wave…it was totally different from watching it on TV and I would do it again. In fact, we are thinking of doing it before the season is over.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Oscar was my constant companion while I was sick and apparently I told her I was going to move into a bigger place so she and Baby Oscar could come here to be my roommates. I have me being loopy from the meds….true, I feel and say I cannot live with anyone ever, but if I were to try the roommate experience, Oscar would be the one I would try it with. But, she has a son who she says herself is a non-stop maniac…who is up before 6am every morning. THAT is not going to work for me, period. Workdays I need peace while I go about my routine, and weekends/holidays I sleep in….2pm is my morning on those days. Besides, I am a secret slob…I have been known to go entire weekends without showering, brushing my teeth or combing my hair; I drink from cartons and bottles, I like being naked and I Craigslist. And guess what? I live alone, entertain rarely (I need notice before company comes so I can shower and re-stock on beverages) so no one knows. A roommate would know and I would feel obligated to do things I am not in the mood to do to appear respectable and politically correct. I do it for work because they pay me to do so…. I am not in the mood to do so to please someone during my downtime.

While I was sick, I heard from Pantyhose Dude…and I think he is my default, part-time boyfriend. We have been communicating semi-regularly, trading books and movies and the last time we saw each other, we spent the entire time talking…I have discovered that his love of military history ties in with my fascination of Hitler and that makes for a more give and take exchange versus earlier attempts at conversation with the man. He asks about my job, keeps me abreast of his comings and goings and gives me massages ( he is terrible at it). At this point, there are two things holding us back from being a bona fide couple: his living arrangement and the fact I am not giving up my allowance from him.

I re-discovered Death Cab for Cutie (current faves are Your Heart is an Empty Room, Tiny Vessels and You Are a Tourist) and I am considering taking up bowling…I have never done the sport before in my life. All I know is a big black ball, ten pins and rented shoes are involved, but I think it would be fun and different. I do know it is not a singular activity and with Craigslist not yielding much in the way of prospects of any type, maybe Girlfriend and I can try it on one of our date nights. Not sure how a bowling bug got shoved up my ass, but I want to do things that are different and fun. Besides, it is a good way to exercise without it appearing to be exercise. It is all about self-improvement today, people.

Another thing that happened was that Him put himself out there again…this time with Chef. I have told you guys him has lost all this weight, and Chef commented to him that he really has lost weight. Him thanked Chef, but maybe 20 minutes later goes to Chef’s desk and says he really misses coconut cream pie. Nothing really out of the way with that statement (other than being 20 minutes too late for the original conversation) except as far as any of us know, the man does not eat coconut cream pie. Hell, he has never mentioned pie to me except at Thanksgiving when he eats the obligatory slice of pumpkin pie. Quiet One who has known/worked with him 10 years and Chef who has known him for 20 years do not recall even seeing the man eat or mention pie. So, pie has not made any of my many Lists of all Things Him which may be why when I told Morning Person, Oscar and Cuz what happened, they all asked the same question: what does the pie represent? I do not know and I personally am going with the obvious answer: the man is maintaining his weight loss and sweets are no longer a part of his diet. I was too sick and am making too much progress to break the secret decoder ring out of retirement for yet another cryptic statement designed to make its way back to me.

I have saved the best two things I did for last…first, I got a phone call from an agency I did some contract work for last year. I was their receptionist for about 3 months while the regular was on leave and I enjoyed the assignment. I met some nice people, made a couple of friends and obviously made an impression. The receptionist is now gone ( for good) and I am their first choice in being the new, permanent receptionist there. I was told to update my resume, download some forms and look for the posting to appear online really soon….go through the process and let the agency know when I have completed my part of the process. While it would seem to be a backwards move professionally to take the job if it is offered, it is permanent, offers medical/dental benefits ( I need both like yesterday) and it will be more money for less work…and that is never a bad thing.

The second best thing was I discovered another person going through the heartbreak process via their blog. Her name is Catherine and I love her. She uses words like unhealthy, she has her very own Chef, she is interactive and she has contests…with prizes!! She seems to have such a better grasp on her situation and her process than I ever will and I am seriously considering making her an honorary Panel Member….she may or may not want to be a full time member. We are crazy, fucked up and we may scare her. Check her out here:

 Well, there you have it….what I did while I was sicker than a dog for 5 days. Probably boring as hell, but we all need a break now and then. I AM feeling so much better now. The fever broke so the sweats disappeared. The incessant coughing has ceased and the congestion has broken up enough people at least know it is my voice coming out of my body. Oh, one other thing I did was to write Him an email while I was sick….it was not mean, or accusatory or anything of that nature. I poured my heart out in that email and  I will get more into the email and even share with  you in my very next blog post, so look for it soon.


2 thoughts on “Things I Did While Sick…..

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog! I’m glad you like it. Sometimes, well many times, I’m not all that in touch with my emotions and intentions… but I’m working on it, anyway. Thanks so much for reading and I love your blog – so honest! It’s hard to be this honest on the blogosphere, that’s for sure. Keep it up 🙂

    • Sweetie, you are MORE than welcome…you have a great blog and wonderful insight. 🙂
      Thanks for your words and encouragement …and consider my offer to be at least an Independent Consultant on the Panel. 🙂

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