School Without Doors

You guys know I am not a big fan of having babies or of raising them, but I do love the children. They can be sweet, funny, precocious and for those who want them, a joy and delight that words cannot express. So, when a friend of mine told me about the Pepsi Refresh Project to install doors at her children’s school, I was more than happy to blog about it. After all, it takes a village to raise a child and there are five things a parent must legally  provide for a child: housing, clothing, food/nutrition, maintaining physical and dental health and education. With this project, we can all help with the educational portion and all you have to do is vote once a day for the rest of the month.

First, let’s start with a little background about the school: it is Clearview Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia. It gets a 5 star rating from the Fairfax County school community, ranks #27 out of 130 schools in the county and is in need of our help.

Clearview was built back in the ‘70s , when educational concepts such as “Schools Without Walls” and “Open Space” were considered cutting edge. The difference between Schools Without Walls and Open Space are this: a school without walls uses the city itself and field trips to bring education to life and open space uses no doors to separate the classrooms, which gives students of all grade and skill levels  a chance to to learn and help each other succeed. The open space concept has its roots in the one room schoolhouse where all students learned pretty much the same things at the same time….before grades and skill levels were even thought to be implemented and assessed. Today, of course, while not outdated, the open space project can be distracting and not give students the targeted help they need. So Clearview needs doors (20 of them)  to provide an optimum learning environment for all their students to achieve, succeed and maybe even supersede goals and expectations and have reached out to the Pepsi Refresh Project to help them with that.

Pepsi Refresh is a program that provides funding for ideas that refresh and improve your/our communities in one of three categories: education, communities and arts & music. Sixty projects a month receive funding: 20 projects get $5,000; 15 projects get $10, 000; 15 projects get $25,000 and 10 projects receive $50,000. Projects such as playgrounds, after school programs, books and musical instruments for schools and blankets for the homeless have all received funding from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Doors for a school may pale in comparison, but they are needed, necessary and expensive. Clearview is doing their share, but making the Top Ten in the Pepsi Refresh Projects for the month of May would definitely help them achieve their goal and this is where YOU can help. Simply click the link below to vote….you can log in with your Facebook account or set up a Pepsi account. You can vote for up to five ideas a day so not only can you help the kids get doors, you can help someone else who is need of your vote. It would be great if you voted every day ….each vote gets Clearview closer to the Top Ten and that is all they need. They do not even need to be #1…..just break into the Top Ten.

If you are uncomfortable with signing in and voting but you consume Pepsi products, please comment me with your codes found under the caps and I can enter them in as codes count as votes also. So, I am appealing to you, the reader, to help the kids get what they need to achieve and excel in their educational goals. It is such a little thing that will really make a big difference. The link is below and I hope you take a moment to click, learn more and vote.

Will be back soon with Online Chat so I can start getting you guys caught up.



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