Did You Know?

After trips down memory lane and the emotions and drama of earlier this weekend, it is time to lighten up people. Morning Person says she does not care what I blog about as long as it is not Him,  and I personally have had my fill of Him. I am simply doing my best to keep him in the background  while I process (apparently he was only the catalyst to start it off as he cannot help me with it) and concentrate more on me, and today me feels like having fun! Not fun spelled f-u-c-k, but light hearted stuff. I thought I would tell you guys some fun facts about the Circle of Friends…without Them, You,  and even Him there would be no blog. And I am sure you guys are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear all about this  trivia….maybe not, but I promise to make it as fun as possible.

The current circle of friends is comprised of 5 Independent Consultants: Artistic One, Busy Bee, Mini-Me, Guardian Princess and Policeman. There are 11 Panel member: Morning Person, Oscar, Artsy-Craftsy, Pregnant One, Cuz, Quiet One, Girlfriend, Chef, Buddy, Bell Pepper and myself. Morning Person  and Busy Bee are the friends I have known the longest; there was a time they were the Circle of Friends. Bell Pepper is our newest member and Oscar is our youngest member age wise. I blogged this before, but our age range is 22-60. We are comprised of 4 men and 12 women; we have one Asian, one Hispanic, five Caucasians and the rest of us are African-American ( although I prefer the term ‘black”). I met all but 6 through work or a work assignment and 3 of those 6 I met via an online social site.

Four of  us are married; five of us are in committed relationships/attached and the rest of us are single. Collectively (and I am including KBugg in the count), we have 15 children between us and Policeman has the most with 4. Nine of us are home owners, three of us have parents at home and the rest of us are renters of apartments/condos. Bell Pepper has the largest home and I have the smallest. All of us except three have some form of higher education be it a college degree or vocational training. Our occupations vary: we have 3 legal assistants (I prefer the term Judicial Administrative Assistant), a policeman ( duh!), 2 IT professionals (one with a background in long distance trucking…strange, I know), 3 engineers (one with a background in architecture and one with 20 years of drafting experience), a surveyor, an office manager,  a nurse, a project coordinator, an accounting specialist (payroll and accounts payable) and a program assistant.

Birthdays: Cuz’s birthday is in January; Bell Pepper, Girlfriend, and Policeman all have birthdays in March… Bell Pepper and Girlfriend have birthdays 2 weeks apart; Oscar, Pregnant One, Artsy Craftsy and Buddy all have birthdays in May…Pregnant One and Artsy share the exact the same birthday (and they share it with my brother) and  Buddy’s is two days later. Morning Person is a June baby and her birthday is my recovery anniversary date; Guardian Princess was born in July: I represent August; Quiet One has a birthday in October; Mini-Me and Busy Bee are November babies and Artistic One is our representative for the month of December.

Logistically, we are all pretty much concentrated in the same metropolitan area with 5 notable exceptions:  Buddy lives the furthest away ( 328 miles); Artistic One  is in second place at  244 miles; Oscar is 140 miles away; Pregnant One is 51 miles away and Artsy Craftsy is 33 miles away. Bell Pepper and Policeman are less than10 minutes away from each other as are Cuz and Busy Bee. Guardian Princess lives the closest to me…I can look out my back door into her window and Mini-Me and Morning Person are also pretty close to me….15 minutes for both but in different directions. Quiet One and Chef are maybe 20 miles apart from each other and no one lives in Girlfriend’s neighborhood.

We have 5 smokers (of cigarettes!) on the Panel, and all of us are pretty good cooks…..Policeman does not cook a damned thing though. Oscar CAN cook, but does not do it very often and I have had some of Girlfriend’s baking…tasty, tasty. Hands down, Guardian Princess is the best baker AND the hostess with the mostest. Cuz throws down with some jerk chicken, Morning Person does a great meatloaf and Bell Pepper can make spaghetti for me any day. Cuz and I are the biggest music lovers and Artistic One has a passion and talent for photography. Morning Person, Chef, Guardian Princess and Artsy Craftsy are the best listeners and Girlfriend is our party girl. Bell Pepper is the least judgmental and Oscar are I are the most impatient and impulsive ones. Cuz and Buddy are natural comedians ( Bell Pepper wants to add me to the list, but I don’t see it) and Policeman has the most drama (surprise!).

Artsy Craftsy and Pregnant One are BFFs ( Artsy Craftsy brought Pregnant One on board) and I am close to all in my circle….I am hard pressed to choose a single BFF because they all bring and add something to my life that I simply could not do without: Morning Person brings a new way of looking at things; Quiet One gives damned good advice; Bell Pepper brings a sweetness and gentleness that is very welcome and refreshing; Cuz and Buddy bring the streets and humor; Chef brings the male perspective and confidence boosters; Oscar….she is my platonic soulmate; Guardian Princess brings a generosity unmatched by anyone; Artsy Craftsy is my big sister; Pregnant One is blunt without being hurtful; Busy Bee is a motivator; Mini-Me teaches me about forgiving and forgetting;  Artistic One brings me the gift of learning….everything is a lesson, the good and the bad; Girlfriend is my support and my shoulder and Policeman….he shows me that every day, we are all just doing the best we can, regardless of how fucked up our actions are….that is just the best that person could do that day. They all show me a love, support, acceptance and understanding that is rare to find in one person, let alone 14.

So this is my Circle of Friends…..I love them, they love me and together we can do anything given enough time, money and no witnesses. I will be back (hopefully tomorrow) with another blog….I think it is time for us all to have A Ray of Sunshine…..we deserve it.


2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. What a great post! You have such a diverse and interesting group of advisors. After the intense last post this was a nice follow up! Hope you have a relaxing Sunday. Me I am going to try to rest today as I have a cold and was away from the house all day yesterday.

    • Hey, girl!!! Glad you liked it…..and I love my Circle! Still trying to figure out how we found each other. 🙂
      Yeah, it got intense for a minute, but it is just one step on the road to healing.

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