If The World Had Cookies….

There is a song by a group called the Soft Lightes….If the World had Cookies. The next line is “we would all be happy”. Today, I need cookies!! I think we ALL need cookies. This has been a knock you on your ass weekend and poor Fellow Leo…..I can see her head spinning and the aspirin inventory getting lower and lower. She is new to all of this, but she is hanging in there like the trooper she is. I am going to introduce you guys to her really soon since Quiet One is STILL being shy, although I will say Quiet One is getting feisty and I am enjoying it. She has discovered a love of four letter words and for summing situations up in 5 words or less and it makes Artsy Craftsy and I giggle like school girls. The rest of the Panel is hanging in there also: Morning Person is needing lots of coffee and has upped her cigarette quota by 2 more a day; The Girlfriend is a little behind due to family obligations but she will be caught up soon and I do know she has problems to add to the pile we have growing on our desks, and it’s okay….that is what we are here for; The Chef is dealing with things on a case by case basis and says we all need a stiff drink and good night’s rest; The Policeman has finally moved back home and he and Wifey-Poo seem to be working things out, but the house still needs to be cleaned and Cuz…..he is incognito which is Spanish for “We don’t know where the fuck he is but if he is still crazy, he can just stay in the corner until it passes.”

Due to the State of Emergency, Him has been placed on the back burner. Seriously, we all know how it will end; the only question is how long will it take to get there and will I endure more of the process so I can be stronger and kick his ass next time he pulls his shit. Besides, we are an ABC After-School Special and Oscar….she is a Lifetime Movie of the Week right now, maybe a two part movie of the week. At this point, she is still all over the map, and we are letting her vent it out. She has made 2 decisions  ( at opposite ends of the spectrum) in the past 24 hours, and neither is set in stone….as the saying goes, today is not a good day and tomorrow doesn’t look too good either.  It is going to take time, and we are giving her all she needs to make the right choice for her. Not sure what all else is involved in a State of Emergency because we have never had one before. One would think a Panel of Experts with a good 10 members would at least have a plan of emergency drawn up somewhere….but of course we don’t. The closest we have come to having an emergency before my breakdown a couple of weeks ago and Cuz’s anger management failure was……*crickets*. Even the fiasco that has given birth to this blog wasn’t an emergency, so we are pretty much winging it. I do know we may need a travel agent and Artsy Craftsy has been nominated.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am going to blog about or where I am going with this post. All I know is we ALL need a break from the unhealthiness, the process, the immaturity and the sheer what the fuckness that has been in our lives for what seems like forever. I do know that today marks ONE MONTH since I have started the blog, and I have had over 1150 views….so that is worth a cookie! I do know that while this started out as basically an online journal for me, it has turned into the Panel’s blog and I am glad of that. We are there for each other and if ANY of us are going through, I am proud and honored to be their voice. Another cookie! And WHAT ABOUT THOSE REDSKINS??? LOLOLOLOLOL I am sorry, but I KNEW it was going to go this way….they win the opener against Dallas ( which is equivalent to winning the Super Bowl here in the DMV) and have done nada since. The Skins can lose every other game this season, but a diehard Skins fan will still say: “but we won the opener against Dallas.” They lost to the Rams…..seriously, when you start naming NFL teams, just WHERE on the list do the Rams rank? Exactly, but The Detroit Lions hold the record that NO ONE will ever top. The Lions lost 19 games in a row before scoring a win……against the Redskins! Okay, everyone can have 2 cookies.

I am also trying to move on, despite knowing I am not ready and warnings and cautions from Panel members. I answered an ad today….the guy sent a picture and I think he looks like the guy who played the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off except he has dark hair, Morning Person thinks he is kinda cute and Artsy Craftsy says he is a cross between creepy and nerdy. He thinks I am HOT and while he says he is ready to take it slowly, hang out and build up a friendship, he asked if he could come over my house and see me as he is more than willing to make a “delivery”. And yes, he used the quotation marks! I told you guys before, guys online will say ANYTHING to get in your bed and this fool cannot even play it cool for 20 freaking minutes!! I suggested a public meeting first, over dinner and he agreed. However, I am so NOT holding my breath…..so many “emergencies” can arise between now and Thursday or he could just stand me completely up. Besides, he has children that are still at home. I am not a fan of children or of men with children but we will see what happens over dinner. I do know I am going to go out…soon. To a club, lounge or bar….someplace where if I show up alone, it will not raise eyebrows. Someplace where I can shake my booty and groove to some tunes; someplace where I can come alone but if I choose to, I do not have to leave alone. Just go out, let loose and re-discover ME. One of my long standing dreams/goals/fantasies is to hang out in the city all night long, and come home when the sun is coming up. In my mind, I see me with a guy and we are doing just like they do in movies: running and dancing in the streets, kissing in dark doorways and just taking in the lights, the feel of the city and  the people. And I see no reason this cannot become a reality…probably sans the good looking guy but who knows I would meet in my travels throughout the city? Are these efforts and thoughts worth a cookie? I say they are…..so again, have a cookie!

I know this post is short, but right now everything is at a standstill…..and after this weekend, that is such a good thing. It really is. Tomorrow we can talk about co-workers or Inner Alex or maybe movies ( I am partial to 80s movies). Something to balance the unhealthiness and the hurt/anger/pain of processes and to take us away from our own issues, if only for a little while. So have a cookie, and come back tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “If The World Had Cookies….

  1. No worries, my head is not spinning. But, my heart is well engaged. I am after all a female lion and it takes more than a few yelping hyenas to get my attention.

    In times of weakness I get stronger! So no aspirin, however there are a few masculine necks that I would like to grasp in my jaws and just shake em:)

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